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Mattie and Ric Romantic Nights and Summer Days

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Story Title: Mattie and Ric Romantic Nights and Summer Days

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Ric, Mattie, Lucas, Cassie, Sally

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Teenage Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: SC L

Summary: About teen relationship dramas between Rik Matilda Lucas and Cassie


Matilda and Rik were both single Cassie had been with macca but he had hit her again and so he left the bay but cassie had her eye on somebody. Lucas was happy with Belle as their friendship had turned to more.

And then there was Mattie and Rik both spending time with eachother.

Mattie couldnt foregive Cassie just yet and niether could Rik so it was just natural for them to spend together.

It was half term and so Mattie was off school


Matilda had just woke up it was 10-00am she rolled over in bed as she thought this is what summerbay was about the half term break doing nothing and spending lazy summer days at the beach, a part of her felt sad that this year it wasnt going to be spent with cassie. But then she thought about Rik and how well they were getting on lately.

Matildas Phone Wrang

'Hello' said Mattie in a tired voice

'Oh hi' said Rik

'i havent woke you have i?' asked Rik

'No i just woke up about 5 min ago' said Mattie

'Good well i was thinking only if you want to we could hang out today?' said Rik

'Sure sounds great!' said Mattie

'Ok then ill meet you at the diner say about 11-00?' said Rik

'Ok see you then bye' said Mattie as she put her phone down and gave herself a little cute smile she was happy for the first time in ages she was happy



'Hello' said Mattie as she entered the diner in a short white skirt, a pink holter kneck top and a spotty bikini underneath

'Hey you look nice' said Rik

'Oh do i? well thanks i figured we would be going the beach as its such a nice day' said Mattie

'Ok so we could go the beach now and come back for something to eat after does that sound good?' asked Rik

Matilda didnt say anything she was just staring at Rick Smilng

'Mattie?' said Rik

'Yes sure lets go' said Matilda Letting Rik lead the way

'Ok so do you wanna go for a swim?' asked Rik

'Umh no i think ill just sunbathe' said Mattie

'Oh come on i thought we were gonna swim' said Rik

'Not today maybe another day' said mattie make a gesture towards her bikini bottoms

'Oh i see' said Rik as he sat on the sand beside her

They sat in silence for a moment

'You know what it seems so long ago when we first met' said Rik

'I know it seems years ago' laughed Mattie

'You are different now' said Rik

'Am i?' laughed Mattie agian

'Yes i mean you are a lot more mature and confident you seem happy' said Rik as he looked at her

'Well its funny you should say that, i am happy i am the happiest ive been in a while' said Mattie

'We havent talked like this for ages have we?' said Rik

'No' said Mattie

'Its nice though' said Rik as he turned to face her

'Yes it is nice' said Mattie as they both looked into eachothers eyes but chose to ignore the look

'Are you getting dragged into Colleens pageant?' said Rik changing conversation

'Oh i dont know she hasnt asked me about it yet so im trying to stay out of her way, she will probably have me dressed up as Santas angels something rediclious like that' laughed Mattie

'I think you would make a great angel' said Rik as he gave her that look again

'Thanks i think' said Mattie 'Should we go to the diner?' asked Mattie

'Good idea' said Rik as he collected their stuff together and they reached the top of the beach


'So what do you fancy?' asked Rik as he and Mattie took a seat in the diner

'Well i was thinking we could just have a drink and then maybe rent a dvd and have pizza at mine it could be fun!' exclaimed Matilda

'Good idea so just a shake?' said Rik

'Chocolate please' said Matilda as she sat back into her seat She looked at Rik so handsome loving caring protective and then she wondered did he feel the same way or was the just reading the wrong signals?

