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Mon 5 Mar 07 - " Lisa’s Silver Screen Revenge “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Lisa’s Silver Screen Revenge “

(Screened in Australia on Mon 5 Mar 07 - Episode # 4366)

Drew & belle talk at the surf club - everyone else seems to have gone home for hospital ball. Both well are truly admit feelings for each other. When drew tries to kiss her, Bell resists – insist wants to tell Luke 1-st.

neck day, belle goes to see Luke at hunter place. He is busy doing assignment at last minute.

Belle not tell him – and when she tells drew this (that she not tell Luke), he is worried that lisa might get in 1-st.

Drew approaches lisa (surf club) – tells her that belle is going to tell Luke, and to please not say anything.

Lisa says that she won’t – but she heads straight for the hunter and indeed tells Luke bout drew/belle. Luke not believe her.

At SBH, Luke tells belle that lisa confronted him – but he not believe her. Belle hugs Luke like there is no tomorrow.

Belle & drew (beach) talk about this whole mess, and they kiss (which belle once more pulls away from).

Soon after, back at school, it’s Lisa’s turn to present her assignment. As she approaches front of class, she has digital camera in hand – tells unknown female teacher that she wants to guve her assuagement that extra audio/visual “kick”

Lisa says, “the old saying goes that pictures don’t lie ….”

At that point, she brings up (on TV screen) a pic of belle/drew kissing !!!!

Luke, Cassie etc are shocked

Lisa continues “but belle & drew lie all the time. As you can see, this pic was taken at lunch today”.

Teacher not impressed, but lisa (venomously) says to look that he wouldn’t believe her, so she HAD to do this. Luke runs form the room – as belle says that she can explain.

(note – a family member thinks lisa is a “witch”, but she is soooooooooooooooo not the person is the wrong, that’s drew/belle’s “job”)

when jack. Sam., kimmy etc rtn to the hunter place after the bal., they kinda tease kit bout her date with James that night.

Next day, James (surf club) has cleaned up all the hop ball things before others arrive.

Jack & Sam enter – looks like they’ve had early morn dip in ocean. They invite James & Rachel (and partners) to picnic today.

Indeed, James rather seriously asked kit (hunter place) about it – i.e. “do you like … picnics?”

At said picnic (looks like near Blaxland wharf), baby kicks a few BIG times, ane everyone (bar kit) plays soccer.

Jack (in soccer break) suggested to Sam that he Is looking to move out of home – and they can get place together. Sam likes that idea.

She then alone goes to fill up water bottle – encounters rusty, runs for her life. Calls out several ti9mes to jack who not hear here – but there’s was a cool moment where you thought he had heard here (but it was just jack respond to something kimmy had said during the soccer game.

As the ep ends, Sam is hiding amongst bushland when rusty walk by (end of ep)


The fallout from Lisa’s revelation

Can jack etc save Sam?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Kit’s white (blue floral pattern) blouse

SILVER – Sam’s white & green bikini top

BRONZE – Sam’s light blue “starlet” Singlet top/dark long pants


Belle’s red spaghetti strap dress

Belle’s SBH Uniform

Drew’s black (with some yellow swirls patterns) button up shirt

Drew’s SBH uniform

Jack’s yellow boardies

James’ black & white horizont5al stripe polo shirt

Kimmy;’s choc brown Singlet

Kit’s orange scoop neck top/green top (beneath)

Luke’s dark jacket/white (blue vertical stripe) button up shirt

Lisa’s SBH uniform

Luke's SBH uniform

Rachel’s green & white forest print spaghetti strap top/black skirt

Rachel’s orange (sparkly) plunging V-neck dress

Rusty’s purple shirt/denim jacket

Sam’s electric blue spaghetti strap dress

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