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Fri 16 Feb 07 - " Maddie, What Have You Done? “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Maddie, What Have You Done? “

(Screened in Australia on Fri 16 Feb 07 - Episode # 4355)

At the hospital, kit is preparing to bail (after being discharged). Rachel enters the room (kimmy is already in there with kit) and kit notices that things are all fine & dandy with the world.

When Rachel bails, kit confronts kimmy. She can’t believe kimmy hasn’t apologised for the comments he made to Rachel about her being t0o cause of Kit’s migraine etc.

Soon after, kimmy approaches Rachel. He has bought her some coffee and hopes that she talks over dinner at diner tonight. Rachel is reluctant (understandable, given circumstances) but kimmy sways her into going.

When at the diner, Rachel expresses her concerns about kimmy emotionally “shutting down” on her, and that she thought for a bit that they may not be able to get thru this. Kimmy insets that he will be WAAAY more open in future – and the seal things will a V cute holding of hands.

OK, that’s the B story over with - now to the REAL “meat” of the ep.

It early morn at the vph, and ric is talking to Alf. Ric wonders what its like “inside”. Alf thinks that Morag will be able to handle things well enough in court not to have to worry but ric presses that pant. Alf insists that ric should keep his head down, and stay out of trouble)(if goes to jail)

Now to the court case itself – Lara Fitzgerald is on the stand. The prosecution lawyer, Miss Holly (whose rather sharp tongued through the ep) questions the policewoman about the DNA evidence.

Morag counterpoints this when she questions Lara, who adits that the evidence of Ric’s DNA being found on Rocco could have easily been from both the earlier confrontation (when Rocco was steal car) or when ric turned over Rocco’s body in the house where he died.

Next, Miss Holly calls Johnny to the stand. ric comments to Morag that he not thought that john could be called.

When Miss Holly questions Johnny, the latter says that when Ric visit him, ric was in a crazy mood. Johnny responds to a question about why he gave Ric Rocco‘s whereabouts by saying that ric said that if johhny didn’t, he would pay the guard to bash johhny – which prompted ric to make comments about Johnny’s Oscar wining performance.

Male judge takes offence top Ric’s outbursts – inits there be order in his court.

Ric however can’t help making a comment to johhny as the latter is led from courtroom.

Ric & & co (Alf, Maddie, sally, cassie, Morag etc) are at the vph, ric apologises to Morag for making those comments.

All are worrerid about how the case is going – and even Morag seem V stressed about perhaps not being able to repair the damage.

Back to the courtroom, and all are surprised when prosecution calls MADDIE to they stand. Morag objects and approaches the judge, but Miss holly insists that Maddie (as Ric’s g/f) has unique perspective.

After Maddie takes to the witness box, the prosecution lawyer is chastised for badgering or leading the witness, but all of the pressure gets too much for Maddie and she falters.

She mentions ric was way angry at Rocco and didn’t mean to say what he did. When quizzed by Miss Holly – and then instructed by the judge, Maddie is forced to admit that ric said, “I’m going to kill you” to Rocco. (You can imagine the looks of dispair on Ric’s, sally’s etc faces).

After ric & co enter the vph, Maddie WAAAAAAAAY apologises for what she said. All insists that she had to answer the question truthfully – of would have purgered herself (thoughts of Will on the stand during the Dani-Kane rape trial).

Morag inists that tomorrow she is putting Ric on the stand. Usually wouldn't be these aren’t normal times.

Next day, in court, Morag quizzes ric about his relationship with sally (“only real mum I’ve ever had”).

Ric then insists, with Morag asks, that he didn’t kill Rocco.

Miss Holly then question him, and when ric mentions that Rocco looked dead when he 1st saw Rocco on the house, miss holly wonders if ric knows what a dead body looks like, and then Morag is outraged when the prosceutiuion questions ric about his father’s death (i.e. “you bashed him til he had heart attack).

The judge orders jury to ignore what they’ve just heard – as it has no relevence in this case.

Back at the vph ric is way worried about the comments about his dad. Morag insists that she will try to do what she can during her closing statement, and that the jury must ignore what was said about the incident wit his father.

Ric approaches the nearby Brad. He asks brad to take care of Sally &co, as Flynn asked ric to do that fore he died. Brad seems reluctant (i.e. still hoping that ric won’t “go down”) but he agrees to Ric’s request.

Btw, it’s a pretty full house – along with the Vph residents, jack. Maddie, Morag, Cassie & macca are there too.

Ric then goes out onto the back patio where Maddie is. He can see she is way worry, ric waaaaaaaay hugs her.

Back to the courtroom. Morag give s her closing statement – she makes a point that there IS more than reasonable doubt that ric is innocent (no witness to the crime etc) whilst Miss Holly insist that ric had the motive to kill, and that his DMNA was found at the scene. She adds, “You know what you have to do”

The jury retires to consider its verdict. When they rtn, the head juror announces that they find Ric (shock horror – this IS summer bay remember) GUILTY !!!

Maddie and the others in the courtroom (incl Drew & Belle) are way in tears as ric is led away !!! (end of ep)


Will Drew & belle admit how they really feeling (and stop stringing along Luke and Lisa ??

Martha way cries on Jack’s shoulder – which leads to a kiss, that Sam walks in on !!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Maddie’s black (with wide lining on collar) vest/white full length dress

SILVER – Jack’s aqua button up shirt

BRONZE – Kit’s royal blue spaghetti strap top


Alf’s denimy blue button up shirt

Alf’s red night gown/blue (with white vertical stripes) PJs

Alf’s royal blue button up shirt

Brad’s dark suit/gold tie/white shirt

Cassie’s rainbow coloured long sleeve jumper

Head (Male) Juror’s mustard button up shirt

Irene’s royal blue blouse

Kimmy’s light brown (with BONT logo) singlet

Macca’s white (with dark blue vertical stripes) button up shirt

Maddie’s red jacket/light purple top

Morag’s bight white blouse

Rachel’s dark coloured blouse/dark long pants

Rachel’s light brown (unknown motifs) spaghetti strap top

Ric’s dark suit/dark blue tie/white shirt

Sally’s dark colour jacket/black top (with withy red colour –obscured by jacket – motif)

Tony’s white button up shirt/dark blue tie/white shirt

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