'Here we go' said Rik breaking matilda out of her daydream handing her the chocolate milkshake

'So what Movie do you fancy?' said Mattie

'Well you girls like soppy movies so if you want one i dont mind' said Rik

'No that was when me and Cass watched dvds its me and you now' said Mattie

'Mattie i dont mind if your friends with her' said Rik

'No what she did was wrong and she has to learn she cant get away with it but back on subject how do you fancy Titanic' said Mattie

'Oh typical!' laughed Rik

'Ok you choose then?' said Mattie

'No titanics great but i must warn you i cant always hold the tears back' laughed Rik

'Shut up you' said Mattie giving him a playfull punch 'Shall we go then?' she added

'Yes lets make a move' said Rik



'I cant belive that guy had never seen the titanic!' laughed Mattie talking about the man in the video shop as her and Rik walked in the front door

'I know but he didnt have to tell us his life story as well' joked Rik

'He was so funny! you put the dvd on i will order the pizza' said Mattie

'Ok' said Rik

Rik sat on the sofa

Mattie went to sit on the arm chair

'Mattie you can sit next to me its not as if anything is happening with us' laughed Rik

'Yes i know dont be stupid' said Mattie as she jumped next to him

'So whats this film about then?' asked Rik sarcastically

'You didnt have to watchi it' said Mattie as she put her legs up on the sofa

'I wonder if mum put the heating on im cold!' said Mattie

'Here is this better' said Rik as he put his arm around her

'Oh thanks you dont have to' said Mattie feeling a little uncomfortable

'I want to' said Rik as he gazed into her eyes

Matilda and Rik were half way through the film and both started to get a little bored

'Im tired' said Mattie

'Here lean on me i dont mind' said Rik

'Do you remeber that time when you snuck me out into that nighclub and mum went mad' said Mattie remenising the old times

'Yes i do i should have taken better care of you' said Rik

'We were both young and innocent' said Mattie

'Your right in a way it feels like we have both matured together' said RIk

'Yes like the time when callan took me i remember seeing you and you held me i felt so safe thanks for always being there Rik' said Mattie

'Matilda i will always be here' said Rik as he began to stroke his fingers through her hair

'Really?' she asked as she turned around to face him

'Really' said Rik as they looked deep into eachothers eyes Rik placed his hand at the back of Matildas kneck and pulled her genlty towards them their lips met and then there eyes and they kissed in that dark room and the knew it was right


Matilda Broke away from the kiss she started to unbutton Riks shirt

'Matilda are you sure this is what you want' asked Rik

'Yes im sure' said Mattie lifting her top over her head and leading Rik to her bedromm

'As Rik pushed her onto the bed she froze

'Mattie? are you ok?' asked Rik

'Im sorry' said Mattie as she ran into the lounge and sat on the sofa she began to cry

'Hey Mattie its ok you have to be ready to do something like this dont be upset i dont want to rush things' said Rik

Matilda started to cry more

'Its ok' said Rik as he sat in front of her and took her hand

'Im sorry' cried Mattie

'You have nothing to be sorry for come here' said Rik as he pulled her into his embrace

'Why dont we talk' said Rik puching her away and wiping the tear off her face

'About what' matilda said through the tears

'How you feel?' said Rik

'Mattie i know your i know your a virgin so its only natural for you to not want to rush things i dont mind' said Rik

'I dont want to dissapoint you' said Matilda

'you havent im not with you for sex' said Rik

'I know but i suppose well its just difficult i do want to you know do it and dont get be wrong i want my first time to be with you but just just not yet' said Mattie

'I know thats what im saying its a big thing for a girl i mean offering your body to a boy for the first time its scary' said Rik as he kissed her head

'Im glad you understand' said Mattie

'Of course i understand' said Rik

'Its getting late i should go' said Rik

'Its not becasue of what just happened is it?' asked Mattie

'No no why would you think that?' said Rik

'Look if you want to cool things off' said Matilda

'Ok just to prove it ill stay a while' said Rik

'You dont have to do that' said Mattie

'No i will i mean i shouldnt leave you until your mum gets back that would be irresponsable' said Rik as they both sat back down on the sofa and he stroked her hair


'So what do you think your mum will say?' asked Rik

'About what?' asked Matilda

'Us' said Rik

'Oh about that' said Mattie

'What your not gonna tell her' exclaimed Rik

'No im gonna tell her but not tonight i just think it will be better in the morning' said Mattie as her mum burst in the door and Rik moved away from Mattie

