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Mixed Emotions

Guest Sally_Fletcher

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Type of story: one-shot

Rating: T

Main Characters: Josh West and his sister

Genre: A mixture

Warnings: Any content you feel needs a warning:

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Josh's sister is mad at him for dying.

It's really weird, but I'm bored so what the heck. I know Amanda Vale created a sister for Josh in her fic, but seeing as she's my best friend and I helped her with the idea, I know she wouldn't mind!

Here lies Josh West.

That's it - nothing else. I guess Summer Bay really hated him. I never did... until now.

He promised that one day, he was coming for me. He was going to take me away from the awful life we were forced to live.

Nobody ever knew what his life was really like before he came to the Bay.

A drunken father, always in a vicious rage. Throwing, hitting, screaming...

A mother who couldn't care less about us. I was young when he left, but he promised me... He promised that he was going to come and take me away from it all.

As soon as he had the money.

Money was always a problem for us. We never had what we wanted. I guess that's what changed him... The fact that he could suddenly have money. And power.

Project 56 was just his way of trying to help me. I know it was wrong, I know he did some bad things... but in his heart, he was always good.

I shouldn't have stayed at the diner so long... Then I wouldn't have known that Kim's father shot Josh. I wouldn't have known that Josh tried to blackmail Mr Hyde.

I understand so much more now... I realise why people were wary of me.

I touch the tombsone softly. It's cold and hard. Like reality.

"I hate you, Josh."

There - I said it. Finally.

"You kept promising that ONE DAY you would come and take me away, free me from the hell I lived. But one day never came. And when you died... I hated you."

I feel warm tears flowing down my cheeks as I pick up a rock to throw it at the tombstone.

"I hate you! I hate you!"

Strong arms pick me up from behind, drag me away from the place where I need to wreck havoc. Away from your final restplace. I try to free myself, but the grip is too strong.

Peter Baker carries me away as I cry - it's anger making me cry, not sadness. He drags me into the diner where all my friends are waiting. Sally, Brad, Ric, Matilda, Lucas, Cassie, Tony, Dan, Leah... everyone.

They no longer blame me for what you did, Josh.

And I no longer blame you.

You did it for me, didn't you? You were going to come weren't you?

I lied, Josh. I could never hate you. I wish I could, but I can't. You weren't bad. You were just confused.

I will always love you, my big brother.


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