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Ella and Jaden

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Topic Title – Ella and Jaden

Topic Description – Not sure what this means

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Rating: G

Main Characters: Tasha, Robbie, Ella, Jaden (also Jesse), Kirsty and Kane

Genre: Drama/Romance

Warnings: None

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: This is my latest fan fic. For seventeen years Tasha. Robbie and Ella have been living happily but when Ella finds out the truth about her identity she runs away. She stumbles upon Jaden Phillps KKs son. They two fall in love. Neither knows who eachother really are will the romance coninue once the truth comes out?

Chapter 1

Seventeen year old Ella Hunter sat in her room well almost seventeen she’d be seventeen in two hours tomorrow was Ella’s birthday. It was now 10pm. Ella was sure she wasn’t going to be able to sleep tonight. Her whole family and family friends were coming for her birthday party tomorrow and her friends from school. Her family that was coming was her grandmother Beth, her Uncle Scott and Aunty Hayley and their son Noah who was eighteen. Kit her aunty. Aunty Mattie and her husband Ric and their six year old twins Sally and Flynn, Uncle Henry was also coming. Her mothers best friend Martha was coming who was married to her fathers best friend Jack and their children Jordan fifteen Kate 10 and Alison 8. Her uncle Dylan was coming and his wife Kira and their daughter Melissa who was thirteen,. Kim and his wife Rachel and their adopted son Joe who was 16. Lots of other people too. Ella heard a knock at the door her mother entered. Ella couldent work it out she looked neither like her mum or her father. Was she adopted? Her mother told her she wasn’t but Ella couldn’t help wondering. After all. She had a sister Rebekah who look like her mother and her brother Daniel looked like her father. Bek was thirteen and Daniel was eleven.

“I know you think you too old for a bedtime” said Tasha Hunter when she came in “But I’m afraid lights out you have a big day tomorrow we will be getting up early to go to the airport.”

“Okay” said Ella “Night”

“I can’t believe you will be seventeen tomorrow” said Tasha “It seems just like yesterday you were born.

Tasha left the room she knew there was no way Ella could ever find out the truth that Robbie wasn’t her biological father that Jonah was. When Tasha was younger she joined a cult one of the cult members Jonah raped her Tasha fell pregnant with Jonahs’ baby she couldn’t terminate the pregnancy she could never do that. So she gave birth to Ella. Robbie named Ella. Tasha experienced pre natal depression. She didn’t feel a bond with Ella at first. She hated it when she cried, she even hated Ella she hated her own child. But now she love Ella more than anything and part of loving someone means having to protect them and by protecting Ella it meant Ella must never find out about her true identity. Tasha entered her and Robbie’s room.

“Hey hon” said Robbie when Tash entered the room. Tasha had already changed into her pajamas and Robbie was already in bed she climbed in next to him.

“Kids asleep?” he asked

“Bekky and Danny are” said Tasha “and Ella hopefully will be soon”

“I never could sleep the night before my birthday” said Robbie

“I can’t believe its been seventeen years” said Tasha

“I know” said Robbie

“Ella can never know about Muma Rose, Jonah and the cult” said Tasha

“I agree” said Robbie “She looks like Jonah”

“I hate that part” said Tasha “I’m glad she has some of my personality.

“I’m tired” said Robbie

”Me too” said Tasha

They went to sleep.

Chapter 2

Ella awoke the sun was shining in her window it was going to be a beautiful day she could smell bacon & eggs cooking she got out of bed put her nightgown on and headed down stairs. Her father was cooking bacon eggs while Tasha was sitting at the table

“Happy Birthday sweetheart” said Tasha kissing her daughter

Robbie sat down next to Tasha and Ella sat on down on the end of the table were her presents were. Rebekah and Daniel came in and sat down. Ella reached for the first present on the pile