'Hey sweets im home' said Beth not seeing Matilda in the front room

'Hi' said Mattie as beth turned the lights on

'So what will be better in the morning?' asked Beth as she heard Rik say that

'Oh nothing just a headache' said Mattie

'Hi what are the lights off for?' asked Beth

'Ok Rik and I were watching a movie' said Mattie

'I see' said Beth

'Ok so ill be off by beth ill ring you tomorro' said Rik as he gave maddie a cheeky wink

'Sure' said Matilda as she smiled

'You look happy' said Beth as Matilda got up and began to head for her room

'Oh its just good not to have any Dramas in my life for once' said Matilda laughing

'Ok Night' said Beth

'Night!' said Mattie

'Im home' said Rik as he walked into the kitchen

'Oh you look happy' said Sally

'Do i?' asked Rik

'Umh umh' said Sally from the sofam 'have you had fun?' she added

'Yes we just watched a movie' said Rik

'And i never would have thought a movie could put a smile on your face' said Sally

'It was a good movie a really great movie' joked Rik as he began to make his way to his bedroom

'Night then' said Sally

'Night' replied Rik


The next morning came and what a beutifull day it was in summerbay

Matilda went into the kitchen were Tony and Beth were having Breakast

'Mornig sweet' said Beth

'Morning' said Mattie

'Hey tilly want some toast?' asked Tony

'Oh no thanks actually there is something i need to tell the two of you' said Mattie

'Of course' said Tony as he sat down beside Matilda

' I umh i umh i ok Rik and I well we are we are together' said Mattie

'You are?' said Beth

'Yes' said Matilda

'Since when?' asked Beth

'Last Night' said Mattie

'Oh thats why you were so happy' said Tony

'Well yes' said Mattie as she stood up

'Where are you going?' asked Beth

'To get ready im going to Riks i do have your approval i mean about us being together dont i?' said Mattie

'Of course you do' said Beth

'Thanks' said Mattie


Rik had just woke up and went downstairs Cassie was in the kitchen

'Good Morning' said Cassie expecting Rik to have foregave her a little by now

'It was!' shouted Rik and went and sat on the sofa

he wrang matilda

'Hey are you ok?' said Rik

'Yes im great' said Mattie

'Did you tell your mum?' asked Rik

'Yes i did she was fine i think' said Mattie

'Thats good i havent told Sally yet i was waiting till you had told your mum' said RIk

'Thats so sweet' said Mattie

'Is it? anyway i was thinking you could come over here and we could go out for lunch?' said Rik

'Like a date?' said Matilda

'Yes a special date the best first date you have ever been on' said Rik

'Ok so ill come to yours for about 12-00' said Mattie

'Sounds perfect see you then' said Rik as he put the phone down



'Who was that?' said Cassie from the kitchen trying to make conversation

'None of your business' said Rik

'Oh come if its a date it must be a girl? who is she?' said Cassie

'You know this nice casual talk isnt going to get you anywhere anytime soon Cassie so just drop the act im not going to foregive you' said Rik walking out to the bottom of the stairs

'Rik!' exclaimed Cassie

'Oh and your gonna find out anyway that girl she is Funny, gorgoues, smart and buetifull and a whole lot better than you in case you havent allready guessed its maddie' said Rik running up the stairs

'Mattie?' said Cassie sounding Confused



'Hi mattie' said Lucas as he heard her walk into the kitchen

as he saw her he said 'Where are you going you look nice'

'Oh umh on a date' said Matilda smiling

'With who?' asked Lucas sounding a little suprised

'With Rik' said Mattie

'Rik?' said Lucas sounding shocked

'Yes oh did mum and tony not tell you im with Rik' said Mattie

'Oh thats great i didnt know' said Lucas

'Yes so how are things with you and Belle?' asked Mattie

'Fine well actually they are wonderfull we have so much fun!' lucas told her

'Thats great its about time we both deserved to be happy anyway got to rush see you later' said Mattie picking up her bag

