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Tuesday, 6 Mar 07 - " Polar Bears In Summer Bay !!! “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Polar Bears In Summer Bay !!! “

(Screened in Australia on Tuesday, 6 Mar 07 - Episode # 4367)

Note – apologies. I missed 1st few minutes of this ep (wet roads = traffic gridlock = late home)

When I arrived home, Luke (surf club) was REALLY (verbally) laying into belle about what’s happened,

When Luke bails, drew tries to comfort belle, whimsy when Luke gets home, Luke looks like he is on the edge

Rusty pursues Sam in the bush to the point wger Sam trips over. Before rusty can get her, Sam (still on ground) is able to push him backwards a bit, before Sam knees him where it REALLY hurts.

She runs once more, persued by rusty.

Meanwhile, jack (Noah’s) asks Tony to look after Rory – as Sam appears to be missing.

Colleen then tells jack about the dude looking for Sam at the ball. Colleen mentions that he call her Kylie – which prompts jack to tell Tony to take Rory home and not let him out of his sight.

Jack rtns to the park – and there is now a police presence (incl McGrath). Rachel & Kimmy want to help search – sounds like jack has told them Sam’s situation – but jack says its best for them to go help look after Rory.

When Rachel & Kimmy get to the hunter place, they & Tony try to keep the info about Sam away form the already suspect Rory, but he over hears the word police and way wnst to help find his mum. Tony is able to get rory to stay at the hunter place.

In the bush,. Sam is still running, but she falls again. This time., rusty is able to bund her hands behind her back. Rusty says that this is for ruin her hubby’s life. Sam insists that its’; HER life that is ruined.

Rusty instructed Sam to get up off the ground – but then Jack crash tackles rusty (note – with the jumper that jack has on [see IADL], all I was thinking of was Locke versus that 2-nd polar bear in the most recent series 3 ep of LOST to screen in Oz).

Anyway, rusty gets up – and tries to run away, but jack crash tackles him again , and the other police are now on hand to ‘cuff rusty.

Sam is V pleased that she is safe – for now.

Back at the park, rusty calls out to Sam – that her hubby has MANY friends, whilst jack persuades McGrath to let him9jack) question rusty back at the station, ie jack “I know what Sam’s been through, you don’t”

Kimmy & Rachel enter Noah’s and wonder why they worry bout trivial little things when Sam’s been through all this hardship.

Jack rtns to the hunter place, and calls out to Sam, but all he finds is a note form her.

In the usual H&A voiceover of letter/note writer, we hear Sam telling jack that although she really appreciates all the love etc that he gave her & Rory, she knows that she HAS to move on. She can’t bear to see Rory upset the way that he was today. Sam insist that jack shouldn’t look for her, but know that she loves him deeply.

As the voiceover was going, we saw a teary eyed Sam & Rory in their car, fleeing the bay for their latest hiding spot.

Soon after, Tony gets home. He wonders where Sam is. Jack tells him what happened (the note). Tony thinks that Sam should stop ruining, and that jack should try to find.

Jack insist that he won’t (try to find) as they could lead Sam’s hubby’s henchmen straight to Sam !!!

As Martha (another person whom, like Cassie, I’m more than a tad “over” a tad moment) works her latest shift at Noah’s, she is annoyed when Tony seems to be not trusting her because of recent mistakes.

However, when Cam arrives at Noah’s not long before the end of Martha’s shift, he suggest that if they bail now, they still may be able to dine on one the exquisite meals form a great chef at a mangrove river.

When Martha suggest that it will take 15 minutes to clean up Noah’s, Cam suggest that because she is working the early shift at Noah’s morrow morning, can clean up the place then. Martha goes with his logic.

Next morn, (surprise, surprise), Tony arrives at the surf club – to open gym – before Martha arrives to open Noah’s. Tony see that the door to Noah’s is unlocked, and that the place is a mess, AND the till is empty !!!! (end of ep)


Will Cam lure Martha into his world? and Will Maddie/Ric take relationship to next level ???

(note – maybe its just the straight hairdo & fuller face that Maddie has, but she’s reminding me a lot, looks wise, of her big sis Kit at present)

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD –Martha’s light brown (Noah’s uniform) shirt-dress

SILVER – Rachel’s green & white forest print spaghetti strap top/black skirt

BRONZE – Tony’s dark brown (with orange &yellow horizontal stripes) polo shirt


Cam’s black leather jacket/dark shirt

Colleen’s yellow blouse/red top

Jack’s off white (nautical? Motifs) long sleeve jumper

Kimmy’s choc brown Singlet

Rory’s blue (school) button up shirt

Rory’s yellow t shirt

Rusty’s purple shirt/denim jacket

Sam’s light blue “starlet” Singlet top/dark long pants

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