“To Ella from Bekky” the tag read

Ella opened inside was a red sweater

“Thanks Bekky” she said Ella had been eyeing the sweater of at her favourite clothing store Cool Wear for months she opened her other presents from Daniel she got a book. From her parents she got $100, a ring and a necklace. Robbie went back to cooking bacon and eggs when they were ready he served them up Ella dug in they were delicious. At ten am they left for the airport everyone from Australia was coming on the same plane at 11am. Dylan had already arrived the day before and was staying in a hotel he didn’t want to impose typical Dylan. He came to the airport though, Hayley and Scott plane from Europe was arriving at 12pm. Back at the house Ella’s best friends Annie and Melanie were setting up for the party. Mrs. Davies from next door was to let them in. The party would take place at 2 o clock. At 11 o clock they heard of the intercom that the plane from Australia was coming in. Ella got excited. The plane landed soon people started to get of the plane. The first ones of their friends they saw were Jack, Martha and their kids. Soon everyone was off the plane. Ella was closest to Noah but he wasn’t here yet. They went to the luggage carousel and collected their luggage which took awhile then they went and waited for Scott and Hayley’s plane unfortunately it was delayed by half an hour. Finally the arrival of the plane was announced over the intercom. Soon the passengers were off. Ella and Noah hugged eachother as soon as they saw eachother. Hayley, Scott and Noah wished Ella A Happy Birthday. They collected Hayley, Scotts, and Noah’s luggage then they loaded themselves into three cars some went in Robbie’s car some went in Tasha’s car which Ella was driving, and some went in Dylan’s rental car and they drove back to Tasha and Robbie’s house. They arrived back at the house at 1:30 Annie and Melanie had just finished setting up for the party. They had also been down to the local shop and brought party food. Robbie and Tasha had given them some money for this. Mrs. Davies had made sausage rolls, pizzas, mini quishes and the cake for the party. Ella couldn’t wait for two pm. The first of the guests Ella’s friends Stevie (Short for Stephanie) and Nikki who were twins arrived first. By 2:05 everyone Ella had invited was at the party. Ella was popular at school not mean girl popular she wasn’t nasty popular but nice popular she had heaps of friends, She got lots of presents all very nice. The party was in full swing. Ella’s friend Bryan who had a crush on her asked her to dance. So she did she saw all the other couples on the floor. Noah and Melanie were dancing when Noah had been in town last he and Melanie go on really well. Too bad Melanie lived here in Boston and Noah lived in Europe. Ella thought they’d make a cute couple. When the song ended Bryan let Ella of the dance floor and he went and got her a drink Ella took it. She smiled at Bryan.

“\So” Bryan “Want to go on a date next Friday”

“Um I don’t know Bryan I just think of you as a friend” said Ella “I’m sorry”. Ella walked away she found Annie talking to their friend Jasmine and her boyfriend Chris they went and got Melanie they went out and sat on the patio outside,

“What’s up Elle” asked Melanie went they got outside

“Bryan asked me out” said Ella”

“ He did!” said Annie “What did you say?”

“No” said Ella “I just see him as a friend.

“He is so cute” said Melanie

“I thought you were into Noah Mel” said Annie

“Oh yeah” said Melanie “An we’re just friends we could never been anything more “

“Why?” asked Annie

“Well for 1. He lives in France I live here 2. He lives in one of the greatest cities in the world not to mention one of the most romantic and 3. We from two completely different worlds”

“If your so different then how come you got on so well” said Annie

“Gosh Annie I don’t know” said Melanie

“There you are girls” said Robbie coming outside “Please come back inside you missing the party. The girls went inside. Ella had a great time. This definetly was her best birthday ever.

