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Friday, 9 Mar 07 - " Memories Of Sarah McKay “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Memories Of Sarah McKay “

(Screened in Australia on Friday, 9 Mar 07 - Episode # 4370)

Luke arrives at the vph, and he tells Cass that the box he is carry has things form the vph that were used at the hospital.

She tries to convince Luke to join her at a group counselling session that she is about to go to – but Luke says that he must be the idiot (as maddie & now belle have dumped him)_ cass tries to convince him that that not true.

When cass rtns to the vph – with Dan – after the counselling session, she thinks that the Bay should have, like, a telephone help line (so ppl not have to do the whole group thing – which can be a tad intimidating_), Dan says that he has tried by the council budget for health only stretches so far.

Soon after, colleen enters the vph, to pay her rent. She see that cass is frustrated – and when cass tell her about what is happening, colleen tells her about similar service that the drop in centre provided before it burnt down.

Colleen also tells Cass that she not need council, funding, as they could raise the funds themselves.

Cass goes to the diner – and tells Dan the help line idea. He suggest that his workload (teacher etc) will prevent him form being the service’s counsellor – but cass urges him to scope out others in that profession, to see if they’ll help.

Kelli is lounge room of mansion when Ethan enters the place. He kisses Kelli – but she tells him he has to bail. Kelli insist that they will be REALLY together again, when Amanda is destroyed.

Meanhewile, Belle (beach house) is trying to convince Drew to believe her but he is more interest in finish assignment.

When belle goes to the mansion, Amanda gives her some expansive earrings (for the wedding) that are in a red snazzy looking bag.

Soon after, belle (when alone) grabs Kelli’s mobile, to help with her evidence against Kelli, but gets a great surprise. When Kelli’s phone rings, belle has a flashback to when she was kidnap – when she heard the same distinct ruing tone).

Soon after, at surf club, belle approaches Amanda with he r theory – that Kelli is back in bay for Amanda’s money, but even with the ring tone info, Amanda not convince.

Kelli (mansion) gets a surprise when Clive (the shaved head thug who she hired to kidnap belle) arrives. He says that he is in spot of bother – needs $5000. He tells Kelli that if she not pays, he’ll go to the police with all he knows.

He gets the money, and gives it to Clive in one of the red bags that the earrings came in.

When Clive gone, Kelli phone Ethan – “suggest” that he stop Clive from being able to reveal the truth.

Belle is at beach when she encounters Luke (with Oz flag motif surfboard under his arm). Belle tries to apologise for all that’s happened, but Luke not want to know.

After Luke walks away, belle sees a familiar face in a car heading towards her. She stands in the middle of the road – causing Clive to break to avid hit her. When belle gets along side driver’s door, she confronts her kidnapper – AND she sees the money in the red bag.

Clive speeds off again – whilst belle tries to call both drew & police.

She finds drew at the school – and then confronts Amanda & Kelli (surf club) about what’s happened.

Peter investigates her claims – and when he rtns to surf club, he tells belle etc that the police found Clive’ car at bottom of a cliff, which a suicide note (Clive couldn’t live with what he’d done) but no sign of red bag. (Note – I hope that belle sees that suicide note, as I’m guessing its in Ethan’s handwriting, and belle has seen THAT romantic card that Kelli got this week)

Amanda insists that belle should say sorry to Kelli – which bell does begrudgingly.

Kelli then meets up with ethan (beach near diner). She wonders what happened – Ethan was just supposed to be Clive out of the country.

Ethan says that Clive wouldn’t accept – and the two came to blows, which led to Clive hit his head on a large meatal boat anchor.

Ethan tells Kelli that he knew that Clive was dead so he Ethan arranges the car crash.

Kelli & Ethan waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay kiss (end of ep)


Martha is shocked by her new job,

whilst Sally/Brad have a BIG announcement

(Note – whatever the latter is, can’t WAIT for Cassie’s reaction)

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Amanda’s red (sparkle) plunge v-neck top/choc brown long skirt

SILVER – Luke’s black (with white & pink tri pattern) board shorts/blue-grey old cityscape t-shirt

BRONZE – Colleen’s green, blue & yellow floral dress


Belle’s red “billabong” singlet top

Cassie’s red “never never never give up” singlet top/green & white headband

Dan’s twin tone brown polo shirt

Drew’s black (with red, white, green floral motif) t-shirt

Ethan’s apple green button up shirt/black t-shirt

Kelli’s red (sunflower motifs) halter top/white “bubbly” jacket

Leah’s olive green top/white top beneath

Peter’s royal blue button up shirt

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