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Thurs 1 Feb 07 - " Having Lunch With Your Boyfriend And His Not S

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" Having Lunch With Your Boyfriend And His Not So Ex Wife And Kids Is ‘FUN’ “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 1 Feb 07 - Episode # 4344)

Belle is in al kinda zombie like “funk”, and Irene (who bell is help a diner) comments that belle really should tell drew ^& Luke how she reallui feels. Belle insists that she WILL NOT hurt Luke.

Heck, Belle (to rake her mifd off tings) accepts an invie form Amanda o go to he mansion for dinner etc.

Btw, Dan talks to drew about the belle situation – and he (Dan) also accepts an invite form Amanda.

Kelli meets up with boyfriend Ethan and they discuss more plans against Amanda – starting with (interestingly) getting Amanda & peter engaged.

When peer & Kelli are alone in the mansion, Kelli suggests hat if peer & manda are so close hat should get engaged etc. Kelli is v pleased [not to Peter’s face of course] when peter reveals that he & Amanda almost broke up late last year (think THAT signed cricket ball).

When Kelli is alone at mansion, Ethan enters withe some flowers - and Kelli writes a card. When peer arrives home, Kelli thinks that he is V romantic for send flowers to Amanda, but peer isn; happy when he sees hat hat a form a Jeremy.

When Amanda gets home peter confronts her – but manda insists that she is clueless as to whom his Jeremy is.

Alf is most annoyed with Martha when she eventually returns to he van park house for the 1st time since ric & he business with Rocco. Alf has a major go at Martha – the later says that ash is, at this moment braking bad news to Riana his wife.

However, when Martha meet up with ash (Noah’s) he tell her that he just couldn’t do I – but he will, as he bails form the surf club, colleen enters and talks to Martha about how family means everything to Alf.

Soon after, Ash is most surprised when he sees Riana, Jess & Decklan on the beach. Riana says they are here o surprise him, and things get more fun when Martha arrives – although Riana IS pleased that she can now put a face to he name of Jack’s ex.

Hey all have lunch at he diner – and since Riana is talking about home renovation etc, Martha clearly gets the impression that ash is a LONG way from being with Riana just for the kids.

Indeed, when hey meet on he seaplane wharf later, Martha (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay) ell ash that until he’s broken up with Riana, then they (ash/Martha) can’t see each other (end of ep)


Will Belle admit how she feels – before drew finds another girl?

Kelli’s evil plan continues

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Jess’s hot pink singlet top (with sky blue halter top beneath)/baby pink shorts

SILVER – Amanda’s emerald green spaghetti strap top

BRONZE – Ethan’s purple (with funky love heart motif) t shirt


Alf’s sky blue button up shirt

Colleen’s bright red & blue dress

Dan’s olive green “final frontier” polo shirt

Decklan’s white (with fluro green swirls) board shorts

Drew’s grey (unknown motif) long sleeve top

Kelli’s orange scoop neck op

Martha’s white (with orange & blue check pattern) button up shirt

Peter’s dark grey button up shirt/dark long pants combo

Riana’s lime green blouse

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