Chapter 3

Jaden Phillips sat in his room. Jaden hated being a fugitive he had been on the run all his life. Two years ago his parents finally found a place and settled. Jaden hated lying to his friends. To them he wasn’t Jaden Phillips at all in fact they though he was a guy name Jesse Dean. But he knew he could never tell anyone the truth. Who knew what would happen if he did. He loved his parents more than anything. He couldn’t bear to split them apart if his Dad went to jail he didn’t know what he’d do. He just couldn't imagine it. He had never a had girlfriend in his life it was hard enough to lie to his friends it would be even harder if he had to lie to a girlfriend. He had liked a few girls over the years. He even danced with a couple at school dances. But the was about it. He knew somewhere out there was his soul mate. But he would never be able to be with her. He couldn’t be with her and keep secrets from her he just couldn’t he hoped her never met her his soul mate little did Jaden know that very soon he’d be meeting his soul mate

It was late Ella couldn’t sleep she had been tossing and turning all night she went down stairs for a glass of water when she reached the bottom of the stairs she heard voices. It was her parents Ella wasn’t normally one to eavesdrop but when she heard her name she was intrigued so she listened.

“I’m still adamant” said her mother “That Ella can never know the truth”

“Tasha would if she finds out?” said Robbie

“How said Tasha “How would she find out about Jonah”

“I don’t know” said Robbie “but she could.

“Who was Jonah?” thought Ella to herself. She heard further voices.

“Ella must never find out that Jonah is her biological father” said Tasha “She can’t know about the Believers or Muma Rose nothing” .

Tears run down Ella’s face. Robbie Hunter wasn’t her father. Her parents had been lying to her all her life she wasn’t who she thought she was she run upstairs tears running down her face. She flopped on to her bed and cried like she had never cried before. When Ella heard her parents go to bed she got up and pulled her suitcase from the closet she threw in her clothes. She had money from babysitting all in her hiding places so Rebekah or Daniel wouldn’t find it. All together she had $300 saved plus the $250 from her birthday she raided her piggy bank she had $20.58 all up she had $570 and 58 cents. The next morning as soon as it was dawn she’d runaway. She couldn’t be here anymore her parents had lied to her all her life.

Jaden Phillips had trouble sleeping that night too. He wasn’t sure why. His parents had been asleep for hours her turned over and looked at his alarm clock 2:43 it read. Jaden crept out of bed and down stairs to the kitchen to make himself a hot chocolate. There was something about how quiet the house was at night when everyone had gone to bed that Jaden loved. He put some water in the kettle and it started to boil her grabbed a mug and put a couple of teaspoons of cocoa in there. When the kettle boiled her poured then hot water in and stirred and add three marshmallows she drank is slowly finally he went up to bed and fall asleep.

Robbie and Tasha had been awake for two hours. Rebekah was out with friends and Daniel was over at his friend Joey’s house. It was quiet strange that Ella had woken up yet. Tasha decided to go check on her.

Tasha had just reached Ella’s bedroom door. She knocked on the door

“Ella? Are you awake?” when she heard no answer she entered the room. The bed was made. Tasha noticed Ella’s empty closet. Then she saw the note on Ella’s bedside table she went over picked up the note and began to read:

Dear Mum and Dad

How could you do that to me lie me my whole life? I heard your little conversation last night. Who am I? Whos Jonah? And the Believers? And Muma Rose? I’m never coming back ever. You lied to me. Tell Bekky and Danny I love them. Tell Noah I will miss him tell my friends I will miss them. I won’t miss you though

Goodbye Ella.

Tasha dropped the note in horror Ella was gone her baby girl was gone.

Chapter 4

Tasha run down stairs immediately as soon as she reached the kitchen were Robbie was sitting Robbie noticed the panic was on her face.

“Tash whats wrong?” asked Robbie standing up\

“Its Ella shes gone shes run way Rob” said Tasha now crying

“What? Said Robbie “Why?”

“She overheard our conversation last night said Tasha. She knows about Jonah.

“Omg” said Robbie “What are we going to do?”

“We had to call the police and all her friends”

First Tasha rang Mrs. Landry Melanie’s mother. When Mrs. Landry answered she said she hadn’t seen Ella all day. This was the same when Tasha rang Ella’s friends Robbie had the same results. This was it they had to call their police. Tasha dialed their number.

When she got off the phone Robbie hugged her.

