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Fri 23 Feb 07 - " Avril’s Scorpion “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Avril’s Scorpion “

(Screened in Australia on Fri 23 Feb 07 - Episode # 4360)

Note 1 – the title both refers the kit’s “Complicated” situation, and a great tale from an ep of Star Trek, where a scorpion couldn’t change its nature (despite dying because of this flaw)

Note 2 – missed 1st few minutes (bus late) but form later screens, I gather that (in scene I miss) James – kit’s ex – arrived in town. He’s working the hospital, and is way surprised that kit is preggers. Also, sounds like Cassie told macca that she wants to come back to the bay full time – because of both the ric situation and she is missing family.

Kit & kimmy (hunter house) are talking about James arriving in town. Kit says that she not mention that she went out with James, as she already had to “dump the baby news on kimmy etc

James arrives (Rachel gave him kit’s address). Kimmy bails, and James admits that he took this job in the bay to be close to kit. She insists that things are way too complicated at present to get into a relationship.

However, later, kit & kimmy talk again. Kit tells kimmy her concerns – but kimmy insists that form day 1, he & Rachel had all kinds of issue to deal with, but look where they are now. Kimmy insist that kit should take a chance with James (esp since kit cried for months after they broke up the 21st time)

Soon after, kit & James meet up outside the surf club. James is over the moon when kit says that she want to at least try to give their relationship another go.

Macca enters the van park house, and Cassie expresses her opinion once more about staying bayside. Macca says that he isn’t moving back here – as his job has real prospects for the future, and if he stays in the city (but with cassie in bay) he’d have no one to talk too – workmates all have families. Cassie insists that her family needs her more at present.

Macca then grabs her forearms and starts all but drag her to the door. Cassie resits and macca BACKHANDS her across the face.

Macca tries to comfort her/apologise, but Cassie pushes him away – and WAAAAAY death stares him. Macca bails.

When sally, Alf ^& brad rtn from shopping, sally notes that Cassie is rather quiet. Sally then sees the bruise on cassia’s face.

Cassie, sally & bread go to the city – where they find that macca has taken all his things form their house. Sally sees that macca has left Cassie a note.

Whilst sally & bread pack cassia’s things, Cassie reads the note. we hear macca voiceover as she reads. He says that he has turned himself into the police. He says that he loves her, and that hopes he can get the help he needs.

When they rtn to the van park house, Alf confirms (via phone to jack) that Macca has handed himself in. Cassie tells sally that, despite what happened, she still really likes (most of) macca. Sally insists that what Cassie did (resist the violence) was V brave – and that hopefully macca will get help he needs.

Alf gets off the phone. He looks WAY worried. He tells sally & Cassie, “That was the prison. It’s Ric”(end of ep)


Whilst Ric rots in prison, Maddie & co launch a plan to get him out of there – but will it work (brief glimpse of Luke as gang member)

Drew admits to Lisa that he IS still in love with Belle, but will she tell the truth too.

Also, (on a “weeknights” preview that I saw this [sat] morning, sally & brad have a surprise for everyone, and will Sam & Jack call it quits ???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Kit’s blue v neck top (with green top underneath)/white long shorts

SILVER – Sally’s black spaghetti strap top

BRONZE – Alf’s “SBH tartan” button up shirt


Brad’s balck button up shirt/denim jeans

Cassie’s orange (black palm tree motif) singlet top

James’ white (green horizontal stripe) button up shirt/balck t-shirt

Kimmy's light brown (tropical? Motif) t-shirt

Macca’s white (brown check) button up shirt

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