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Fri 2 Feb 07 - " Welcome To Belle’s Daydream “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep," Welcome To Belle’s Daydream “

(Screened in Australia on Fri 2 Feb 07 - Episode # 4345)

Cassie & Macca are talking inside their house in the city. Cassie is kinda keen to rtn to the bay just for the tie that this whole Ric crisis is happening, but Macca is able to convince her otherwise.

Cassei is also keen t get a part time job to help out build some savings so they can make something of their rather basic house, but Macca thinks tit best to concentrate on school. When he is saying things like this, Cassie says that he sounds like (in terms of advice) Flynn and then sally.

Later, the parir arrive back home – and they’ve got a pretty expaneensive electricity bill. Cassia once more pushes for the whole part time job thing, but Macca insists that he’ll ask for more shifts – and that’s when Cassie realises that Macca is an old fashioned (the man of the house being the bread winner) guy.

Cassie is stehn ecstatic when Martha arrive – at least some company (*with Macca usually working). Martha is really pleased that Cassie & Macca are way on her side about going out with Ash (given their own relationship, Its not surprising though)

Belle is alone in the diner. She has just got off phone telling Luke about latest bay goss when drew enetrs – and they kiss, but then Irene wakes Belle (in the mostly full on customers diner).

Irene insists that although she kimnda gets that belle is trying to go the noble thing (re staying with Luke), Irene thinks that belle should "listen to your heart".

Soon after, belle encounters drew her surf club, and insists that they are WAAAAAAAAAAY over (well, belle IS stubborn – like her mum, see below)

Drew goes into the surf club, where he sees Lisa (the girl that he flirt with at Hawaiian party recently). They flirt once more – whilst playing pool. The nearby Leah & Dan comment (to each other) about this.

Of course, belle enters the surf club when Drew & Lisa are really close – as he is help her with a pool shot.

Belle then walks on the beach with a look on her face like she’s about to cry about any second (note – LOVE the fact that they accentuated the sounds of the waves crashing against the beach).

At the mansion, peter & Amanda have a major row about this mysterious Jeremy (as my mind thinks of Amanda going out with a certain Top Gear presenter – I know JC is married,. But this IS Amanda we are talking about).

Separately, soon after, kelli talks to both peter & Amanda about the situation. Peter isn’t keen to back down, whilst when Amanda thinks of doing so, kelli suggests (all part of the plan_) that Amanda will look guilty if she does.

Amanda & peter have another row – and peter moves OUT of the mansion.

Kelli finds him at the diner, and suggest that if he loves Amanda there is one way that he can PROVE that he trusts her – by proposing to her.

Amanda arrives home and is surprises to see peter there. She is even more surprised when he does indeed propose !!! (Note – the way that Kelli is “playing” Amanda with this marriage proposal reminds me a lot of when Amanda manipulated the now late Graham into marrying her in late 2005)

When Amanda & Peter bail to way celebrate, Kelli phones (I assume) Ethan – and tell him that Amanda fell for it hook, line & sinker and that “Amanda won’t know what hit her” (end of ep)


Rachel & Kit are in a car – that’s hanging off a cliff (another normal Bayside night I see)

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Lisa’s white (with sky blue floral motifs) dress

SILVER – Amanda’s emerald green spaghetti strap top/snake skin like print scarf combo

BRONZE – Irene’s red, pink & white (V floral) top


Belle’s dark blue short shorts/white singlet combo

Cassie’s white (with wide pink, green & blue horizontal “blocks”) jumper

Dan’s olive green “final frontier” polo shirt

Drew’s grey (unknown motif) SHORT sleeve top

Kelli’s purple (why I thought it was orange yesterday I don’t know) scoop neck top

Leah’s rich red V neck top

Martha’s white (with orange & blue check pattern) button up shirt

Peter’s dark blue (mid calf length) shorts

Peter’s dark grey button up shirt/dark long pants combo

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