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Mon 19 Feb 07 - " At Least Gypsy Was Kidnapped AND Psychological

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" At Least Gypsy Was Kidnapped AND Psychologically Tortured,

Before SHE Hit The Bottle !!! “

(Screened in Australia on Mons 19 Feb 07 - Episode # 4356)

As Alf (vph back patio) talk to the lies of Brad & Tony about life inside (and Ric’s chances), he think that Ric won’t fair so well. Alf doesn’t see that Maddie is in the kitchen. She tries to run form the house – but Tony & Co stop her.

Maddie insist that this is all her fault – but sally & Co try to connivance her otherwise.

Later, at the hunter house, Maddie has just got off phone to Beth. Maddie tells Tony that Beth thinks that she should be more positive about things – so that’s what Maddie will do (with the positive). Tony & Maddie hug.

To relieve some of their stress over Ric, Luke, Drew & Bel go to surf club for some pool – but all 3 agree soon after that this (pool) isn’t stop them form think of Ric. There also seemed, of cse, to be looks etc tween belle & drew.

Martha already decides to bail form the vph. She heads ofr Noahs – esp. the storeroom, and starts drinking.

When out in the main area of Noahs, the drinking Martha encounters Sam.3

Soon after, jack is walk near surf club. He meets up with Sam & Rory. Sam mentions Martha’s drinking.

Jack enter surf club – and comments on her drinking (that it was affect baby). Jack’s attacks are constant – prompting Martha to tell him she had termination. Jack can’t believe.

Later (hunter house) jack in talk to Sam when he decides to go over and check up Martha. As jack left, Sam looks a “tad” lees than impressed.

When jack arrives at the vph, Martha is way angry with him – insisting that only way he can help is by finding who really killed rocco. Martha also (loudly – late at night) announces that its her life – and it was right for her to terminate the pregnmamncy.

Naturally all that loudness (and rem that Jodi has a “Robbie” habit of waaaay speak loudly) brings Sally & alf into the room. They can’t believe that Martha was preggers – let alone that she was aborted.

Ric is led into the jail (with voice of judge saying that he’ll serve 18 years, in a max security prion.

Naturally, Ric encounters Johhny & his gang. Johnny constants on the interesting situation that he was transferred to this prison since rocco died.

Son after, ric sees Johnny slip some drugs to another gang member, and V soon after that, John “suggest” t ric that he saw nothing.

Later, the governor does an inspection – and the guy that he handed drugs to is busted (are we all thinking the whole brad & the kid that told the police that brad sold him drugs). Anyway, Johnny death stares ric.

Late at night (after lights out, Ric looks relieved that he’s survived day 1 – but then Johnny and some of his gang enter Ric’s cell. Johnny mocks that ric thought he’d seen the last of them today (end of ep)


Martha way cries on Jack’s shoulder – which leads to a kiss, that Sam walks in on !!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Martha’s royal blue satin singlet top

SILVER – Sam’s red (boomerang? Motif) t shirt/blue denim shorts

BRONZE – Drew’s black (green Norton logo) button up shirt


Alf’s denimy grey button up shirt

Belle’s dark blue jacket/white top/dark colour pants

Brad’s white button up shirt/yellow tie

Cassie’s white jacket

Colleen’s dark blue (with white & yellow small squares) top

Jack’s light green button up shirt

Leah’s purple shimmery top

Luke’s brown (white floral motif) board shorts

Maddie’s red jacket/white spaghetti strap/dark green skirt

Martha’s dark blue (shimmery) button up shirt

Morag’s white blouse/dark jacket

Ric’s dark green prison t

Rory’s yellow t shirt/red board shorts

Sally’s dark/olive green halter top

Tony’s black (faded white pin stripe) button up shirt

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