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In line with the new fan fiction rules we would appreciate it if you took 5 minutes to fill out this form.

Story Title: Give it a name, any name we can edit it later

Type of story: long fic/ short fic/one shot

Main Characters:

BTTB rating: see official ratings guidance (here)


Does story include spoilers: yes/no

Any warnings: Sexual content, violence, language

Summary: 5 lines max

Thanks, the librarians.

Since three years ago Josie left the bay with a broken heart and life has been never better for the Queen!! Josie and Justine are now driving to the bay, they come to a stop at the sign 'Welcome to Summer bay' Josie ask Justine.

Josie: Are you ready??

Justine: When you are ready! (smiles at Josie)

Josie: Let doit!!

Josie push the brakes and drives into the bay!!

The beach.

Alf is walking along the beach to get some peaces since Colleen left him!! (Colleen is not in the fic) Alf looks up and see a car coming past, he waits to see who it is!

Josie and Justine get out the car, Josie see's Alf

Alf: Flammin strike me Josie Rusall

Josie: Nice to see you Mr Stewart hey my last name is Rivers

Justine: Hi I am Justine Rivers

Alf: So what brought you back??

Josie: No one I am going to apply to be a Mayor of Summer Bay

Alf: You what...... but you left before Jesse got a chance of living with you and now you are back

Josie: Hey that was history Jesse and me were never made for eachother and this is a new start!!

Josie and Justine walk off (they both enter the Diner)

Justine: Look at everyone they are looking at you and me!!

Josie: Don't worry

Irene comes from the back and is shocked to see Josie

Irene: Wohh Josie nice to see you

Josie: Thanks Irene I knew I can count on you

Irene: Tasha left the bay last year!

Josie: I know that but I have a good job here, I am going to be Mayor of Summer bay

Irene: We will see about that

Justine: Come on what granny powers do you have??

Josie and Justine laugh!! they walk out!!

Josie: Lol I have never seen you like that before??

Justine: Well I only do that cause I am with my sis

Josie: Yeh right!!

They both hope back in the car.

The Hotel (Josie and Justine lives in this house)

Josie: Ok plan number 1

Justine: Let mulpulate people!!

Josie Smiles

End of ep

Josie and Justine begin their first plan!

Who dies in a car crash (the car is haning on a cliff edge)

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right then!

Lol you are the only one who can ever reply to my Fan Fic no one else is bothered about it!! so yeh you keep waiting until I write the fic and post it on 28th Feb 2007 cause I have a huge plot coming in the next two updates!! and a special (two parts together) and then the final will be around June 27th!! so still a long way to go yet!!

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