“We will find her Tash I know we will” he said

“What if we don’t” said Tasha “The police will be here in ten minutes. I just want Ella home now”

Ella was sitting on a bus she had brought a bus ticket to L.A she had always wanted to visit L.A she wasn’t sure why. Maybe because of Rodeo Drive or the celebrities. A lady was sitting in the seat next to her She leaned over and said something to Ella.

“Are you going to L.A to live or a holiday?” she said.

Ella hated nosy people but she answered the question anyway

“Not sure” said Ella

“My name is Lisa” said the lady

“Ella” said Ella

“That’s such a pretty name” said Lisa

“Thank you” said Ella she looked out the window and sighed she used to love her name know she hated it. Her mobile beeped a message she entered the message it was from Melanie Mel wanted to know were she was she couldn’t tell Melanie that. Mel might tell her parents. Ella turned her mobile off. She went to sleep. Next think she knew someone was shaking saying we’re here.

Ella had been in L.A for an hour. It was so beautiful the beaches, the palm trees everything. She saw a restaurant Burger Barn she was starving she went inside. There were lots of people inside eating burgers, fries and onion rings and sipping shakes. Ella picked up a menu and began to read it. She ended up ordering a cheeseburger, onion rings and a chocolate shake. Ella had never liked French fries. She sat down the last empty table and began to eat.

“Great thought” Jaden when he walked into Burger Barn no spare tables. His parents had left for a boating trip that morning. Jaden had just driven to Burger Barn to get his usual he stood in line.

“Hey Jesse” said Steve the cashier “Usual”

“Sure” said Jaden

They knew Jaden really well in here he was a regular. Steve put his food on a tray. Jaden carried his food over to the tables. Didn’t look like anyone was leaving anytime soon there was one table with a spare chair. The girl that was sitting there was stunnily beautiful Jaden walked over.

“Excuse me” he said “Is this seat taken?”

Ella looked up. The cutest guy she had ever seen was standing there he looked familiar but she couldn’t place his face.

“Sure” she said “I’m Ella by the way”

“Jesse” said Jaden.

Jaden sat down.

“Hey we got the same” said Jaden

“Yeah” said Ella “I hate French Fries”

“Me too” said Jaden picking up his shake and taking a sip.

“So you live in L.A?” asked Jaden

“No” said Ella

“We are you from?” asked Jaden

“It doesn’t matter” said Ella “I’m never going back.

Jaden knew from the look on Ella’s face not to push it.

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Chapter 5

Ella and Jaden were still sitting in Burger Barn they had finished there meals.

“So were are you staying” Jaden as asked Ella

“No where” said Ella

“Why don’t you come and stay at my house” said Jaden

“You’re a stranger” said Ella

“Look I won’t hurt you I’m a nice guy you can have the spare room my parents are away” said Jaden

“I don’t know” said Ella

“Look Ella I promise if you feel the least bit unsafe there you can leave” said Jaden

“Okay” said Ella. She wasn’t sure why but she trusted this guy she had only known him for half and hour and she trusted him already.

It was dinner time Jaden and Ella were eating Jaden had made Spaghetti Bol for tea it was delicious.

“Why Jesse” said Ella “this Spag bol is amazing”

“Thank you” said Jaden

Ella love spag bol it was one of her favourite foods.

“So” asked Ella “When are your parents getting back?”

“Not for a week” said Jaden

“Oh” said Ella

“Is that okay” asked Jaden

“Um yeah its fine” said Ella

“Great” said Jaden “So what are your parents like?”

“I don’t want to talk about them” said Ella

“Okay” said Jaden “what are about your friends what are they like?”

“Nice” said Ella “I have two best friends Melanie Landry and Annie Connors. And heaps of other friends.

“Cool” said Jaden “Want to help me with the dishes that way we can keep talking”

“Sure” said Ella. Ella really liked Jesse he was so nice and she felt a connection with him and she only knew him for a few hours.

