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Type of Story Oneshot

Rating T (SC/D)

Character(s) Eve Jacobsen

Genre Angst

Warning Hints of domestic abuse and murder

Is Story being proof read No

Summary A taste of your own medicine


The noise of the city was deafening. The sound of cars speeding down illuminated streets and horns being pressed in order to prevent a traffic jam were audible. The city lights were luminous and lit up tall skyscrapers; office blocks glowed. It made the hospital twinkle in the night.

The outside world reflected in the clear and sterile windows.

She glided gracefully down the corridors, ahead were two others nurses; they were in deep conversation, headed her way - a potential collision.

She took one glance at them and quickly scurried off into a darkly lit room, the only light was that coming from the fading lamp.

"Good evening, Mrs. White." The nurse greeted the elderly woman lying in the bed.

Connie White, a patient suffering from an operable brain tumour, smiled weakly to the nurse, whose ID tag exposed her identity: Laura McCallister.

She walked further into the room, standing by the light, which shone on the elder's face, revealing what she looked like.

The nurse flinched back and held the tray balancing various medicines with shaking hands. Her hazel eyes pierced through the patient, who looked at her, confused.

"You." A gasp escaped the nurse's mouth.

Dolls. They're the epitome of femininity. Girls like to play with them, teenagers dress like them, and women grow up to be them. Their every motion controlled by men.

Eight-year-old Eve Jacobsen knew this more than anyone. She witnessed it enough.

Home wasn't this house she was confined in. It was her mind. Her thoughts. Reality was harsh, brutal and nasty. So she stayed in her safe haven, a built-up bubble, the foundations of what she had to see of everyday life.

Life was a game; you either won or you lose. Her grandfather constantly changed the rules though, bending them to fulfil his own little desires. One day cooking the dinner was rewarded with a tender kiss, a hug, a moment. The next it was punishable by a slap across the face, a beating, the belt being removed.

Lipstick masked the swelling in Moira's lips. Make-Up mascarared two black eyes when she looked back at her distorted face in the mirror. Perfect.

Eve also liked to change the rules, and in her imaginative world, she could.

"You're a bad husband! C*nt!" She spoke for the female doll, she called Emily, and moved its hand so it slapped the other across the face, sending it flying across the front lawn.

She made Emily kick the male doll in the crotch, her husband, named Perry, where she, too, spoke on his behalf. "I'm sorry, it won't happen again! Please!"

Eve momentarily put the dolls down, getting a roll of gaffer tape from her rucksack, which she prepared later for school. She removed it and used her teeth to tear off a strip, wrapping it around Perry's face, covering his eyes. His plastic smile grinning eerily.

She sat the male doll on a chair which was from her dolls house and used a long piece of string to tie him on to it. A few moments later, she picked Emily up again, and continued playing.

"You're a dirty man!" She spoke on her behalf, reversing the male/female roles of reality. "Filthy whore!"

She looked up when she saw two legs stand in front of her, her shoes were red and shiny. "Eve, honey, I'm just driving to the store to buy groceries. I'll be back soon, alright?"

Eve smiled brightly, dropping the dolls.

"Okay, Grandma."

"Here you go." The nurse handed the elderly women, who bore an uncanny resemblance to her deceased grandmother, her medication.

Connie smiled, a weak rasp to her voice. "Thank you, dear. You're an angel."

Whilst reading her book, Connie didn't noticed Eve inject the capsule with morphine, which she did discreetly on the tray.

She swallowed her medication and took the glass of water Eve handed to her.

A few moments later, she replaced it on the side. Suddenly she was feeling better than ever. It wasn't long now until 'Moira' would finally be at peace.

"Sleep well."



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