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Wednesday, 14 Mar 07 - " Belle Falls ….. “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Belle Falls ….. “

(Screened in Australia on Wednesday, 14 Mar 07 - Episode # 4373)

Note – this ep is for the most part totally in sequence (none of my usual A & B story break up)

Bell follows Luke to the beach – and tries to talk to hit about hitting drew. Belle says that she thought Luke was “cool” with Drew/bell, but Luke (angry) insists that he was NEVER be OK with what they did.

At the mansion, Peter/Amanda kiss and Amanda is really looking fwd to picking up the wed rings later today (with the wed just 2 weeks ago).

When peter & Amanda bail, kelli (of course) ring Ethan – so they can arrange some fun of their own. (Note – I REALY hate it when Kelli calls her sister Mandy, so annoying. I’ve got nothing against the shortened version, but I guess I LOVE mid 90s character Mandy Thomas too much to have Amanda referred to like this)

Belle & drew – and kelli wonders if she can help (drew has a killer black eye) but belle rebuffs her.

Belle goes to the hunter place to try to talk to Luke – but jack says that Luke not there. He agrees that she can wait for Luke to rtn. As she is wait, she sees some of Luke’s work – a story called “black heart”. She reads and is totally in tears when Luke arrives.

He can’t believe that she is there and reading his story. Belle says that she knows that it’s about them (one of the opening lines in the story is a girl leaving a guy for dead on a desert island). Luke tries to grab the story off her, but pages rip in the process/. Luke then TITALKLY rips it into pieces – and throws it out the door. He (angry) insists that belle should “GET OUT” too.

At the seaplane wharf, kelli &^ Ethan are talking - we actually see that seaplane land behind them. Kelli is worried that belle will destroy their plans (of Amanda’s destruction).

Kelli rtns to the mansion, and finds belle is tears (trying to tape the pages of story back together). Kelli is pleased with herself when she says various things to belle that made belle stop giving her the cold shoulder. Indeed, when thy HUG, kelli has this smug smile on her face – like she is thinking, “belle’s under my spell too now, just like Amanda.

At the hunter place, jack is on the phone - trying to find Sam. Luke says that he way knows what its like to loose someone. Luke then bails.

He goes to the diner – where he encounters drew, and Luke doesn’t take too kindly to a joke that drew makes about hoping Luke doesn't “square up” his face (with another black eye). The like of sally, Leah & Kelli (there to buy some sickly sweet for her & belle) observe the confrontation.

Meanwhile, peter (roadside) phones Amanda – he suggests they meet at police station, as he & uniform cop has just picked up as speeding motorist, peter says they’ll go to pick up rings after they motorist is booked etc. Amanda insists that, when they are going to jewelers, that peter DEFG uses the siren (after peter suggested a police escort.

Belle answers a pretty fierce knock at the door – it’s Luke. He gives her the money for the camera that he damaged. She tries to refuse – but he shoves it in her hand.

Belle also notes that Luke has his backpack with him. He tells her that he SOOOOO can’t live in same town as her –0 and is bailing for the bay !!!!

Belle is distraught when Luke bails, and tries to contact jack – who isn’t answer his phone. Drew & kelli arrives – and belle tells them what happen.

Whilst belle & drew seek out jack, Luke tries to hitch a ride with a car that approaches form behind – but its’ kelli who is the driver. She insist that she KNOWS all about ruining form problems, but she also knows that the only person who will be hurt by Luke bailing from town isn’t belle or drew, but Luke himself. This convinces him to stay.

At diner, belle & drew catch up with jack (who left phone at home). They are way worried for Luke – until they hear from kelli that she has convince Luke to stay.

Soon after, belle rtns to the mansion, and balls herself up on the couch. When Kelli rtns soon after, belle way thanks her.

Meanwhile, at diner, Tony can’t believe it when jack tells him about Luke almost bailing. Both jack & Tony insists that they couldn’t cope with losing someone else (in light of Sam bailing recently). When Tony suggest that he will have to talk to Luke, jack thinks that Luke knows what he did (try to run away) was a bad thing etc, so Luke is already pretty hard on himself. The deal (no talk to Luke form Tony) is sealed when jack mentions that there’s some great surf happening at the moment – Tony responds, “well, what are we doing here then?” (and jack says – as they get up, “we’re not”)

Amanda is at the police station, and Lara notes how beaming Amanda is. Peter enters and says that it won’t he be long now, just need to get statement etc for the speeding driver.

Said driver then enters – its ETHAN. Amanda wonders how Ethan survived. Ethan responds by sang that the sheer will to get revenge on Amanda is what kept him alive.

After Ethan is led into another room, peter (now back in the main part of station) comments that it looks like Amanda has seen a ghost !!!!! (end of ep)


Amanda is delirious happy about wedding, but Ethan insists that he wants $75000 or Peter sees THOSE pics. Amanda is way weary of Ethan (ie she says, “who knows what he is capable of”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Belle's black (with a hot pink cross) singlet top/royal blue satin? belt/red shorts

SILVER – Amanda’s (deliberately faded?) orange, green, blue & white (floral pattern) plunging V-neck spaghetti strap dress

BRONZE – Luke's light purple board shorts/plum (unknown verse motif) t-shirt


Ethan’s white (blue & grey checks) button up shirt/black t shirt

Jack’s apple green polo shirt

Jack’s grey (black crest? on the back) t-shirt

Kelli’s red V-neck t shirt/white top beneath/white knee length shorts

Lara’s light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Leah's orange scoop neck dress

Drew's white (with grey splotches) board shorts/grey t shirt

Peter’s white button up shirt/black suit

Sally's royal blue (with intricate red & silver design around the collar) singlet top

Tony's bluey-grey t-shirt

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