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Tuesday, 13 Mar 07 - , " New Career ??? “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " New Career ??? “

(Screened in Australia on Tuesday, 13 Mar 07 - Episode # 4372)

Note – no opening or full on closing credits

Sally (vph) talk to Martha about the family meeting that she missed – and that brad is now moving in. Martha sys that she is cool with that, as it’s none of her business really (btw, sally has also contact alf in Africa - he is V happy at the move)

As sally. Bard & Martha are talk. Cam arrives, and cam & Martha say that they met at the job interview. Throughout the chat, Sally seems wary of cam.

When Martha & cam have bailed, sally tells brad that she is way worried about Martha – and, when brad asks if there is something more to her suspicions. Sally reveals to brad about the abortion.

Cam & Martha re talking at the rocket club when Steve approaches and apologises for his behaviour. Martha lifts the ban form the club that was imposed on Steve – but as Steve walks away, cam speaks to him (and its clear that Steve didn’t apologise willingly)

Soon after, Martha rtns to the vph and brad talks to her. He reveals that he knows about the abortion - and Martha then “lets fly” at sally for being another old boring person sticking their nose is her life (note – no Martha, they [alf, sally, Morag] have BRAINS, you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo don’t right now !!!)

Martha goes to the rocket club and asks Mia (the barmaid with the emerald top in previous ep) to give more than a few “shots” at the bar. [note – is the barmaid named after Bec Hewitt’s daughter???]

Martha then hears a V coool song playing at the club – she and Mia start dancing. The latter leads the drunk Martha to the stage, and when Martha uses one of the poles to asset her dancing (she doesn’t actually pole dance, like a pro would, though), cam seems V impressed – he can see that Martha DEF have the potential to be a pro pole dancer.

Late at night at the hunter place, tony speak to Luke. Tony is V worry that Luke hardly leaves the house these days. Tony convinces Luke to go surf with him morrow morn.

Next morn, drew & belle are walk on the beach. Belle mentions that Irene is LOVING holiday in Paris.

Nearby, Luke & Tony emerge for the water after their surf. Dell of course trie to talk to Luke – but he not reedy to listen.

At the vph, Dan & Leah are talk to brad & sally. Leah & Dan are pleased that they are living together now, whilst Dan also thanks brad for letting Cassie’s phone line used one of the SBH classrooms. Dan & Leah bails – to discuss idea for fundraise with Cass etc at diner.

Soon after, whilst Dan, Leah, Ric, maddie & Cass (diner) are discuss about ideas, colleen suggests a nature calendar. This leads to a suggestion of calendar with scantily clad females, but cass thinks that a MENS calendar would be much better - as girly calendars has been done to death [note: its ironic that I’m posting a fan fic, “Kiss My Arse (And Other Poses)”, about a female calendar to bttb at the moment]

Ric immediately says the he won’t be involved, but he already seems to be protesting too much.

When Luke enters, Ric wonders if he’ll be involved. Luke takes a bit of convincing but agrees.

Drew & belle enter, but when belle sees Luke, she wants to bail – but Luke insists she stay.

Cass & Co makes some calls – a photographer can do the calendar pics free of charge, but only has time to do it this arvo. Maddie thinks that they can arrange/find 12 guys to do the calendar shoots this arvo.

Colleen then agrees to help Leah with the make up – kinda begrudgingly initially.

Later, at surf club, everyone prepares to do the shoot. The likes of Maddie, cass, Leah, colleen are three – and as for the calendar boys, there’s Ric, Luke, Dan, Tony and a number residents (incl life guard) that we’ve never seen before.

A painted beach like setting is the backdrop for all the pics.

Cass then gets a phone call – photographer had double booked, as the other job pays.

Cass phones belle (mansion), who doesn’t want to do it (since Luke is involved) but drew grabs the phone is says that belle will.

That pair arrives at the scurf club, and hears the news that one of the 12 guys (an unknown dude) was pulled out – so drew steps in.

We then see Bell taking pics of Ric, Tony & Luke (each with props, eg a surfboard in Tony’s case) covering their bits.

Belle then takes Drew’s pics (same with the appropriately placed item).

When its cone, Cass is overjoyed, but Luke doesn't take to kindly to drew approaching him. Indeed, Luke punches drew – who falls to the ground, knocking the photo shoot camera over as he does. (end of ep)


Luke bails for town – after Belle reads a poem/story named “black heart” all about Luke’s painful/heartbreak feelings post break up with Belle

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Belle's black (with a hot pink cross) singlet top

SILVER – Sally's royal blue (with intricate red & silver design around the collar) singlet top

BRONZE – Maddie's aqua spaghetti strap top


Belle's red, white & blue bikini top/red shorts

Cam's brown shimmery button up shirt

Cassie's green bikini top/green (with white diagonal stripes) tube top/electric blue long pants

Colleen's bright red (multi colour floral) blouse & skirt/orange top

Drew's white (with grey splotches) board shorts

Leah's orange scoop neck dress

Luke's light purple board shorts/plum (unknown verse motif) t shirt

Martha's light brown (spangly bust) spaghetti strap top

Mia's lime green spaghetti strap top

Ric's white (with purple horizontal stripes) polo shirt

Steve's white (with 3 dots pattern) button up shirt

Tony's black (one leg) & grey (other leg) board shorts

Tony's red & black horizontal "blocked" polo shirt

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