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Wed 14 Feb 07 - " Mother & Daughter In Crisis “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Mother & Daughter In Crisis “

(Screened in Australia on Wed 14 Feb 07 - Episode # 4353)

Belle go to diner 0- and picks up mud cake (Luke’s fave) is he is rtning today.

As she go to his place, she encounters Drew & Lisa waaaaay kiss on beach – belle comets on Luc’s rtn, but its way clear that drew & belle aren’t over each other.

When belle arrives at the hunter house, Luke is a tad underwhelmed by the cake – thinks the “Luke & belle forever” icing is a bit cheesy.

Belle then hides her annoyance when Luke says that he arranged for them to paly pool with Lisa & drew at surf club.

Indeed, when they are playing, she fains stomach pains.

Luke & belle rtn to hunter house where she tells Luke that she was lying about stomach pains – just want to spend time with Luke alone.

He plays her part of a CD that he created fror them – whilst belle holds onto Luke like there is no tomorrow (think of kirsty with seb when Kane returned in 2003)

Amanda hurriedly gets her clothes back on- and tries to bail for the motel, but ethan is awakes, and suggests that they have more sexy fun. Amanda bails quickly.

When she is gone, Ethan rings Kelli – and tells her that all go according to plan and that “your sister is V photogenic”.

At mansion, peter is worry that Amanda not come home – but when she does, Amanda & peter way hug and peter apologises form the argument.

Soon after she gets a call form Ethan – meet at surf club or else.

When they do meet, Ethan shows Amanda the sexy pics of them form the previous night – says that he send a copy to peter, unless Amanda getter hands on some morphine form the hospital for him. Amanda then clues up that this (blackmail) is what Eaton is all about. She tells him that she doesn’t cares about peter seeing pics.

However, when she is at the mansion with peter, and Kelli enters with an envelope (V photo like) she tell him that its scecert women's business.

When peter has bails (paperwork to sign at cop shop), Amanda tells Kelli what happened.

She then meets with Ethan again at surf club. She hands his LOTS of money (sooooo been there with Josh), but Ethan throws in back in her face – he wants that morphine !!!

Soon after, Kelli enters Ethan’s hotel room. He is thinking that they’ve made Amanda suffer enough. Kelli straddles Ethan – and says that she’s not even got started with Amanda yet. They then waaaaaaaaaaaaaay PASH !!!


Ric gets a phone call – an unknown male says that he knows who killed Rocco

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Kelli’s silvery (floral motifs, rich red lining) night gown

SILVER – Luke’s sky blue (big white dove) t shirt

BRONZE – Lisa's dark blue (yellow coral? Motifs) 2 piece halter neck bikini


Amanda’s (gold Tues)

Amanda’s sky blue (with wide gold waist band) plunge v neck top

Belle’s rich green singlet top/silver studded wide belt./grey shorts

Colleen’s orange (with white native floral motive) blouse

Ethan’s brown (motif unknown) t shirt

Ethan’s white (with green check pattern) button up shirt

Irene’s low cut white top (with sky blue top beneath)

Kelli’s white knitted jacket/black spangly spaghetti strap top

Leah’s yellow (with black palm tree motif) singlet top

Lisa's rich yellow (with inverted black V across the bust) halter top

Peter’s black button up shirt/denim jeans

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