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An Unattainable Love

Guest Roccoluver

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Title- An unattainable love

Type of story- One shot.

Rating- T .

Characters- Rocco, Matilda

Genre- Drama, Romance and Angst.

Proof read-, no.

Summary- A love unloved hurts the most.

Matilda twists and turns in her bed, her mind wandering to Rocco and what she wishes he and she could do, it’s too late now, she’s with Ric and she could never hurt him like Cassie did, but sometimes she wishes that she’d seen Rocco first.

Rocco walked in the moonlight down the beach, he remember the beautiful curves of Matildas fine body, her sexy blonde hair and warming smile, when he saw Drew yelling at Matilda, he’d felt something he was sure he’d never felt before, but it was too late now, Matilda was with some Ric guy and she was happy, that all he wanted.

Matilda’s and Rocco’s eyes met as they sat at opposite ends of the Diner, both of them knew what they wanted, both of them knew they could never had it.


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