Somewhere in the Atlantic Timothy and Amy Dean a.k.a Kane and Kirsty Phillips were having a romantic dinner under the stars. On Kane’s Boat Summer Home.

They hoped their son Jaden was behaving himself Jaden was a good kid though. They had always felt guilty about the fact that they had always been on the run. It wasn’t fair on Jaden to keep changing identity’s, schools, his entire life every couple of months. But it was the only way they could be all be together be a family and Jaden understand that. Finally they were settled somewere L.A it felt like a home a last not like Summer Bay though they’d always miss Summer Bay. Kirsty missed her sisters Jade, Dani and Laura everyday. She named Jaden after Jade actually it was Kane’s idea.

“I think we should go to bed early tonight” said Kirsty

“Okay” said Kane they decided to the dishes in the morning and went to bed.

Tasha was sitting on the couch watching TV but she wasn’t consentrating. All she wanted was Ella. She had been missing for over twenty four hours now. Where was she? Tasha wished she knew. Robbie put his arm around her and pulled in close and gave her a hug. Robbie had been really strong for Tash since she discovered Ella was gone and for Bekky and Daniel who missed there sister. Tasha hated herself for not telling Ella maybe she should of long ago. Ella might still be here if she had. But she wasn’t. Tasha was missing someone else her almost brother Kane Phillips she wished she could talk to him now. But Tash knew that was impossible after all she hadn’t heard from Kirsty and Kane in over eighteen years. She sighed and fell asleep in Robbie’s arms.

Jaden was lying in bed. Jaden and Ella has stayed up just watching tv. It was fun. Sure he only known Ella for few hours. But it felt like her had known her his whole life. If Ella ever found out the truth she wouldn’t want to know him. And if the cops caught up with them again Jaden would have to leave Ella behind and never contact her again. Jaden was sick of running away he wasn’t doing it again he had Ella to think about now. Maybe one day he’d tell Ella the truth one day.

Chapter 6

Ella awoke the next morning. She wondered if Jesse was awake. She rolled over and picked up her mobile the clock face read 10:15. Great her phone needed charging she got up and took her phone and charger down stairs. Jaden was cooking bacon and eggs in the kitchen

“Ahh morning sleepy head” said Jaden “The smell of Bacon and Eggs always wakes me up too”

“I kind of woke up on my own” said Ella “Morning we can I plug this in?” she continued holding up her charger and \phone.

“Over there” said Jaden pointing to the kettle just take the kettle plug out and but your charger in”

“Thanks” said Ella and she did just that then she went upstairs and had a shower. When she got out of the shower Breakfast was ready. It tasted good Jesse was a good cook.

After breakfast Jaden decided he wanted to take Ella around L.A.

“Sure” said Ella when she heard the idea “Can we got the beach?”

“Sure” said Jaden. Luckily Ella had packed he swim suit. At eleven am Jaden and Ella hopped in Jaden’s cared and went to the beach they had packed sunscreen, towels, books to read, their ipods, and a picnic lunch. They also brought some money for an ice cream and drinks if they needed them. When they arrived at the beach the set up their stuff. Ella went for a swim first the water felt cool and nice. Ella loved the ocean. There we lots of people in the water that day including families. Ella got out of the water and went to dried herself off. Jaden went to buy some sodas for lunch while Ella stayed and read a book and listened to her Ipod.

“I wonder what’s taking Jesse so long she thought” to herself just before Jaden tapped her on the shoulder

“Sorry long line” said Jaden handing Ella a Diet Coke.

“That’s okay” said Ella she popped open the can and took a long sip. For lunch Jaden and Ella had made sandwiches, they also packed chips and fruit. During lunch Ella and Jaden talked

“So you like L.A so far?” asked Jaden

“Yeah I do” said Ella

“Would you ever consider living here” Jaden asked

“ I guess so” said Ella

“We could find an apartment for you” said Jaden

“Maybe” said Ella part of Ella was missing her parents only a small part and that small part wasn’t enough to leave L.A and go home and leave Jesse. Jesse was so amazing. And she didn’t know why.