'Yes have fun' said Lucas as he smiled



'Hi you look lovely' said Rik as he opened up the door to Matilda

'Thanks so do you' said Mattie laughing

'Ok so i thought about taking you out but i thought its such a lovely day so we should eat on the patio if thats ok i got one of irenes hampers' said Rik

'It sounds perfect' said Matilda as she followed him out onto the patio

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'Ok so you sit down and ill get you a drink' said Rik as he and mattie walked out onto the patio

'Im ok just stay here with me' said Mattie

'Ok' said Rik as he walked up to her and took her hand

'You are so sweet' said Matilda leaning in and kissing rik he put his strong hands around her warm, smooth tanned back that was exposed as she was wearing a wonderfull dress

'Umh that was nice' said Mattie

'Yes it was being together just feels so right' said Rik smiling

'Almost as if since we met eachother and everything we have been through in summerbay and at the end of it all we found eachother again' said Mattie

'Exaclty' said Rik as he kissed her cheek

'So whats in Irenes hamper?' asked Matti e

'Oh well i asked her to put that banna pie in that you like' said Rik

'How do you know i like that?' said Mattie

'Mattie everytime ive seen you in the diner you order banna pie' said Rik giving her a cheeky smile

'Ok that might be a give away i guess' said Mattie 'Pass it over then' said Mattie

'You are obsessed with banna pie' exclaimed Rik

'Not obsesed just in love with it like people may say im obsessed with you but im just in love with you' said Matilda pausing she hadnt planned to say that it just came out

'What' said Rik

'Im sorry i shouldnt have said that' said Mattie

'If its how you feel theres nothing wrong with it that is how you feel isnt it?' said RIK

'Well yes i guess its not as if we just met deep down i feel ive been in love with you forever' said Mattie

'I know what you mean I love you too Mattie' said Rik taking her hand as they both stared into eachothers eyes


Rik and Matilda had been on the patio for most of the afternoon and it was starting to get dark

'I think we should go in' said Mattie

'Oh you dont wanna stay out here and watch the stars?' said Rik

'Oh you are such a softie at heart' laughed Mattie

'And a romantic' said Rik 'Come on lay back' said Rik as he put his arm around matilda and they lay down on the grass on the rug she had her face rested on his chest

'The stars are so wonderfull' said Mattie

'Just like you' said Rik looking down at her

'God what time is it' said Mattie

'Umh 6-30' said Rik

'Oh no Sal and Cass will be back soon' he added

'So?' said Mattie

'Well we could go up to my room' said Rik

'Yes sure it is getting a little chilly' said Mattie

'Ok then' said Rik taking her hand and leading her up to his room

'I never knew a boy could be so tidy' said Mattie as she walked into Riks room

'Oh thats not me its Sal' said Rik

'Ahh i thought it was too tidy for you' said Mattie

'Ok im jsut using the bathroom make yourself at home' said RIk

Mattie sat on his bed and she looked over to the sideboard and saw a picture of Rik and Flynn she suddnely remembered that Rik had suffered so much pain and so he deserved to be happy and thats why she wasnt going to hurt him not ever!


Rik came back in

'Ok so what do you want to do?' asked Rik

'I dont know' said Mattie

'Well how about tv?' suggested Rik

'No i think we should just lie here for a while' said Mattie

'Sure' said Rik as he lay beside her and wrapped his arm around her

'Oh its been such a hard year' said Matilda

'I know' said Rik

'Look im sorry that i wasnt there for you much you know with the whole bilimea thing i just figured it was quite a personal subject and maybe not one for boys to get envolved in' said Rik

'Its fine i understnd im sure Cassie filled you in anyway' said Mattie

'Not really she was quite secretive about it' said Rik

'Why did you do that Mattie?' said Rik in a soft voice

'My burn it just made me look so ugly' said Matilda as she looked into his eyes

'No it didnt you are gorgoues nomatter what you have on your arm it dosent matter i cant believe you hurt yourself well for boys i mean where all idiots' laughed Rik

