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Thurs 8 Feb 07 - " Between An Amy ….. And Another Amy “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Between An Amy ….. And Another Amy “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 8 Feb 07 - Episode # 4349)

At the diner, Drew & Lisa are arm wrestling, and its clear that belle is paying close attention to them.

She bails – and Irene follows Belle, who insists to Irene that (despite the fact that Irene could see that belle was watching drew) that she is in love with Luke.

AT Amanda & Peter’s engagement party (see below), Lisa can see that drew is pay close attention to belle. Indeed, Lisa bails – insisting that she doesn't want to be Drew’s rebound.

Drew then approaches belle – who insists that she is in love with/wants to be with Luke.

Drew arranges to meet Lisa near the diner. He insists that there is no chance with belle and that he is TOTALLY Lisa’s now. Drew seals it with a BIG kiss.

Kelli meets with Ethan under the seaplane wharf. She tells him that it’s time for next phase of the plan – to suggest engagement party.

Kelli returns to the mansion and way suggest to peter & Amanda that they should make their engagement public.

Peter & Amanda go to diner – tell the likes of belle, drew, Dan, Leah, colleen etc that they are have surprise get together today.

When peter & Amanda return 0o mansion, Kelli suggests that should invite more ppl – prompting Amanda to reach into handbag for address book. The piece of paper wth Ethan’s number falls out on bag to – but peter not see that. Amanda however IS stressed – and this gets worse when the caterers arrive. Ethan is one of them – and Kelli (with the best mock horror voice EVER) says, “what are the chances of that?”

Kelli insist that she will speak to Ethan and tell him not to say anything to peter.

All the guests arrive – and when peter & Amanda announce that they are engaged, belle & colleen’s reaction (of shock) seems the stro9ngest.

During the party, peter &^ Ethan are in the kitchen and Ethan mentions that he helped Amanda with her car. When Amanda enters the room, Peter comments on it, but then bails (not seeming too stressed about it). However, Amanda insists that she IS annoyed with Ethan.

He responds by wondering how fragile this relationship is – and Amanda admits that there ARE trust issues.

At the “bachelor pad”, Rachel, Kit & Kimmy are talking about the baby. Rachel is really annoyed when Kit ignores all her hard medical facts (in favour of opinions form others at her antenatal classes) in terms of wanting to have a home birth.

Things get worse fro Rachael later when (after kit has gone home), Kimmy starts working out his fiances – as the home birth (mid wife, insurances etc) is way expensive.

Rachel can’t belief it when Kimmy suggest that he is going to work through his next lot of annual leave to have enough money form what kit wants. Rachel insists that Kimmy is giving into9 every stupid (esp when there’s a GREAT hospital minutes away) whim of Kit.

Kimmy tries to make Rachel see that she’s not the only one who is in the middle of all of this. Kimmy walks way – leaving Rachel with a look of exasperation on her face (end of ep)


Rachel & Kit are in a car – that’s hanging off a cliff (another normal Bayside night I see)

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Lisa’s white (hot pink floral motifs) strapless dress/red bikini top combo

SILVER – Kelli’s white (with sky blue mosaics) spaghetti strap top

BRONZE – Belle’s royal blue (unknown motif) scoop neck top/wide silver belt/black long pants combo


Amanda’s aqua sparkly halter dress

Amanda’s green (leafy motifs?) spaghetti strap dress/red tube top combo

Belle’s rich red singlet top

Colleen’s light blue (with white & black swirly patterns) top

Colleen’s purple dress/orange scarf combo

Dan’s apple green t shirt

Drew’s black (with orange, green & white circular motif) t shirt

Ethan’s black (way dressy) button up shirt

Irene’s brown (with white swirly pattern) dress

Kimmy’s violet t shirt/shimmery brown long pants combo

Kit’s red wide collar top

Leah’s orange V neck dress

Leah’s white spaghetti strap top

Lisa’s dark blue (wh white floral motifs) dress

Peter’s brown button up shirt

Rachel’s white plunge V neck singlet top/baby pink top/black (floral motifs) long skirt combo

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