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Wed 7 Feb 07 - " Jess, IADL Will Miss You “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Jess, IADL Will Miss You “

(Screened in Australia on Wed 7 Feb 07 - Episode # 4348)

Note - ep title refers to the fact that Ash's daughter has (in 4 eps) bagged herself 2 gold, 1 bronze and an honorable mention

It’s late at night & Cassie is busy tidying her house when Macca arrive home from work. Cassie looks way stressed (because she went to bay). Macca sees that TV not arrive – Cassie says that delivery ppl not come today.

Next day, Macca answers the phone. It’s sally – who tell him that Cassie left her jacket at the vph yesterday.

When Cassie home form gym, Macca confronts her. Cassie is muchly on edge – but says that she said that didn’t tell him because of what he said about not going to the bay. Macca says that this is different – as it was because Ric had been charged with murder (and not just an “I’m homesick” trip).

Later, Macca decides to really show his appreciation of Cassie and what they are going throng – by cooking some rather exotic Morocco chicken dish (note – guess I “might” be wrong about Macca/the previous ep title)

Jack & Sam & Rory are having fun at the beach – and Rory makes it V clear that Sam likes Jack.

When they arrive back at the hunter house, Sam comments on the “slightly” untidy (pizza boxes everywhere etc) house. She offers to cook jack & Tony a proper meal. Also during this time, when Tony asks, Sam says that all the rental places in her price range are (for want of better word) “dumps”.

The 4 of them (Tony, Sam, Rory & jack) then begin to enjoy the meal the Sam cooked.

Ash tells jack (hunter house) that he was all set to tell Rianna – but he just couldn’t break it off with her, as she reveals that she is PREGGERS !!!

Jack insists that ash MUIST tell Martha that he hasn't told Rianna yet.

Ash goes to the vph, but he doesn't tell Martha – as she is already way stressed about Ric.

Next morn, Martha is sitting on wharf when jack approaches. Form way that she is talking, Jack thinks that Ash has told her. So when Jack talks about ash NOT telling Rianna, she initially not believe jack.

However, he sways her enough for Martha to drive to city, and wait outside ash’s house

Martha decides to see if what jack say is real – so she exits her car and walk to front door. The look of trepidation etc on Martha’s face is excellent (all compliments to Jedi Gordon).

Rianna answers the door, and lets Martha in but when the latter sees ash playing with Jess & Decklan, she bails.

Ash gores after her – but Martha says that she never wants to see him again.

When Martha returns to the bay, she finds jack’s shoulder to cry on (near beach). She is sooo annoyed with herself for being so pig headed (note : Martha, you REALLY can’t help it – it’s built into the Stewart DNA).

Soon after, ash arrives at the hunter house. Tony & jack waaaaaaaaaaay have a go at him for all of this. Ahs insist that he WILL change – but Tony so doesn’t care anymore.

Both jack & Tony ARE pleased when Ash say that he has asked for an immediate transfer (out of the bay police satiation).

The final sequence was an inter cut montage – of Martha baling her eyes out, whilst others [Cassie/Macca enjoyed bubble bath together; Ash enjoys dinner with his wife & kids, and jack enjoys a meal with Sam, Rory & Tony] are REALLY happy (end of ep)


It’s Amanda & Peter’s engagement party – belle is sooo NOT up for it (despite what she say), whilst Kelli continues to “play” her sister (ie “what are the odds of that happening?”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Sam’s red spaghetti strap top/rich green short shorts

SILVER – Jack’s sky blue & white “destination bate” t shirt/yellow board shorts combo

BRONZE – Rory’s royal blue t shirt


Ash’s purple t shirt

Cassie’s white sporty shorts/grey sports crop top combo

Cassie’s yellow singlet top

Decklan’s red (with white horizontal stripes) polo shirt

Jack’s apple green polo shirt

Jess’s white (with multi colour polka dolt) dress

Macca’s powder blue business shirt

Macca’s white (white brown & blue check pattern) button up shirt/blue singlet combo

Martha’s light brown (with silver mesh on shoulders) v neck singlet top/denim shorts combo

Martha’s white (with butter butterfly near the top) singlet top

Rianna’s red scoop neck top

Rory’s apple green t shirt/red board shorts combo

Tony’s chocolate brown polo shirt

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