'Not all of them' said Matilda leaning up and kissing Rik


Sally and Cassie arrived home

'So what do you fancy for dinner?' asked Sally

'Oh i dont mind ill go and ask Rik' said Cassie as she ran up the stairs

The kiss between Matilda and Rik had got more intense and he began to roll on top of her stroking her beutifull blonde hair and they continued kissing

'Rik what do you want for tea?' said Cassie as she burs into Riks room

Rik rolled of Matilda and they both sat up

'Oh sorry i didnt mean to umh ill go' said Cassie as she realised she had just seen Rik and Mattie making out something she never thought she would ever see or ever wanted to see because deep down cassie still felt for Rik and thought she still had a chance

'So what does he fancy?' asked Sally as Cassie walked into the kitchen

'By the looks of it Matilda' said Cassie sarcastically under her breath

'Sorry what did you say something about Matilda' said Sally

'No' said Cassie sitting down

'Cassie hello is matilda here?' asked Sally again

'Oh yes shes upstairs' said Cassie

'And what do they want for tea?' said Sally

'They dont mind' said Cassie sitting Back she thought she would have a chance with Rik she didnt look like things were so serious but she knew they were and the claws were out as far as Cassie was concerned


Mattie pushed Rik away as Cassie had walked out the room

'Whats wrong?' asked Rik

'It just feels wierd' said Mattie

'What does?' asked Rik confused

'Being up here with you when Cass is down stairs' said Mattie

'Shes my ex so what she cheated on me remember' said Rik

'But its not just that is it she was my best friend' said Mattie

'So you are saying you dont want to be with me?' asked Rik

'No i am saying it feels wierd i dont want to leave you i love you' said Mattie taking his hand

'I love you too and i dont want you to worry about anything' said Rik kissing her forhead

'I know i wont i know how about we go downstairs, ..... Clear the air?' said Mattie

'Sure if thats what you want' said Rik


Mattie and Rik walked into the kitchen

'Hey guys' said Sally

'Hi Sally' said Mattie

'Hello Matilda are you staying for tea?' asked Sally

'Oh i wouldnt want to intrude' said Mattie

'Dont be silly stay?' asked Sally

'Oh ok that would be lovely thanks' said Mattie

'So is there anything i can do to help?' asked Mattie as Cassie walked into the kitchen

'Help with what?' said Cassie

'Oh im staying for Dinner so i was just wondering if there is anything i could do?' said Mattie as she smiled at Cassie

'No i think were fine' said Cassie giving Matilda a evil look

'Oh Pippas crying ill go and get her Rik just watch those carrots' said Sally as she ran upstairs

'Cass whats wrong?' asked Mattie as she new there was something wrong

'Nothing why would you say that' snapped Cassie

'You seem angry' said Mattie

'Well im not' said Cassie

'Look if theres something wrong you can tell me' said Mattie trying to be nice

'Well i dont want to feel sick why im eating you see and looking at you two across the table and remembering what i just saw up stairs may make me feel a little sick' shouted Cassie in a horrible tone

'CASSIE!' exclaimed Rik

Matilda had tears in her eyes

'Ill ring you later Rik' said Mattie as she ran out the house and down to the beach she fell to the sand in tears

'What the hell has got into you!' shouted RIk

'Oh right so i cant even say what a think theese days?' shouted Cassie back

'You know what i cant believe im even having this conversation with you im going to find Mattie' said Rik as he ran out the door

'Yes thats right go and run back to her!' shouted Cassie to Rik

'Cassie what is going on!!!' shouted Sally as she walked into the kitchen with Pippa in her hands

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'So whats going on?' asked Sally again

'Nothing' said Cassie as she sat down

'Cassie can you please tell me what happened i heard the shouting' said Sally

'Im just sick of Matilda being the apple of his eye i know were not together anymore but jees im still alive!' shouted Cassie

'Matilda is Riks girlfriend!' said Sally

'Oh right so im the bad guy now am i' said Cassie as she stormed out of the house

