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Character(s) Charlie McKinnon

Summary Charlie has suicidal tendencies following his institutionalization.


Reyfton Lakes. Psyche ward.

I've been here for just over a week now and already I can't stand it. I hate being locked in my room at night, I want to leave but I can't. I've never felt so controlled. Not since Gran was alive anyway.

All I've got left is my memories. And this torn photograph of Kim. I knew when I took Rachel that it could be the last time I ever saw him, you know, if anything went wrong. I'm so glad I decided to swipe it from the frame before I left. I don't know what I'd do without it. Without seeing his face.

It hurts so much not having my mate here. I miss him more than I thought imaginable. Why did he leave me? I don't understand what I did wrong. I was a good mate, wasn't I?

I guess I'll never know. Kim never visits me, never calls, sends a card or anything. It's like he's forgotten me.

Rachel poisoned him against me, got inside and made him hate me. I can't go on like this. Not anymore.

I take one final look at the snapshot before I jump from my bed. The rope tied around my neck will make it crack and then I'll be free.

Please don't forget me, Kim.



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