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Thurs 1 Mar Feb 07 - " Jack, Will You EVER Learn ??? “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Jack, Will You EVER Learn ??? “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 1 Mar Feb 07 - Episode # 4364)

At the beach, Kelli is able to convince Amanda not to go to the police (esp. over some low life who is black her)

When Amanda rtns home, she is still V emotional. She comets to peter that she is just overawed by all this wedding stuff.

After peter bails (he got a phone call about a new case), belle enters – and can see that Amanda is distressed.

Amanda tells belle about the drunken night she spent with Ethan – but Kelli entrees the house, and subtly suggests that manda shouldn't say any more.

When belle wants to stay with her mum, Kelli “suggest” that she can take care of Amanda – but when belle is gone, Amanda has a go at Kelli, saying that she needs to think for herself.

Amanda suggests Kelli should be for the moment.

After Kelli bails, Amanda thinks for a bit before going to her address book. She phones tho police station. Lara answers – says that peter not there. Amanda says that she is coming in anyway.

Soon after, Kelli comes home – sees the open address book, charges to police sation, where she WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY pleads with Amanda NOT to confess.

Alexa Aston was wonderful – as a muchly crying Kelli tells Amanda that she doesn’t want to waste any ore of her life (in jail) after being “imprisoned” with her injuries form the car crash that Amanda caused.

When peter arrives, Amanda doesn’t confess – she tells peter that she & Kelli has a big fight, but its now resolved.

After Kelli & Mazda rtn to the mansion, belle pays them a visit.

She is annoyed that Amanda didn’t confess – esp, since she perceives that Kelli way sways Amanda not t tell.

When Amanda is out if the room, Belle is muchly taken aback with the (in a bad way) protectiveness hat Kelli has for Amanda, ie kelli seems to be going TOO overboard.

At the hunter house, Rory is all psyched to be competing in the nippers surf club carnival today. He is looking fwd to jack seeing his big race.

Meanwhile, Sam begins to unpack all the moving boxes with all her things in them. When she (or Tony) removes some letters form a box, Tony comets on the name Kylie deeks on the letters. Sam says that that is her mum's name – but when Sam goes to the surf club and speaks to jack. She thinks that it was an awkward situation. Jack insists that no one will ever hurt her again.

Colleen then suggests that jack/Sam should stop "being close", so jack can help with the setting up for the charity ball that will takes place tonight.

Meanwhile, outside, Sam encounters Tony. They talk about Rory’s surf carnival, and they resolve things about the letters.

In the surf club, Colleen is driving Rachel, Kimmy, Irene & jack mad – esp with news that they have to arrange the tables, as there are more dignitaries’ coming now.

As they are finishing the rearranging, Sam (outside) is getting anxious, as Rory’ big race is soon to start.

Just before it does, jack releases what the t9me is – but by the time he gets outside the race is all but over !!! Rory won =- but he doesn't care as jack wasn't there.

When jack, Rory & Sam get home, Sam launches a verbal attack on jack - insist ting that he needs to get priorities right (ie colleens tables vs her son’s feelings).

Jack insists that he will be there for Rory in future – but Sam insists will need moire than just words.

Rory, however, soon after seem to come around (ie isn’t mad any more with jack).

Sam & jack talk again – he insists that he will be there for Sam & Rory always …

and he will need to be, as a guy credited as Rusty enters the surf club. He tells colleen he is looking for old friend named Kylie deeks. He shows her a photo – and she says that the preon looks like Sam tolhurst. The guy smugly smiles a “I’ve got her” smile (end of ep)


What’s Brad surprise for Sally ???

Drew admits that he still has feelings for Belle, but will she reciprocate ???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Belle’s hot pink (with grey horizontal stripes) waaaaaaaaaaay rock chick singlet top

SILVER – Irene’s green & orange (floral pattern) crossover top/green top

BRONZE – Rachel’s white (floral motifs) blouse/orange top


Amanda’s white spaghetti strap top/black shirt

Colleen’s purple sleeveless athletic jacket/white (with blue & brown patterned) blouse

Jack’s light pink polo shirt

Kelli’s orange (brown triangle at “collar”) halter top

Peter’s (purple bu sh – HM wed)

Peter’s white button up shirt/black suit

Rory’s red (grey horizontal striped) t shirt

Rory’s royal blue (motif unknown) t shirt

Rory’s royal blue “nippers” long sleeve top/red board shorts

Rusty's choc brown (white vertical pin stripe) button up shirt

Sam’s red spaghetti strap top/green & white halter bikini top/green shorts

Tony’s black t shirt

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