'Cassie wait!' called Sally after her

Rik had ran down to the beach and he couldnt see Matilda anywhere

He wrang her mobile to his suprise she answered

'Mattie where are you? are you ok?' asked Rik as she answered

'Yes im im fine' said Mattie through the tears

'Your not fine your crying!' exclaimed Rik

'Look ill be ok i just need to be on my own for a while' said Mattie

'No mattie cassie cant speak to you like that were are you i want to see you?' demanded Rik

'Im just down near the warf' said Mattie bursting into tears once agian

'Im coming' said Rik as he put the phone down and started to Run to the warf

......................................................... ..................................................................

Back at home sally was making dinner

'Where have you been?' asked Sally as Cassie walked through the door

'Out' shouted Cassie

'Dont take that tone with me now sit down' shouted Sally as she pointed to the sofa

Cassie fell onto the sofa

'Now what is your problem?' Sally asked Cassie sturnley

'What problem?' said Cassie cheekily back

'With Rik and Matilda' said Sally

'I dont have a problem!' exclaimed Cassie

'Are you jelous?' asked Cassie sofeting her voice

'Of those two you must be joking! i cant believe thats what you think why would i be jelous of Matilda have you seen her' said Cassie

'You can stop that!' shouted Sally

'Stop what??' asked Cassie

'Talking about Matilda like that she is your best friend you two used to be so close she would be so upset if she could hear what you were saying' Sally told her

'Things have changed Shes changed' Cassie told Sally

'Yes they have and you have to accept that! you made things change when you went back to Macca which i hasten to add didnt end up well so now you have to respect what choices Rik and Matilda have made its their life Cassie you had your chance with Rik and you blew it so many times do you not think its time he had some happiness?' said Sally

'I suppose' said Cassie pretending to act upset but not agreeing with anything Sally was saying

'So you grow up and acept it your not being fair to either of them especially Mattie she dosent deserve this i think she want her old Best friend back aswell dont you? Cassie you need to move on for your own sake this selfish innocnet act cant go on anymore just because Rik isnt with you it dosent mean he cant be with anybody else! i dont want to get Mad cassie but you need to know its time to let go' said Sally

'I know your right' said Cassie as she gave Sally a half hearted Smile

'Im just gonna jump in the shower' said Cassie as she went up the stairs

Sally sat back and thought she wandered whethere she was being too harsh on Cassie but then she realised she needed to understand and move on for her own sake


'Mattie!' called Rik as he ran towards were she was sat she was kneeling down on the floor in tears crying her heart out

She turned to face him to reveal a broken face and a heart that hurt so much Rik just wanted to make all her pain go away

'Mattie!' he called again as he reached her and fell to the ground beside her he took her in his arms

'Oh she hates me Cassie hates me!' cried Mattie in Riks arms

'Its ok im here now! its ok' said Rik as he stroked her shoulder

'Its not ok we were such good friends and i have wrecked it all' cried Matilda

'No you havent!' said Rik

'I have' cried Mattie again

'Matilda look at me you havent' said Rik as he touched her face and there eyes locked

'Oh i dont deserve you!' said Mattie laughing her way out of the tears

'Yes you do' lughed rik as he tapped her nose and pulled her even closer

'Cassies a cow' said Rik

'No shes not i think shes just confused! shes been through a lot!' said Mattie

'Yes but that still dosent give her the right' said RIk

'No but still it cant be easy' said Matilda softly

'Your Amazing you know that?' said Rik

'Why?' asked Matilda giving him a cheeky smile

'Becasue i cant belive you still have symapthy and understand after the way she just spoke to you!' Rik told her

'Well if keeping my cool with Cass means me and you being together im willing to try!' said Mattie

'I cant belive you think i would dump you for not getting on with cassie Mattie?' said RIk worried

'Oh chill you stress so much im joking i wouldnt let you go if you tried' Laughed Mattie as she playfully tapped his chest and leant in for a kiss


Matilda and Rik decided to walk to the diner

'I wonder why Cassie is so mad?' asked Matilda as she took Riks hand and they began to walk to the diner

