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Monday, 12 Mar 07 - " ALL New “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " ALL New “

(Screened in Australia on Monday, 12 Mar 07 - Episode # 4371)

Note – this ep not only had the now customary Monday opening credits, but ep also had …

full on (not at the bottom of preview) CLOSING Credits !!! (for that 1s time in oz since, I think, early 2005 !!!!!)

AFTER those closing credits, we had the preview (with credits at bottom of screen) !!!

Also, its intriguing that, with the pole dancing (see below), there was no adult themes type ratings warning at start of the show. I know there are oft girls on beach in bikinis, but pole dancing IS more “full on” for want of better words.

When sally arrive home, she finds Brad making pussycat pizzas with Ric, Maddie & little Pippa. Ric makes jibes under brad climb in the window – and sally rebuffs with similar comment bout Maddie.

Brad then bails – and Ric wonders is that is for the kids benefit (ie when brad & sally kissed, Ric said “not in my house” – joking of course)

Meanwhile, Dan is talking to Cass in diner about training counsellors. Colleen thanks she’s be greet but Dan & Cass are pleased when she is celled away to actually do some work at diner.

Soon after, Brad & Cass have rtned to the vph and they all enjoy the home made pizzas – they leave some for Martha.

During the meal, Cass talks about the phone help line. Brad & sally says that they can use classroom at the school after hours on weekdays & weekends, whilst Maddie offers her own AND Ric’s services to help Cass think of funding ideas.

After Ric & Co then bail to bed, and Maddie has gone home, sally & brad are talking when Martha makes it home for 1st day at new job (see below).

After Martha goes straight to bed, sally & Brad toelike more. Sally tells brad that it felt great having him around today – cooking wth the kids etc. sally thinks that place feels whole again – which not happen since Flynn died.

She asks him to move in – on the proviso of favourable family meeting morrow. Brad is initially reluctant – but then says that he is IN (as Emily bought him here – the bay – fot this very reason).

Next morning, brad is already at the vph (prob slept the night) but Ric jokes that brad hasn’t cooked the pancake breakfast that he promised.

Sal tells Ric & Cass that that are have family meeting this arvo – before those 2 bails.

At the diner, Ric, Cass & Maddie are thinking of fundraising idea for the help line. Maddie is intrigued by Ric’s suggestion of an almost nude car wash (note: is she annoyed, or has this given her a great idea – see preview)

Colleen then coloments, when brad enters diner after being in the diner flat, that it looks like he is spring clean or moving out.

Ric bets Cass that brad is move in – that’s what family meeting is about. Winner to donate money to charity.

When Ric & Cass rtn to the vph, sally starts the family meeting (she earlier try to ring Martha – who didn’t respond, see below)

Sally asks Cass & Ric if bard can movie in. Ric is pleased that he has won the bet, and both Ric & Cass are well and truly in agreement of brad moving in. (note – what the HELL was THAT look of disdain form Cass at the hospital ball when sally/brad kissed then. Cass, you are making it TOO easy for me to HATE you)

Soon after, Ric & Cass formally announce Brad’s moving into the vph – by showing sally/brad a pic of that (sally/brad) duo that they have put on the mantelpiece.

Martha has an intriguing 1st day at work at the rocket club. She finds the pace of the place (so many more customers than Noah's) a little unnerving, and is SHOCKED with the entertainment (3 pole dancers – in, respectively, red, silver and sky blue bra & panties) starts, but although her boss Cindy and some of the other bar staff think that its all too much for Martha, one customer (named Steve) makes this okay for her. For example, after Martha asked for her share of the tips, Cindy suggests that Martha is still lucky to have a job, but as Martha bails (end of shift) the guy gives her a $50 tip.

When Martha gits home, sally & brad suggest checking her new work place out, but she says that it’s not their scene.

Next day, Maratha gets a phone form Cindy – one of the other girls has called in sick. Martha accepts the shift.

Her fave customer (Steve) is there again, with some friends, and he tries to manhandle Martha this time. She throws a drink in her face, Cindy suggest that Martha calls for a bouncer next time.

Indeed, seconds later, a bouncer intervenes when Steve way tries to manhandle Martha again.

Later, Martha is packing up after her shift is done, she is alone in the locker room when Steve enters. He is still grieved that Martha rejected him in front of his mates (Steve is drunk btw).

This time, CAM saves Martha – but when they ryn to the vph (and talk on back patio), Martha is V unsure whether she will rtn to the (her words) “girly bar” – despite cam’s assurance that most of the club’s customers aren't like Steve. (end of ep)


The photo shoot for a scantily clad male (Drew, Ric etc) calendar takes place!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Rocket Club Barmaid's emerlad green (REALLY figure hugging) spaghetti strap top

SILVER – Martha's electric blue halter top

BRONZE – Sally’s black (green leafy motifs) dress


Brad's black (white pin striped) button up shirt

Brad's light blue (with darker blue vertical stripes) button up shirt

Cam's royal blue button up shirt/black leather jacket

Cassie’s red “never never never give up” singlet top/green & white headband

Cassie’s royal blue (white collar) singlet top

Cindy's black lacey strapped top/black m(silver studded) choker necklace

Cindy's black singlet top/black m(silver studded) choker necklace

Colleen’s green, blue & yellow floral dress

Colleen’s white (red swirl pattern) blouse

Little Pippa's baby pink top

Little Pippa's yellow singlet top

Maddie’s aqua scoop neck t shirt

Maddie’s red (with white polka dots) scoop neck top/green skirt

Martha's white (red floral? pattern) PJ long pants

Martha's white love sleeve jacket

Ric’s white (with 3 apricot vertical blocks on front) t shirt

Ric's pink/grey/white horizontal wide stripes) polo shirt

Sally’s red low cut top/white top beneath

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