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Mon 5 Feb 07 - " Reason Number 6 Billion to LOVE Our Sal “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Reason Number 6 Billion to LOVE Our Sal “

(Screened in Australia on Mon 5 Feb 07 - Episode # 4346)

After she gets a txt msg form him, Martha meets up with ash bear the surf club. He tels her that, although rianna took it (of course) badly, ash has told her that its over tween them.

However, there’s a look of uncertainty (or something more) about ash when he hugs Martha.

Soon after, Martha & ash enter the police station. Martha kisses ash then bails. Peter comments that its weird seeing Martha with ash (after jack/Martha to9gether)

Kelli (driving Amada’s Audi) meets up with Ethan at the beach on the other side of Stewart’s point to the main beach. He lifts the bonnet of the Audi and tinkers with it.

When Kelli arrives back at mansion, she tell Amanda that she thought that she heard weird noises form engine. Amanda insists that she is take car in for service next week anyway.

Amanda is driving the Audi to an appointment when, on a deserted country road, the car lets out warning signals and Amanda comes to a stop.

Naturally, Amanda is out of mobile range – and also naturally a handsome stranger (Ethan) arrives to asset her.

Ethan takes Amanda into town to get new fan belt – and he gives her his name (he actually says that his name is Ethan) and phone number.

When Amanda gets home she tells Kelli of her ordeal and Kelli suggest that Amanda should totally throw out Ethan's number, because of the recent trust issues.

Kelli meets with Ethan where they met when Ethan tinkered with Amanda’s’ car. Kelli insist that all is going totally to plan – and they WAY kiss.

Whilst Alf, Martha & others at the van park house are really worried about Ric, Sally is being the amazingly wonderful (waaaaaaay daughter of Pippa) person that she is – as she sits/stands by the bedside of the person who stabbed her.

On the seaplane wharf, maddie tries to apologise to Ric –but he doesn’t want to talk to her, or hear little pep talks (soon after) form Martha.

Alf is most annoyed at the police’s lack of action, and he approaches peter (near surf club I think) who says that the police are wait DNA evidence results for the house where Rocco was stabbed.

Meanwhile, Ric is at the diner, and Irene offers him aa meal on the house. Ric refuses – but then colleen gives him some food that’s compliments of ppl that Ric not even know orders him a big breakfast.

Colleen then way puts foot in it by stying that many ppl in town are pleased at what he’s done.

Ric & Maddie met up near Beach to talk. She admits that for a second she doubted him but (and I quote) “do you blame me” (with your tempter)

Ric then tells Maddie that she is right. He has temper issuers – and wanted to do something to rocco. Ric thinks of doing the whole anger management thing (thoughts of Kane in particular).

At the police sation, peter gets the DNA results.

Ric & maddie rtn to the vph, and colleen apologises for her comments. Ric seems more happy with his lot – which means that (of course) ash & peter arrives secs later.

They tell Ric, Maddie, sally & Co that there is only DNA evidence of Ric being there – and theatb Ric is under arrest form attempted murder !!! (end of ep)


Ric is in even deeper – when Rocco passes away

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Maddie’s aqua scoop neck t shirt

SILVER – Ric’s maroon (with gold crest) t shirt

BRONZE – Sally’s dark blue spaghetti strap top


Amanda’s ivory frilly v nock collar long sleeve blouse

Ash’s mustard jacket

Brad’s black (with pin stripe) business shirt

Colleen’s V red (rose motifs) long sleeve top/royal blue long pants

Ethan’s grey (way dressy) button up shirt

Irene’s aqua (black leafy motifs) top

Kelli’s orangey red (with yellow sunflower motif) spaghetti strap top

Leah’s orange low cut halter top

Martha’s white (with butter butterfly near the top) singlet top

Peter’s powder blue button up shirt/dark jacket

NOte- Tuesday's ep guide will be posted in here in approx an hour

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