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Even Saints Die

Guest Roccoluver

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Story Title: Even Saints Die

Type of story: one shot

Main Characters: Rocco, Sally, Cassie

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: no

Any warnings: (V/D)

Summary: What if Rocco didn't go through with stabbing Sally?

Rocco walked over to Sally, she was trying to get into her car, he looked around, it almost like God wanted him to succeed at this, there was no one around, he griped the knife close in his hand, he looked around for anything to give him the excuse to run away, not to stab Sally. He retreat back into the shadows, he couldn’t stab Sally, she was the only person never to turn her back on him, she’d been there for him when no one else was.

Sally heard crying, turning around she saw Rocco coming towards her “Rocco, what’s wrong?”, that’s when she saw the knife, she knew somehow Johnny had gotten a hold of Rocco, closing her eyes she prepared her self for the pain….

Sally waited, she heard the sound of something metal hitting the ground followed by something else, opening her eyes she saw Rocco lying on the ground in a fetal position and the knife lying next to him, “I can’t do it, I’m so sorry Sally, I’m so sorry” he cried.

He couldn’t do it, he could stab the one person in the world who never gave up on him, her life was far more valuable than his worthless one, he watched as Sally picked up the knife, he expect her to stab him, not that he didn’t deserve it, instead she placed the knife carefully in her bag.

Later at the Fletcher house.

Sally placed her hand on Rocco’s arm “Please Rocco, tell me why?” she asked, she already knew the answered, there could only be one, she was willing to believe it had nothing to do with Johnny. Rocco looked scared and helpless “Its all right Rocco” Sally said, she sat next to him and pulled him into an embrace. “He, he threaten to kill me” Sally moved slightly away “It’s okay Rocco, he can’t hurt you now”, Rocco trembled in his seat “He said, that it was my life or yours, I thought, I thought he cared about me”, Sally hugged Rocco “It’ll be all right”.

Yabbie Creek Police station.

“Are you sure you want to do this” Sally asked as Rocco waited to have his testimony recorded “Yes, I better do this now, before Johnny gets to me” Rocco said, Sally gave him a hug “Johnny won’t get to you” she said. Rocco stared at the ground “You don’t know what connections Johnny has, he’ll get me”. Sally watched as Rocco slumped off with Peter.

“So you’re saying that Johnny tried to threaten you into stabbing Mrs. Fletcher” Peter said. “Yes” Rocco replied, “How did he threaten you?” Peter asked, Rocco twisted in his seat, Peter stood next to him “Come on Rocco, you’ve already come this far”, Rocco placed his head in his hands “he threaten to kill me”. Peter nodded “Thanks Rocco, I think we’re finished here”.

Summer Bay Beach-Night time

Rocco walked along the sand, he need to clear his mind off everything, it all happened so fast, he couldn’t believe it. “Hey Roc” a voice rang out of the darkness “You didn’t you could betray us and get away with it” two men came into view. Rocco ran as fast as he could but they caught up and one to them threw him onto the ground.

“Leave him alone” A voice yelled, Rocco turned to see Ric racing towards him, taking this advantage he attack one of his attacker while Ric fought off the other one.

Fletcher House

“Thanks a lot Ric” Rocco said sitting the ice pack on his bruise, “No probs” Ric said “We’re family”, Sally came in with hot drinks “I’m just glad you’re all safe and sound” she said. Rocco took the cup “Thanks Sal” he said, Sally smiled “Your welcome, I hope it’s not to hot”, Rocco grinned ‘No not this, well yes this, but for everything, you’re a saint” Sally smiled “He’s right” Ric said “You’re the best Sal”.

15 months later

Sally patted Rocco on the back, “Well done” she said, Rocco smiled with Sal’s and everyone help, he’d been able to pass school, something he never thought he would do. He hugged Sally “Thanks” he whispered “Thanks for everything.

3 years later

“I now pronounced you man and wife, you can now kiss the bride” Rocco turned to face his beautiful wife, kissing Cassie on lips gently, he smiled at her as she smiled back, “I love you” he said “I love you too”.

Sally couldn’t help crying, turning to Alf, she hugged him “You did it Sal” he said patting Sally on the back.

5 years later.

“Flynn and Matilda Cooper” Cassie said looking at their beautiful twins, Rocco kissed her “Sounds great babe”, Cassie blushed “We shouldn’t in front of the babies” Rocco nodded. ‘Whose the cutest little children ever’ Rocco said, “I thought that was me Uncle Rocco” Pippa said as she ran and hugged her uncle and aunt, “Oh you are but you’re a big girl now” Rocco weaseled his way out “But you said ever” Pippa said with a frown.

Cassie smiled ‘She’s got you there Roc”, Sally smiled “I’d say, can’t get anything pass you can we” Sally said, “Where’s Brad” Cassie asked “He’s on a business trip, he’ll tried to get here as soon as possible”. Rocco smiled as he family gathered round, his real family.

20 years later.

Rocco felt a tear roll down his cheek as they lowed Sally’s body into the ground, he could hardly believe his savior was dead, she had gone in for a simple surgery and two day later was dead, his wife Cassie and their two children stood next to him. “I can’t believe she’s gone” Cassie cried leaning on Rocco, “I know, I keep wanting to see her” he said. Pippa, Brad and Ric stood on the opposite side of Rocco and his family, it seemed the whole town had came out to say goodbye, which was nothing less than Sally Fletcher-Armstrong deserved.

She was a saint,

A rare soul,

Who never gave up,

Who saw hope even in darkness,

She will never be forgotten,

She touch all of us,

Taken to soon to a better place,

We shall all miss you,

You were a saint.

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