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When Darkness Surrounds

Guest Roccoluver

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Story Title: When Darkness Surrounds

Type of story: one shot

Main Characters: Rocco and new character Lisa

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Angst/Drama

Does story include spoilers: no

Any warnings: (V/D)

Summary: Rocco trys to help a stranger in need.

Lisa stood on the railing of the bridge, her life was worthless, breathing in, she start to let go of the Bridge support, finger by finger.

Rocco stopped the car, hopping out as fast he could he yelled out to the kid “Stop”, the kid turned to face Rocco, “Why, my life is worthless, I want to die” she replied.

Lisa watched as the stranger moved closer towards her, “You can’t mean that, you just a kid, you still have you’re whole life ahead of you”. Lisa shook her head “You don’t understand, you can’t”, Lisa felt her fingers slip of the supports, closing her eyes he prepared herself, only she fell backwards into the strangers strong arms.

Rocco turned the kid so she faced him “I do understand what it means to believe you life is worthless, trust me, I was a member of a gang, I thought I was doomed to a life of being a street kid, stealing to survive, but thanks to the help of everyone in a special place called Summer Bay, I’ve turned my life around, you just have to let people help you”.

Lisa looked up at the stranger face, she looked carefully into his eyes, they were full of happiness and joy, of life Lisa wished she had “Will you help me” she asked quietly.

Rocco smiled “Of course I will, if you let me, I’m Rocco Cooper”.

Lisa smiled back and held out her hand “I’m Lisa”

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