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Wed 21 Feb 07 - " Not Even Kirsty Was THIS Bad, Belle“

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Not Even Kirsty Was THIS Bad, Belle“

(Screened in Australia on Wed 21 Feb 07 - Episode # 4358)

Drew & Lisa are getting “friendly” in the diner, as are belle & Luke nearby – belle seems to be reacting (ie kissing, hugging Luke more) because of drew & Lisa.

Dan invites Lisa to a BBQ tonight at Leah’s place.

After Lisa, drew, Dan, Leah, Ryan & Vj envoy dinner, Leah & Dan aren’t that keen when drew suggest that Lisa can sleep here tonight. They agree - but insist that she sleeps on the couch.

Lat at night, drew enters the lounge room, and he & Lisa start WAAAY kissing, but drew pulls away.

Next day (early), the dup are kissing again – but this time drew is DEF thinking of Belle (we see drew imagine him & belle kissing) and this time drew backs away again. Lisa thinks that they can work – if he’s not think of belle, which he denies.

Son after, Lisa goes to the diner – where she talks to belle. Lisa seems V confidant around belle – and belle’s mood not helped when Ryan tells her that Lisa stayed over at Leah’s last night.

Belle approaches Luke. She says that she way loves him and is ready now.

Later, we see the 2 of them in Luke’s bed. Luke says that that that (his 1st time) was the most amazing experience – and he continues to say such tings to9 bell at surf club.

Belle then encounters drew – who corrects belle’s assumption that drew & Lisa slept together last night.

Bell then goes down the beach – she cries, but stops when she sees Luke approach. She waaaaaaaaay hugs Luke – by as she does she see dew further up the beach.

In the middle of their wedding preparation, peter senses that Amanda is a little all over the place, but she insteps that its just all that organising.

When they do to diner, and the are discussing wedding rings styles, peter is a tad surprised when Amanda asks the nearby Dan his opinion.

Amanda then gets a call on her mobile – it’s Ethan, who demands that they meet NOW. Amanda tells peter that she has to go and se the shoe designer.

Soon after, Amanda approaches Ethan (a park somewhere). He hands her the drugs she stole – Eaton says that Amanda has to keep hold of them until he can amove them on.

When Amanda enters her mansion, she quickly puts them under the sink - as she encounters Colleen (who is running late cleaning her house), indeed, to get colleen out of there, she pays her on the spot (usually pays her at end of week).

When peter returns, he is keen to cook a special meal for them tonight, but Amanda convince him others. However, Kelli (shock, horror) reminds Amanda about appointment morrow with shoe designer. Amanda then insists that this appointment is for Kelli’s shoes for wedding.

Next day, Kelli reminds Amanda about their shoe dude appointment, but as they are about to leave the house, peter spills something in kitchen. He goes for under the sink – but Amanda stands in his way. She say to just use teatowel (rather than an under the sink cloth). When Amanda vehemently opposes that under the snick paln, peter wonders what is going on – and Amanda has this “OMGH! I’m busted” look on her face. (end of ep)


Amanda accidentally runs down Ethan in her car – Kelli sassy the she can’t find a pulse, but is Ethan truly dead?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Lisa's red (“Asian style”, floral) tube top

SILVER – Kelli’s white (with red asymmetric retanagle motif) spaghetti strap dress

BRONZE – Belle’s sky blue singlet top


Amanda’s black satiny night gown

Amanda’s leopard print headband/white stylish (with black wait band) spaghetti strap top

Amanda’s pink hooded long sleeve jacket

Belle’s black (eagle? Motif) top/red shorts

Belle’s red singlet top

Colleen’s mostly red (but with several other bright colours too) blouse/red top

Dan’s green (with brown horizontal wide stripes) polo shirt

Dan’s olive green “Frontier” polo shirt

Drew’s brown (tropical motif) t shirt

Drew’s choc brown (with several patches) button up shirt

Ethan’s green button up shirt/black (unknown motif) t shirt

Irene’s white (with double tri pattern) top

Kelli’s white (with black polka dots) top

Leah’s light yellow top

Leah’s orange (silver spangly bust) spaghetti strap top

Lisa's black (globe? Motif) t shirt

Luke’s sky blue cartoon of some description motif) t shirt

Luke’s white (brown check) button up shirt

Peter’s powder blue button up shirt

Ryan’s apple green t shirt/red & green board shorts

Ryan’s bright yellow t shirt

Ryan’s purple t shirt

VJ’s red t shirt

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