Jaden and Ella had been at Jadens for a couple of hours now they’d rented a DVD and were sitting on the couch watching it.

“Do you like pizza Ella?” asked Jaden

“Yeah I love it” said Ella “Why?”

“I was thinking we could order some for tea tonight what do you think?”

“Sure” said Ella

“My treat” said Jaden “What do you like on pizza

“Pepperoni, extra cheese, mushroom, and olives said Ella.

“Hey me too” said Jaden “We have so much in common

“Yeah” said Ella “We both like chocolate shakes, cheeseburgers, turkey sandwiches and the same pizza”

“And hate French Fries” said Jaden

“Yeah” said Ella

While Jesse went to order the pizza. Ella checked her mobile for messages there were three new ones. One from Bekky, one from Annie and one from her parents. Bekky’s said that her parents were worried about her they could worry all they liked Ella wasn’t going back. One from Annie saying that she missed her and one from her parents saying even if she didn’t tell them were she was could she at least tell them she was safe. But Ella couldn't do that she just couldn't

Half and hour later Ella and Jaden were eating pizza and drinking sodas. The pizza tasted delicious.

“Were did you get the pizza” asked Ella

“Gia’s Pizza and Pasta lounge” said Jaden

“Its nice” said Ella the best pizza I’ve ever tried

“Okay cool” said Jaden “Don’t you have Gia’s were you used to live?”

“No” said Ella “We don’t by the way I lived in Boston”

“Cool” said Jaden. “I’m going to college there”

“Oh” said Ella

“You could come” said Jaden

“I don’t know” said Ella. Suddenly Jaden kissed her Ella kissed him back. Both felt something they had never felt before. And they liked it.

Chapter 7

It had been a couple of days since Ella and Jaden had kissed. They had kissed a couple of times since then. Now they were sitting on the couch watching a DVD. Jaden’s arm was around Ella and Ella’s head was resting on Jaden’s shoulder. They kissed again .Everything was perfect. Tomorrow Jaden’s parents would be back he wasn’t sure how they would react to Ella. When the movie finished Jaden got up

“I’m going to have a shower” said Jaden

“Okay said Ella “I will put the DVD back in its case”. Jesse went off to the bathroom while Ella put the DVD back in its case she went to put it back on the shelf on the way back she knocked a box down its contents spilled out Ella picked up it was full of photos, She picked one up it was of five people two of them were of her parents and two other people young couple the man looked like Jesse she assumed they were his parents another was Irene Roberts. Ella had met her a couple of times before why in the world did Jesse have picture of her parents? Then it clicked Jesse’s parents were Kirsty and Kane Phillips her mother had told her their story. She couldn't believe it. Jesse wasn’t who he said he was so who was he?

Jaden just got out of the shower he went into the lounge room and noticed Ella sitting on the couch crying.

“Ella what’s wrong asked Jaden touching her on the shoulder

“Don’t touch me” Ella cried

“Ella please tell me whats wrong” said Jaden taking his hand of Ella’s shoulder.

“This” said Ella showing Jaden the photo “I know your not really Jesse Dean”.

“Elle I can’t explain” said Jaden

“Oh really” said Ella “My parents lied to me that’s why I ran away and now I found o ut you lying to me do you know how much that hurts Jesse or whatever you name is?”

“Its Jaden” said Jaden.

“Oh” said Ella

“How did you know about my parents anyway?” said Jaden “Its seems I’m not the only one keeping secrets”

“Isnt it obvious” said Ella “Robbie and Tasha are my parents well Tasha is but Robbie isn’t”

“What do you mean?’ said Jaden

“I’m not telling you” said Ella

“Look Ella I’m sorry” said Jaden

“Yeah right” said Ella

“I love you” said Jaden

“I thought I loved you but I obviously don’t” said Ella

“Ella please” said Jaden

“Just don’t Jes Jaden” said Ella

“I really am sorry” said Jaden

“How can I believe you? Said Ella

“Look I will explain everything said Jaden.

