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Mon 12 Feb 07 - "A real cliffhanger"

Guest dodge

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Ash telling Martha Rianna is pregnant, leaving the bay and her.

Rachel & Kim arguing, driving, and then being stuck half-off the cliff.

Credits. Yes! Credits!!!!!!!

Characters featured tonight

Rachel, Kit, Kim, Tony, Dan, Alf, Martha, Nurse Julie & other assorted hospital figures.

Cliff, off YC Road

Rachel is trying to reassure Kit that it will all be OK. She instructs Kit to slowly open the door. This attempt was silly and the car shudders and slides a little more.

SB SLSC -- Noah's Bar/Summer Bay Super Bods

Alf notes Martha's mood and demeanour. He asks her if she's OK, but gets a snappy response from her.

Coming out from the Gym, Kim and Dan discuss how life has been a bit rocky lately but it looks like things might work out for now that everyone's being honest. "Hopefully things will get easier".


Rach suggest to Kit she try and reach for the phone. Kit pleads for her not to... but she does. Eventually she reaches it - but it's broken after being under the brake pedal.


Kim hears his phone beep. "Ooh, there's a stack of missed calls from Rach here". He checks his voicemail as Dan helps him drive to hospital.


Rach speculates on Kit's condition as she continues to experience headaches and nausea. Kit's also got the chills and Rach suggests she reach for a blanket to keep her warm. Kit screams for her not to as it may jeopardise the car further. Rach does anyway and gets halfway to getting it before the car lurches yet again. Rach retracts and agrees with Kit to not bother.

YC Road

Kim's tried the hospital but Kit & Rach never arrived. Kim is worrying, then Dan hears a lot of car beeping off to the side. At the cliff-face Rach has started beeping the horn hoping someone will hear, as it's now useless trying to climb out. The boys spot Rach's car and rush to the edge of the cliff. While Kim tries to convince them to attempt climbing out, he sends Dan to go get help. Kim explains to the trapped girls that wire and fencing is the only thing stopping them plummeting to a watery grave.

SB SLSC - Noah's

Alf mentions that Martha seems distracted and moody. She agrees and Alf says she should go home... he can cover her shift. She packs her things and goes home. Tony walks in and asks how Alf is. As Alf says he needs a beer or twenty, Dan rushes in and calls for help.

Commercial break


Kit begins her climb out through the boot. She makes it, but she's in a horrible way. As Kit steps off the back of the car, it is sent rocking down about 5 or 10 metres before halting. Kim is adamant to help Rachel, and while the arriving ambo's and volunteers help out the pained Kit, Kim orders Dan to belay him - he's going to abseil down and save Rachel. He makes it down, imploring his wife to swing out to him. She does so and they are winched to safety. Kit's in pain though, and everyone including Rach rushes to her and tries to assist until she can be taken to...

NDH (Northern Districts Hospital)

...where she is rushed through the door as Rach reads her stats. Kit Hunter, 22, possible [whatever her condition was], 30 weeks pregnant... etc etc. The doctors take her into the ER and leave Rach to wonder what's going on.

Summer Bay House

Martha comes in to an empty house. She calls for her family, all of which are either asleep or out. She puts her bag down, opens it, and pulls out... a pregnancy test!


The doctors are struggling to find the baby's vitals. Kit feels sick and passes out.


Alf walks in and Martha is forced to hide the pregnancy test. He informs her about the accident and informs her he needs to get to the hospital, but he's informing Beth first. Martha remains concerned about her upcoming plight.


Kim comes in, Kit's fine but needs to be kept under observation. They discuss everything that happened - and Kim seems less than impressed to discover why she had the migraine in the first place.

Commercial break


Rach tries to corner Kim as various characters pile home after visiting Kit. He avoids her to the point of "going out to get some air".

In Kit's room, Tony checks on Kit.


Alf's returned home and they discuss the accident. Martha still seems pensive and worried, but when Alf calls her on it she cites the accident as her reason for being sad. Alf gets a call out to help get the car up off the cliff-face, leaving Martha alone.


At the main counter of the hospital, Kim and Rach argue over the argument. Kim is angry that Rach was arguing with a pregnant woman. Rach rightfully defends her honour as Kim grows more upset with her for not caring enough about the baby's welfare. Rocky times ahead for R&K?

Commercial break


Martha comes wondering out of the upstairs bit into the living area, holding the test. She sits at the dining room table. By the look on her face.... it's confirmed.

Martha's pregnant.

End of ep.

Promo - Amanda & Peter... is it meant to be? Is Amanda about to make a massive mistake? And Martha's pregnant... and confides in Jack. What will she do?

JT's IADL should be up soon guys, hope you enjoyed it :D

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Rosey, yep, waaaaaaaaaaaaay go ahead - hope you get this message in time.

will post IADL for this ep soon .... BUT

Before I get to IADL, I just have to say that I HATE Kimmy even MORE now – if that’s possible.

All brawn, and NO brains is soooooooooooooooooo apt – the way he tore into his wife was DISGUSTING.

Kimmy continues to be a BIG, HUGE, MASSIVE embarrassment to H&A !!!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Martha’s choc brown (Noah’s night uniform) dress

SILVER – Rachel’s green sports singlet top/white long sleeve jacket combo

BRONZE – Dan’s light blue (with darker blue surfer dude motif) shirt/dark green (with white & grey vertical stripes in the shoulder) zip up jacket


Alf’s cream-like colour button up shirt

Dr Young’s “medical green” button up shirt

Kimmy’s white SB gym singlet/grey “Puma” zip up jacket

Kit’s red top

Tony’s light blue button up shirt

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