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Summerbay Dramas

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Guest [x]whacko[x]jen[x]

Topic Title – summerbay dramas

Topic Description – dunno wah this is sorry

Type of story: undecided

Rating: G or PG i rekon

Main Characters: eve jack tracey and amanda sally belle and drew

Genre: Drama

Warnings: ummm none so far

Is Story being proof read: yes/no

Summary: umm well eve comes back and kidnapps belle and drew, sally finds them and eve goes to jail, jack bails eve out, eve goes out wit jack, tracey comes back -that is all so far

CHAPTER 1 - Eve's Revenge

One Saturday morning at about 11am, Amanda was up and dressed ready to go shoe shopping in town. On her way she saw a weirdly familiar face in an old red Holden behind her. Who could it be? 15 minutes had passed and the red car was still following her. Amanda knew something was wrong and kept checking in her rear view mirror to see what was going on. As she just got into the center of town and found a car park, she noticed who her follower was. It was Eve Jacobsen, the Summer Bay stalker! She had somehow survived the blast caused by a gas leak that had come in contact with the sparklers on top of Martha and Jack’s wedding cake. This can’t be happening, Amanda told herself over and over. Everyone thought that Eve and her partner in crime, Tracy Thompson had died. They just had to be dead. Or was 1 if not both still alive? It was up to Amanda to choose what she thought needed to be done. Either to continue shopping and ignore Eve, or go back to the Police Station and inform the officers about Eve. Shoes aren’t that important, thought Amanda, I can always come back another day. She hopped back into her shiny silver convertible and tried to drive back to Summer Bay without Eve noticing. Half an hour later she ran into the Police Station yelling out that she had seen Eve. At that time, little did she know that her 16 year old daughter Belle and her boyfriend Drew Curtis had left the house and started for the city………….

Drew and Belle stared at each other kindly as they walked along the wide, open road. This was their ticket to freedom. Well at least they thought it was. Little did they know what was in store for them next. Eve’s car was coming up behind the happy couple and parked on the side of the road in front of them. Eve wound down the window and called out to them asking if they would like a lift to the city. They both agreed this would be much better and quicker than walking, so casually, they said yes. Eve popped the boot and they put their heavy, well packed bags inside. They got in the back and Eve asked them where they were planning on staying. Of course, they hadn’t arranged that yet. Eve suggested her shack, which of course, they agreed as they desperately needed somewhere to stay. Belle asked for Eve’s name. “Maxine Trood” she replied slyly.

Back at the station, Detective Peter Baker had arranged a search for the stalker. Amanda was asked to go in the Police car with Constable Jack Holden to help point Eve out because as they all knew their target was a master of all disguises. In fact, she’s so cunning at hiding her appearance that even Amanda Vale had trouble knowing who it was following her.

Back in Eve’s car, Eve had taken an unexpected turn at the round-a-bout and Belle started to panic. Drew was trying his best to comfort her, but of course he was panicking too. Eve was kidnapping them! 45 minutes later they arrived at Eve’s quiet little holiday shack in the middle of nowhere. When she got there she hit Drew and Belle round the head with a baseball bat that was on the front passengers seat. She tied their hands together with a strong piece of rope and hid them in the shed in the back yard. No one would find them there, well at least that was what Eve hoped. Seeming as they were still unconscious, Eve decided to go and get some more supplies for her bombs. But as she drove down the long dirt road, which was Eve’s driveway Drew started to awaken. So had Belle. This was their chance to escape. Drew struggled to untie Belle’s hands, and when he did Belle untied his. Now all they needed was an escape plan. Drew ran inside the shack and looked out the kitchen window, no Eve. He ran back to the shed and he and Belle grabbed their bags then sprinted down the driveway. They had no idea where they were. They decided to follow a road and that hopefully someone they knew would find them before Eve did. They managed to find the way back into town. Coming down towards them on the opposite site of the road was Sally Fletcher. She had been grocery shopping. Drew and Belle waved their arms at Sally franticly and she stopped and pulled over. As they hopped in they explained everything to Sally and looked inside their bags to make sure everything was there. Nothing had been touched. Belle knew that even though Sally wasn’t making a big fuss over this that they were going to be in big trouble as soon as they got back. And that was true.

Amanda had spotted Eve in her car on her way back to her house with her bomb supplies and Jack arrested her. He handcuffed her and shoved her in the back on the car. Amanda’s mobile had just received a message. It was from Sally explaining what happened to the 2 rebel teenagers. And Amanda knew the perfect solution for that indeed.

As soon as they got home she grounded Belle from seeing Drew for 3 WHOLE WEEKS! Amanda also had a talk to Dan Baker, her ex husband, about Drew’s punishment and he was grounded as well. The next day after interviewing Eve, Peter locked Eve up in a cold, dark and empty jail cell. “What name have you come up with this time that fooled those two innocent kids?” Peter asked her suspiciously. Eve ignored him. “I’ll ask you one last time and you better answer, what name did you come up with this time you crazy woman?” Eve waited a while then cheekily answered, “Maxine Trood, but I bet you won’t be able to find out what it means”. “So it’s some sort of anagram is it eh? Nice one” said a very disturbed and angry Peter.