Jaden explained everything to Ella she forgave him she told him about her parents and the truth she rang them up and told them were she was they said they’d be on the next plane.

That night Tasha’s and Robbies plane arrived. Jaden and Ella arrived at LAX early to pick them up.

“Ella” said Tasha as soon as she saw Ella she hugged her.

Ella cried in her mums arms. She still loved her mother

Jaden drove them all back to his house when they arrived Tasha decided to explain things to Ella. Robbie, Jaden, Rebekah and Daniel went out for a little while. Tasha opened her mouth to explain.

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Here the last of it. Sorry the chapters are so short but anyway

Chapter 8

Ella listen while her mother explained the story

“When I was about seventeen” said Tasha “Your dad and I went to visit you Uncle Dylan in Sydney while we were the I met his guy named Jonah who was a member of a cult called the Believers ran by his mother Mumma Rose. They lived in tents out in the bush. I was intrigued you know I lived out in the bush for the first fifteen years of my life” said Tasha

Ella nodded as Tasha went on

“I decided to join Jonah took me to the camp to meet Mumma Rose I liked it there. I joined you father didn’t want to”

Ella interrupted “He isn’t my dad”

“Ella” said Tasha

“Just keep talking” said Ella

“I wanted to be with the Believers Robbie or not Robbie. Martha pretended to join to get me out of there but her plan failed at the time I didn’t know but Mumma Rose held her captive. Luckily she escaped back to Summer Bay. I stayed with the Believers Robbie did everything he could to get me to come home. One night there was a cyclone Robbie risked his neck and drove to the the Believers camp. I didn’t want to go with him even though my tent was flapping around like crazy. I stayed there. One day Jonah gave me a drink thinking nothing of it I drank in there was something put in by Mumma Rose. Something to put me to sleep so Jonah could rape me he did. So he could impregnate me with the chosen one that was you”

“What” said Ella “Your freaking me out

Tasha explained about the chosen one. She went on

“By the time this happened Jonah decided he didn’t want to be part of the Believers anymore neither did I when I found out that Mumma Rose had been holding this girl Rebecca captive. We were eventually rescued Rebecca, Jonah and I. Robbie and I decided to have a proper wedding. At the wedding I fainted that’s when I found out I was pregnant with you and what Jonah had done I felt sick. Before I knew it you were here. Robbie named you Ella. To be honest sweetheart I didn’t bond with you at first. This other cult member Charity who was a nurse helped me through this. I trusted her one day Irene, Robbie and I were all busy so Irene left you with Charity. It turned out Charity had been working against all along she kidnapped you and took you to Mumma Rose. Luckily I got to and got you home safely before it was too late. Tasha explained the rest to Ella.

Chapter 9

Everything was fine Kirsty and Kane came back they couldn't believe it when they saw Tasha and Robbie and Ella, Rebekah and Daniel and they were thrilled that Ella and Jaden were dating. And they found out that Gus had confessed to the armed Robbery they didn’t have to be on the run anymore. So they moved to Boston since Jaden was starting college in September there and so Ella and Jaden could be together. Ella and Jaden ended up getting married and had three children Sam, Lachlan and Ashley. Noah and Melanie ended up getting married Melanie moved to Paris to be with Noah. Kirsty and Kane went to Summer Bay to visit everybody when the found out that Gus had confessed. They introduced Jaden to everyone Jaden loved meeting his cousin. Emily and Christian Dani’s children she ended up marrying a guy named John, Jade’s children Jenny, Jacob and Terry and Nick Smith was the father they had gotten back together and Laura’s children and her husband Paul their children we called Natalia and Nicole.

Ella and Jaden we sitting on the couch in their Boston home watching DVD the kids had gone to bed. Ella rested her head against Jaden’s shoulder.

“I love you she said”

“I love you too” said Jaden and they kissed.



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