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Tues 27 Feb 07 - " Looks, Brains, Talent !!! ..... &q

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" Looks, Brains, Talent !!!

Maddie (& Indiana) Have Got Them ALL … In Spades !!!! “

(Screened in Australia on Tues 27 Feb 07 - Episode # 4362)

Whilst sally (vph) tells brad about Maddie’s plan, alf & Maddie plead with peter to investigate what they’ve discovered – the dude in the beanie followed Johnny who rang a Jason Harrington. Alf wants peter to meak things right.

When Maddie & Co are gone, peter suggest to McGrath that they can use Harrington’s unpaid parking fines as a base of their inquiries.

When they go to Jason's house, he immediately tries to escape, but the police capture him – and peter finds (in the incinerator) some moistly burnt tracksuit pants (which are blood strained). A search of house reveals the matching tracksuit top.

At the police station, peter questions jones about the message that the gang member etc gave him. Joens is shocked when Luke (who peter describe a practically a boy scout) enters the room – sans tattoo.

Peter suggests that jones should cooperate – as jones KNOWS what happens guards whop go to prison.

In prison, Ric sees that johhny & Co have bashed beanie guy, and they are about to lay into Ric when the guards intervene.

Ric & alf meet with the prison governor. He says that they are in the process of securing Ric’s ralease – but will need to stay her from a few house. Governor says that Ric should be safe in the infirmary.

At police, peter question Jason Harrington. The thug denies all knowledge – but a combo of Rocco’s blood in the burnt track pants, and peter noticing that Jason has a nervous tick with his leg whenever he lies – leads peter to charge Harrington with rocco murder.

A doctor wakes Ric in infirmary – to check on him, but when doc is gine, Johnny approaches. Attacks Ric. Insist that rocco is dead because he got sucked in by sally etc. the fight – and exchange verbal jousts too, ie Ric insist that rocco came to sally etc as he hated johhny. The guards arrive and break things up.

We then see Ric in civilian clothing exiting the inner part of the prison. As he does haunting song (lyrics about taking someone home) palsy, and johhny charges a prison fence – to frighten Ric one last time.

Ric then exits the prion – into the waiting arms of the likes of sally & Alf, before he WAAAAAAAAAAY kisses Maddie.

They (incl brad &* Cassie) visit Martha on the way home (see below) and when they arrive back at the vph, Ric thank all for not give up on him.

Alf suggests to show appreciation by washing dishes. Maddie says that she will help – but as they walk to kitchen Ric pulls Maddie aside (into room at bottom of stairs). 3

He waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay thanks her for think up this awesome, radical plan. They waaaaaaay KISS once more.

2 teen boys are mucking around with the pool table at the surf club (deliberately hit balls off table) and Martha takes offence. She is added by a stranger (who credits say is called Cam) who “suggest” that the boys bail as he can see hip flacks in pockets and is sure they are not of a legal drinking age.

The stranger further helps Martha (tend to the bar) when many customers are at the counter.

When Ric. Maddie & Co arrive, Maratha way hug Ric. She is overjopy to see him – and when Ric etc are gone, Martha tell the stranger that the whole Ric deal is a long story.

After sharing a few nore drinks, Martha hears her fave song come on the radio/jukebox, and starts waaaaaaaay dancing. The stranger insist that he has 3 left feet – whilst Martha dances away (end of ep)


Amanda can't believe it when she sees Ethan at her house !!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Martha’s choc brown singlet top/short denim shirt

SILVER – Cam’s black leather jacket/shimmery brown button up shirt

BRONZE – Brad’s white (with dark blue vertical pin stripes) button up shirt/sky blue t shirt


Alf’s cream-ish button up shirt

Annoying pool dude’s black (white skull motif with the words Juice Ematic) t shirt

Cassie’s black (unknown – rock group? – motif) singlet top

Jason Harrington’s black (sleeveless) shirt

Luke’s white (with yellow horizontal wide stripes) rugby jersey

Luke’s yellow (grey urban? Motif) t shirt

Maddie’s light pink spaghetti strap top/white singlet top/long white skirt

Peter’s stylish grey button up shirt

Ric’s white (with orang horizontal stripes) polo shirt

Sally’s marron cardigan

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