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Tue 30 Jan 07 - "Ric-venge?"

Guest dodge

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Unofficial title for tonight's episode - "Ric-venge?"

Seven Teasers:

  • Ric's threat of revenge against Rocco takes a dramatic turn.
  • Beth farewells the Bay to embark on a soul-searching adventure.

Today tonight's over... it's time...


  • Beth tells Tony she needs space - as in a holiday, to see the kids in the US and Europe!
  • Ric stresses "It was Rocco!"
  • Ric goes after Rocco and attacks him as he gets away.
  • As Rocco disappears in a stolen car, Ric is heard yelling "I'm gonna kill you"

No credits, title screen only

Summer Bay House

Sally, Brad and Mattie all take turns in telling Ric to calm down. Mattie finishes by telling Ric it's not worth it.


Mattie follows a huffing Ric as he troddles along down the bank. She begs him to slow down, and he refuses - so our sneaky Miss Hunter employs the age-old sulking trick to get her man to talk to her. She goes on to tell him that he's scary when he behaves this way, and she's scared for him. They walk a little, and Ric starts blaming himself for the way things are and regrets that he didn't see it sooner. Mattie tries to assure him that no-one, not even Sal or Brad saw it, it's not his fault! Ultimately, though - Mattie begins to see what Rocco may have been going through, prompting a "so what!?" from Ric, and he takes his leave.

Hunter House

The Hunter and Holden clans (minus Maddy) discuss Beth's big plans... and then Beth shocks them all by declaring - "I'm leaving in a few hours!". While most are taken aback, Tony cowers. He still doesn't understand. Meanwhile, Beth laments to Kit how she came to her to help her through the pregnancy, and now Beth's up-and-leaving...

Summer Bay House

Sally is recounting the events of Christmas night to the police. She tells the story as best she remembers it, right up until where she "remembers falling down". Brad plays the hero and suggests to the lady copper "that's enough for now". Ric comes back and as he does, the cops do notify them that the car Rocco stole has been found.

The Jail

Johnny & Rocco talk. Rocco is petrified and asks Johnny to help him somehow. Johnny's not sympathetic (surprise surprise) but ultimately does give Rocco some idea of where he can hide. He finishes by telling his brother "I've always got your back".

Summer Bay House

The police leave to go and talk to Johnny at the jail, to see if they can gauge Rocco's possible whereabouts. Sally sulks to Brad about trying to be an angel and mentions that some people are almost beyond help. In the kitchen, Mattie tries to calm and comfort Ric - and when she gets the text from her sister about "something important", she implores her man not to do anything stupid.

"I can't promise anything" finishes Ric, as Mattie takes her leave.

Unknown location - house

An unusual song plays as Rocco checks out what we believe to be his new place to hide... for now. As the song goes on he wonders around the house with a grimacing and scared look on his face. The look turns to emotional pain as he falls onto a bed and appears to start sobbing.

Commercial break

Hunter House

Beth's about to leave!! Bags? Check. Two? Didn't think she'd be taking that many. The Hunter matriarch takes Kit aside and comforts her. She gives a waay emotional speech and the pair embrace. As they break their hug, Mattie walks in clueless. Beth takes her out for a walk.

Summer Bay House

Sally sits in the rear patio area - she can't help but feel sorry for Rocco, which takes Brad by surprise. She mulls over the fact that he has no family - nobody to turn to.

Summer Bay

Beth and Mattie walk along the beach as the latter frets about her mother's reasons for leaving. Beth manages to calm her nerves, and then finishes up with a similar emotional speech, telling Mattie how proud she is of her, including sticking by Ric.

Summer Bay House

Ric's home - and Sally is trying to reason with him about Rocco. She implores him to let the police deal with them. He appears to soften as Brad and Sally go out for a walk.

SBSLSC - Noah's Bar

Sally and Brad are filling in Alf on the details - who blows his top. The trio then fret about Ric and his reaction if he were to find Rocco's whereabouts.

Summer Bay House

The cops come in but only Ric is about. They ask him to tell Sal some tidbits about their meeting with Johnny - and the subject moves on to Rocco - the cops have just discovered he was there only moments before they were. Ric flies off the handle at the cops saying they weren't doing their job properly. Things get heated, to the point where the female cop threatens Ric with an assault charge if he doesn't shut his mouth. Ric seethes as the cops take their leave.

Commercial break

Hunter House

Beth re-enters and Tony is there in the corner, looking morose and sad. He frets that he hasn't had any time to talk to her about what's really going on - and he doesn't understand what this is about. Beth does everything necessary to make sure he knows how she feels - and she will be back. They waaaay kiss - until the kids walk in, ready to say goodbye. Beth farewells the Bay.

Summer Bay House

The cops come back again as Sally and Brad loiter around their house. They need Sal to sign the statement. The copper mentions her earlier visit - Ric didn't tell them that they went to see Johnny and missed Rocco by minutes? Sally then realises Ric's gone.

The Jail

Johnny's got two visitors in one day... lucky him. Ric confronts him, quite bluntly asking where Rocco is. Plenty of barbs and hard words are exchanged, but Ric manages to score an address. He receives a call on his mobile as he leaves the jail grounds from Sal. It's loud, so it's hard to hear. He tells Sal he'll text her the address and to meet him there - but appears not to hear Sal's cries for him to stay put or come home.

Rocco's Random Location

Ric's Combi pulls up out front. He gets out, sidles up to the house and pushes open the door...

Commerical break

Brad, Mattie and Sally arrive outside the house. Brad insists he go in alone, but the girls protest and he relents. He implores them to stick close as they enter. They slowly trot through the house, ultimately finding Ric standing over Rocco's body in the kitchen. Did he do it?



Ric denies his involvement, with Sally telling him if that's the case she believes him and there's nothing to worry about. Det. Baker tells Ric he must hope to God Rocco wakes, or it's his neck.

Hope you all enjoyed that one :) JT's IADL should be up tomorrow!

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cooooooooooooool ep guide, dodge (LOVE that you & Rosey are bothe doing your own unofficail ep titles) !!! thanks for the forward sell of IADL which i'll get to a moment.

i must say that sally (and Kate ritchie) were AMAZING when Sally was talking to brad. then ric, about feeling sortry for Rocco !!! Goosepimply stuff - just like everytime i hear "Light Surrounding You" on the radio etc

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Sally’s black single top

SILVER -Kit’s red (white leafy motifs all over) crossover top/white top combo

BRONZE – Rocco’s black Norton (with white angel wings on back) t shirt/blue Norton jacket


Jack’s orange “retrospective” (think the 2006 opening credits pic with Martha & Kimmy) T shirt

Maddie’s brown (velvety) jacket/hot pink singlet top combo

Beth’s white wide frilly collar top/black (with gold mosaic pattern) long skirt

Ric’s brown (stylish) zipped jacket

Alf’s blue & red check (think the girls SBH uniform) button up shirt

Tony’s purpley/blue t shirt

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