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Tues 6 Feb 07 - " Cassie Is Soooooooooooo Heading For A Black Eye

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" Cassie Is Soooooooooooo Heading For A Black Eye … Or Worse “

(Screened in Australia on Tues 6 Feb 07 - Episode # 4347)

In city, Cassie is keen to visit the bay today, esp when Macca says that he is working late (couldn’t resist extra shifts).

Macca tells her that although he wanted it to be a surprise, he wants casssie to be at home today as he has arranged for a new TV to be delivered. Cassie agrees to stay home.

However, as soon as sally rings, with the latest developments on Ric, cassie buses it to the bay straight away (note: you soooooooo get the feeling that this – cassie/Macca - IS going to end in tears).

As Ric’s mug shots at taken at the cop shop, we also see (intercut) scenes of Johnny (in prison cell) throwing a ball at a newspaper article on the wall about Rocco in a coma – until the article falls.

At the police station, maddie feels helpless – and feeling wants her mum. Sally tries to her best to be a substitute, whilst Alf & co gets word that Ric IS allowed to be out on bail and that Morag is going to delay her current activities to assist Ric.

When they all are home (van Park house), both maddie & Alf try to speak to Ric. Indeed, Alf kinda prompts Maddie to do so – and she way snuggles up beside Ric on his bed.

Alf tells the others (in living room, incl cassie) takes Ric seems resigned to all of this – i.e. that he is going to jail.

Brad decides to chance his luck – and go to the prison. Naturally he gets nothing form Johnny, who insists that sally is STILL sticking her nose in where its not wanted by sitting by Rocco’s bedside.

When Johnny threatens sally’s life, Brad (of course) manhandles him – when the guards take offence to.

At the hospital, Rachel is V pleased when there are signs that Rocco is coming out of his coma. She contacts the police, and peter & ash go to the hospital.

When they arrive, Rachel says that Rocco has squeezed her hand when she asked him too. Peter asks Rocco if he can give them any kind of indication who did this (put him in hospital) – but then Rocco goes into cardiac arrest.

Meanwhile, sally & co get the initial word that Rocco appears to be waking up – and maddie is all too happy to tell Ric this news.

Indeed, there’s an upbeat mood at the vph, until peter & ash arrive – with the news that Rocco passed away (embolism?) about half an hour ago – which means the charges are now for MURDER !!!

Jack speaks to ash about the whole Rianna situation. Like with Martha, ash says that it was hard but he did it.

Later, jack goes to the police station. Although he isn’t back on dirty yet, he offers to look over the reports etc of the Ric case (this is before Rocco passed away). Indeed, just after Ash & Peter are called to the hospital (with news that Rocco is waking up – see above), the phone rings and jack answers – it’s Rianna.

Later, at hunter house, Jack tells ash that Riana rang the station after Ash bailed with peter – and she didn’t sound like a person whose married had just ended.

Jack manhandles Ash – and demands to know what’s going on. (end of ep)


Martha finds out – and confronts Rianna

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Cassie’s white (with hot pink BONT logo) long sleeve jacket

SILVER – Ric’s maroon (with gold crest) t shirt

BRONZE – Maddie’s aqua scoop neck t shirt/salmon pink mid thigh length shorts


Alf’s brown & yellow check button up shirt

Brad’s black (with pin stripe) business shirt

Cassie’s yellow singlet top

Jack’s apple green polo shirt

Johnny’s dark green (prison) sleeveless top

Martha’s white (with butter butterfly near the top) singlet top

Peter’s powder blue button up shirt/dark jacket

Rachel’s red (with white mosaics) top

Sally’s dark blue spaghetti strap top

Tony’s purpley/blue t shirt

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