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Fri 2 Mar 07 - " Sally Overawed – For GREAT Reasons “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Sally Overawed – For GREAT Reasons “

(Screened in Australia on Fri 2 Mar 07 - Episode # 4365)

Note – unlike most of my ep guides, this one is - for the most part - totally in sequence.

At Noah’s colleen is still way stressing about the hospital ball tonight so Irene suggest that she will take care of most of the things left to do, whilst colleen takes care of something on her ”to do” list that she needs to travel away form the surf club for.

As they help prepare for the ball, Luke wonders if belle is keen to get way form her – and have some sexy fun. Belle says that she wants every time to be special, and not just when they get a moment every so often.

At diner, Lisa tells drew that she is way look fwd to the ball tonight. When Lisa goes to bathroom, Belle enters the diner – and she & dfrew tell the other thay they woill be at the funvtion tonight.

Lisa isn’t impressed after she rtn from the bathroom and sees drew & belle talks.

Rachel & James are talk at the hospital, when kit approaches. She is here for an ultrasound – and wonders if James would like to come to the appointment with her. James is unsure but agrees – and is a tad embarrassed when the stenographer (naturally) assumes that he is the father.

Ric, maddie & Cassie enter the vph as brad & sally are kissing. All 3 (partic Ric make the usual teen comments about such things.

After maddie, Cassie & sally head for the bathroom (to prepare for tonight), Ric makes furtrther (joke) comments about brad & sally being so close.

Kit & James (hospital) encounter kimmy & Rachel after the ultrasound appointment. James seems more comfortable now with the misassumption that he is the father.

As kit & James begin to exit the hospital, kit tells James that she is not go to hospital ball tonight (not really her thing).

At the hunter house, Sam is still way mad about jack, ho talks to kit about things. She thinks that Sam is being a little unreasonable – as she knows that jack dc can’t guarantee that he isn’t going to stuff up again.

As Rachel, kimmy & nurse Julie bails form the hospital, Rusty enters – and when the nurse station is unattended, he (after colleen said that Sam work at the hospital) confirms this fact AND gets her address.

At the surf club, the hospital ball has commenced, and the tension between jack & Sam, and the whole Luke/drew/belle/lisa thing both continue.

James arrives at the hunter house – with a bottle of sparkle mineral water and some champagne glasses.

He and kit then talk about their relationship, incl kit’s doubts, but James is able to ease her apprehension – to the point where she laughs for the 1sdt time in ages.

The pair seal there renewed relationship with a kiss.

Rusty then arrives. He says that his wife is a patient of Sam’s and that she is way in pain. Kit says that Sam is at the hospital ball at the surf club.

Speaking of which, sally & brad are enjoying a dance, when Rachel asks if she can dance with her bro – which sally agrees to.

Sam is keeping up the cold shoulder treatment with jack, whilst drew approaches Luke. The latter tells drew of belle’s inconsistency of late (one minute all over him, next moment muchly anti the closeness.

Bell sees the pair talking, but bails form view quickly.

Luke then confronts belle and her erratic behaviours – and she way takes offence when he scalls her “Taylor” *(like drew always does). Bell insists she just wants to have fun tonight – but as they dance, belle looks over Luke’s shoulder – at drew (who is dance with Lisa).

The formal part of the hospital ball arrives. Colleen (who is wearing a ghastly gold hat & matching jacket – that came within an inch of their lives form getting an IADL DIShonorable mention !!!) calls Rachel to the stage, to draw the lucky prize.

IRENE winds the prize – a trip (for 2 I think) to Europe !!!! Irene is over the moon.

Colleen then calls brad to the stage.

He (emotionally) says that he, in conjunction with the hospital; is using that money he has inherited form both his mum & his wife, to set up a new hospital fellowship/scholarship program.

He calls Rachel to the stage – who announces the new FLYNN SAUNDERS fellowship.

Sally is almost overawed by the moment – and Ric way thanks brad for this.

Sally waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay thanks brad – and they kiss, which Cassie seems to take offence to (but who cares what cassie thinks anyway)

Soon after, Luke & belle are slow dancing, and Lisa catches drew looking at belle, whilst jack tries to makes Sam sees some sense (i.e. everyone makes mistakes, can’t give a mistake free guarantee like that etc). Sam is not prepared to take the risk though.

Drew goes outside, and Lisa follows him. Drew is forced to admit that he still have feeling for belle, and when they go back inside, Lisa REALLY causes a scene.

She loudly winders why drew not interested in her – before throwing a drink over him.

When belle approaches drew, he admits that he still has felling for her, and belle admits that she also still feels for drew.

Outside, Sam tells jack that she is petrified about herself & Rory getting hurt again – and that that fear clowded her judgement. She apologises to jack.

Nearby, rusty (in his car) is watching them. He phones someone – and says that he has positively ID’d Kylie (aka Sam) !!! (end of ep)


Will Lisa tell Luke about drew & belle?

Will Martha go to work form Cam (and his offer of way more money) after her carefulness leads to Noah’s being robbed?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Sam’s electric blue spaghetti strap dress

SILVER – Irene’s lime green plunging V-neck dress

BRONZE – Sally’s red crossover top/black top (beneath)


Belle’s hot pink (with grey horizontal stripes) waaaaaaaaaaay rock chick singlet top

Belle’s red spaghetti strap dress

Brad’s dark suit/white button up shirt/gold tie

Cassie’s green (with black diagonal stripes) tube top

Cassie’s strapless red dress

Colleen’s purple sleeveless athletic jacket/white (with blue & brown patterned) blouse

Drew’s black (with some yellow swirls patterns) button up shirt

Irene’s green & orange (floral pattern) crossover top/green top

Jack’s dark suit/white button up shirt/blue tie

James’ green button up shirt/orange-brown t-shirt

Kit’s orange scoop neck top/green top (beneath)

Lisa’s cream spaghetti strap dress

Lisa’s red spaghetti strap dress

Luke’s dark jacket/white (blue vertical stripe) button up shirt

Luke’s royal blue (surf motif) t-shirt

Maddie’s purple spaghetti strap top

Nurse Julie’s white (with blue triangle motifs) blouse

Rachel’s black vest/white (V striped) blouse

Rachel’s orange (sparkly) plunging V-neck dress

Ric’s light blue button up shirt

Ric’s yellow (with blue & orange horizontal stripes) polo shirt

Rusty's choc brown (white vertical pin stripe) button up shirt

Sally’s black (with inverted white V across stomach) plunging V-neck dress

Sam’s red spaghetti strap top/green & white halter bikini top/green shorts

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