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Tue 20 Feb 2007 - " What's the DEAL, Ric? "

Guest dodge

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My quite unofficial title for this episode - "What's the DEAL, Ric?"

Home and Away

Episode #4357.

Aired Tuesday 20 February 2007

7:00pm on Seven Network, Australia.


  • Martha blasts Jack for "interfering" regarding her abortion, finishing in Alf and Sally walking in and finding out about the terminated pregnancy.
  • Johnny comes into Ric's cell at the gaol, beginning to threaten him.

Characters today: Johnny, Ric, Cassie, Maddie, Sally, Various guards & prison extras / Alf, Sam, Jack, Martha

Credits? Don't think so. Just the title screen again as we return to...

Gaol - Ric's Cell

Johnny starts pushing Ric around... slamming him against the wall - then starts slugging into him. Johnny hears a whistle, slams the kid a few more times before cutting and running. A guard enters to survey the scene - to whom Ric insists he's fine.

Summer Bay House

Jack is quizzed by Sally & Alf about Martha's situation, and they ask him to keep them informed for Martha's sake.

Hunter/Holden House

Jack comes into the bedroom where Sam is snoozing. She asks if there's anything to do to help... he says she's doing it, simply by being there. He tells her to get some sleep.

Gaol - Ric's Cell

Copper comes in... and begins interrogating Ric. He says he knows Cooper and his boys are responsibly for his cuts and bruises, and while Ric continues to shield himself from it to stay out of any more trouble, the copper insists he can help Ric by bringing Johnny down... possibly have Ric transferred elsewhere, where he'd be safe. Ric appears to be considering the offer.

A new day dawns over Summer Bay...

Hunter/Holden House

Jack and Sam wake. Sam tells Jack that Tony slipped a note beneath the door - they have the house all to themselves for the morning. They get mushy, suggesting brekky in bed and whatnot... then Jack's phone rings. It's Alf, who's at SBH... Martha didn't come home last night... he's worried. Jack tries not to worry but decides he must look for her. Sam looks sad at this turn of events but accepts the fate.

Gaol - Visitation Room

Ric is visited by Sal, Maddie and Cass. The trio quiz him about life in prison, eventually discerning that Johnny is in the same prison. Whilst concerned, Sal and Cass leave, giving Maddie & Ric a brief moment alone. She asks if she should track the Mick character down, but Ric instructs her not to do a thing. Maddie kisses her man goodbye, but before it can get any hotter, the guard quips an "oi!" across the room, sending the Hunter girl on her way. Outside the visitation room Johnny and Ric are led past one another. Johnny barges Ric and is ushered on forcefully by the guard.

The lovely people at Seven take us to a commerical break.

Summer Bay Beach

Jack trawls the beach hoping to find Martha. He spots a shoe near the vegetation on the dunes... and then Martha crashed out in the vegetation itself. He wakes a disoriented Martha, who appears to have lost none of her attitude from last night. Jack takes her back to his place...

Hunter/Holden House

...where Sam appears a little less than happy about this turn of events. Jack has called Alf to come get her - he'll be half an hour. Sam decides to go get some milk so Jack can deal with Martha. Jack tries talking Martha around about her actions lately, but she's remaining as stubborn as a mule. She gets up and says she's leaving, but only ends up getting as far as off the lounge before dashing for the loo - and quite audibly throws up. Charming Martha. Just charming.

Gaol - Lunch room

Ric makes a wisecrack to another inmate - "no point in asking about the chef's specials" - which doesn't exactly go down well. He sits at a table next to some old bloke, who in turn gets up and leaves the table. Johnny sneers and looks at Ric from across the room. Ric notices something in his food. Then in the Outside Pen area as they return from lunch, Ric asks the guard "what do I have to do?" [in order to get Johnny turned in].

Hunter/Holden House

A freshened up Martha laments that she's falling to pieces. Jack continues to reassue her as she sobs about her life has gone from bad to worse lately... mostly how much in love with Ash she was... and now she has nothing. Jack corrects her - she has a wonderful family, friends - and he'll always be there for her, always... Martha takes that one the wrong way - leans in - and kisses him! Too bad Sam just walked in... "Wait Sam, wait!" Uh-oh Jackie boy. In trouble now!!

Seven decides to promote Dancing with the Stars (*snore*) in another commerical break.

Hunter/Holden House

Martha is apologising to Jack profusely for the latest turn of events, while her ex-husband is trying to reach Sam on the mobile. Jack finally loses it with Martha's actions and storms out as Alf arrives. Alf comforts Martha.

Gaol - Outside Pen

The cops corner Johnny, asking him to hand over whatever he has. Turns out it's only a piece of paper. The cops stare down Ric angrily for the supposedly misleading info.

Summer Bay Beach

Jack finally catches up to Sam and attempts to explain himself. He confesses that Martha had an abortion and the situation with Ash, which goes a long way to explaining why Martha really is so messed up - and Jack's only trying to help. Sam thinks that's fine but needs to know that's all it is and that he wouldn't go back to her if she wanted it... and Jack assures Sam that with her is the only place he wants to be, and they envelope into a passionate kiss.

Gaol - Hallway

The cops corner Ric as the prisoners are being led outside. They thrust him aggressively into his cell - and reveal the stash of drugs they've found under his mattress! He insists he's being set up, but the guard shoves him to the wall and informs him his best course of action from here on in is to keep his head down and mouth shut... or he's looking at a lot longer than just 18 years... later in the visiting room Maddie and Cassie are stunned to learn of what's happened. Ric insists he should sit tight, while the girls think their current/former beau should do something in order to get protected. Unlikely now... given that out in the Outside Pen a guard has ushered Johnny out alone. They then do a DRUG DEAL! Shifty buggers! The guard almost forgets to manhandle Johnny as he ushers him back inside... Lol!

Another commercial break to segue us into the final act...

SBSLSC - Noah's Bar

Alf wonders in and discusses the Martha situation with Jack & Sam. Jack doesn't seem to think Martha's dealing with things as well as she's letting on...

Summer Bay Beach

Martha's walking along when she hears a baby crying in the distance. She spots a pram toward the dunes... but when she gets to it, it's empty... However it's all a dream as she wakes up in her bed at SBH. She's sweaty and clearly upset at her dream.

End of ep.


  • Drew and Belle are in love... and their ex's have no idea... or is Lisa picking up on Drew's reluctance?
  • Can Amanda hide her stunning secret from Peter any longer?

Hope you enjoyed it. JT's IADL, as usual, sometime tomorrow :P

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great ep guide, dodge ...

Before I get to IADL, I’m not sure who I HATE the MOST in this ep– Johnny, the corrupt prison guard, Jack (for caring too much about you know who, esp. when Sam is SOOOOOO awesome), or, no, scrap all of the rest, I definitely HATE Martha the worst – stupid, stupid, STUPID girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Sam’s bright yellow (with lacy white lining) PJ singlet top/dark blue PJ pants

SILVER – Jack’s maroon (black silhouette of sailing ship in yellow background) t shirt

BRONZE – Sam’s dark green wide collar t shirt/white long pants


Alf’s denimy grey button up shirt

Alf’s blue & yellow check button up shirt

Cassie’s royal blue long pants/white (rainbow coloured motif) singlet top

Jack’s light green button up shirt

Maddie’s apricot dress

Martha’s royal blue singlet top

Sally’s light brown plunge v neck blouse/black top/black shorts

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