Back in his office he grabbed his whiteboard marker and turned to his board. He had written ‘Maxine Trood’ in capitals on the top. Now just to figure out what it means thought Peter. It took him 2 hours of straight, hard concentration to crack it. ‘Maxine Trood’ meant ‘I am next door’. So that’s who the mysterious girl was who moved in just recently. He now felt quite foolish. How could he have not seen it? It had been there, right in front of his eyes all this time, and yet still he hadn’t known. Later that night when he got home to his wife Clare, she suggested he takes a nice hot bath and have an early night to calm him down. He felt quite proud to know that that horrible woman would never be seen in or near Summer Bay again.

CHAPTER 2 - Feelings for Jack?

CHAPTER 2- Feelings for Jack?

After a long and hard, yet boring 5 years in jail, Eve missed Tracy more than ever. No, Tracy hadn’t been lucky enough to survive the blast and that was a reason for coming back to Summer Bay. So poor Eve had no one to come and visit her. The lady in the cell opposite Eve had her husband and 2 kids come in for a while. How lucky is she? Thought Eve, staring at the happy family with a sad look on her face. She really liked Jack Holden. She had a major crush on the now single cop ever since the accident at his wedding reception. He was now single as he had just recently broke up with his beautiful wife, Martha, who decided to leave because of trust issues. That was another reason Eve had come back to the Bay. So she could see Jack. Then she remembered when she got arrested. Flashback- The look on his face. The way he kept staring at her. Did he have feelings for her back? Or was it just her imagination? No, he must have some kind of love for me, thought a now happier Eve, I know he does… She didn’t care if the whole population of Summer Bay was against her. She was going to get her man. And she was going to succeed…

Eve was allowed to make 1 phone call to friends or relatives once a week, but now Tracy was dead she had no one to talk to. She really thought she had to tell Jack her love for him and to make sure he loved her back. Geez, this time in jail has really helped me become a better person, thought Eve smiling, maybe I can win Jack’s heart after all…

CHAPTER 3 - The phone call

Eve decided to call Jack; at least by telling him she loved him would reveal whether Jack loved her back or not. Phone conversation- “Hello Jack, it’s Eve, please don’t hang up, it’s important” “What do you want this time?” “I think I love you Jack”……


Jack was shocked by Eve’s news, Wow, maybe I do love her after all, he thought in surprise.

-Continued- “Wow, that’s a surprise” “Yeah, well after Tracey died I discovered the real truth, the thing is, do you love me Jack?” “Ummmmm……. Well after me and Martha broke up I kinda found the same thing, I love you too Eve……” “Well what are we gunna do about it Jack?” “Wait, I’ll come bail you out Ok?” “Sure!” “I’ll be over in a short while, bye” –End of phone conversation-

Jack hung up the phone and rushed off to rescue Eve. “Can’t believe you came!” said a now happy Eve. She hugged Jack. “Shhhhhhh no one can see us together Ok? People will think I’ve gone mad……” “Ok” and she kissed him on the cheek and ran off down to the beach.

**how should i start chapter 4 and what will it b called? please make a suggestion**

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Guest [x]whacko[x]jen[x]

You cant put Jack with Eve !! He belongs with Martha !! or Sam !

You put Tracey with Jack lol and besides I already posted it up sorry :(

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Guest [x]whacko[x]jen[x]

CHAPTER 4 - Tracey's Return

That night Eve was having a drink at the diner. she looked down at her watch, yawning. 9:30pm. 'wow its kinda late' she said to herself and as she got up from her seat she dropped her handbag. as she picked it up and was about to walk out the door, a familiar female voice from behind her said 'miss me my lovely eve?' eve turned around. 'tracey?, what i thought u were---' 'dead?' tracey said cutting off eve's sentence. 'well yes you blew up, well thought u did' 'eve, eve, eve i only faked my death because i couldn't stand looking at that stupid fool peter anymore, but don't worry eve, i'm here now.' 'awww i missed you' 'you too eve'. 'hey wanna come back to my appartment?' tracey stared at her in a weird way 'is that even a question?'

'another glass of wine please eve if you don't mind' tracey said nearlly drunk. 'haha ok but if you gots a hangover in the morning don't come complaining' eve said with a laugh. eve and tracey spent most of the night chatting, it had been agers since they had seen each other. eve had one of her rock cd's playing quietly in the background, she had also cooked tracey some dinner as she hadn't eaten and must've been starving eve thought. the 2 of them sat on eve's couch, staring passionately into each others eyes. 'i have to dump him........tomorrow' eve thought 'i can't leave poor trace alone'.

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Guest [x]whacko[x]jen[x]

Sorry gys! I only just found out about the rule! Sorry!

Topic Title – Summerbay Dramas

Topic Description – Don't know waht this is sorry

Type of story: Undecided

Rating: G or PG I reckon

Main Characters: Eve, Jack, Tracey, Amanda, Sally, Belle and Drew

Genre: Drama

Warnings: ummm none so far

Is Story being proof read: yes/no

Summary: umm well Eve comes back and kidnapps Belle and Drew, Sally finds them and Eve goes to jail, Jack bails Eve out, Eve goes out with Jack, Tracey comes back -that is all so far

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