'Mattie shes confused like you said and in a way she may feel ashamed i mean she made the wrong decisoion going back to macca didnt she?' said Rik

'Yes but i think its more than that maybe she still loves you!' suggested Matilda

'Mattie come on thats redicoulous she cheated on me how can she still love me and plus it wouldnt mattie if she did or not i dont love her i love you' said Rik not realising what he had just said

'You love me?' said Mattie as she turned to face him

'Yes i do' said Rik looking at her

'Rik i' said Mattie before Rik interrupeted her with 'Mattie its ok you dont have to say it back' he told her

'No Rik i love you too' said Mattie as she took hold of his hand

'Now lets go to the diner oh and foreget about Cassie' said RIk smiling at her

'How about we go back to mine after lunch?' suggested Rik

'You think thats a good idea with Cassie being there?' said Mattie

'Shes the one that has the problem not us'' said Rik as they entered the diner and took a seat

'How are you feeling?' asked Sally as Cassie walked down the stairs

'Ok' said Cassie as she opened the fridge

'What are you looking for?' asked Sally

'Just a drink' said Cassie

'Oh theres no oj i was gonna head the shops do you want to come?' asked Sally

'No thanks i think ill just hang here for a while' cassie told her

'Ok see you soon then' said Sally as she walked out the door


Matilda and Rik had finished their lunch

'Are you sure i mean we could go back to mine?' said Mattie as they reached the Door

'No im sure Cassies the one with the problem so she has to deal with it ok?' said Rik

'Ok!' said Mattie as she followed Rik into the house

Cassie was on the sofa

'Hi Cass' said Mattie trying to act normal

'Oh you think im talking to you?' said Cassie as she stood up to face matilda

'Cassie whats wrong with you?' shouted RIk

'You should be with me not her i mean she is soo less experienced you cnat get what you want from her you can from me!' screamed Cassie

'Excuse me?' said Matilda

'Oh come on mattie we all know your a virgin practically the whole of summerbay know you can tell by looking at you poor little innocent frail vunerable Matilda well im sorry but thats just not the type Riks into' said Cassie in a mean and spitefull voice

'Oh so if hes into you it must mean hes into the easy slapper then?' Matilda shouted Back

'Stop it' shouted Rik

'Oh come on Mattie play innocent go and cry' shouted Cassie

'I cant do this! im sorry' cried Mattie as she ran out the house

'Oh look there she goes again' laughed Cassie in a mean voice

'Shut up!' shouted Rik

'But Rik' said Cassie flutternig her eylashes

'Oh Cassie just go away i hate you you cant see me happy can you just stay out of my life!' shouted RIk as he ran upstairs


Rik knew he had to find Mattie she had been so upset last time he didnt want to hurt her even more

'Matilda whats wrong?' asked Lucas as Mattie ran in the house crying he was with belle watching Tv

'Oh oh' cried Mattie as she ran to her room and shut the door she fell to the ground

'Should i go and see if shes ok?' asked Belle looking at Lucas

'No offence Belle but i think your the last person she may want to see right now' Lucas said

'Yes your probablly right why dont you go?' Belle suggested

'Well i suppose i could try' said Luc as he stood up and headed to Matildas Bedroom

'Mattie can i come in?' asked Lucas as he knocked on the door he could hear her cries and wanted to help her

'Mattie are you ok?' said Lucas through the door

'Just go' shouted Matilda through her tears

'Oh ok im here if you want to talk' Lucas told her there was no answer only cries

'Any Luck?' asked Belle as Lucas returned to the sofa

'No shes just crying' Lucas told Belle

'Maybe i should go i mean it might be personal?' said Belle

'And how does it being personal get you involved?' asked Luc confused

'You know it might be ''Girl Stuff'' ' said Belle

'You think?' asked Lucas

'Maybe ill see if i can help' said Belle as she headed to Matties room

'Matilda its Belle i know im probablly the last person you want to see right now but do you want to talk?' said Belle symapathetically

'No im fine' cried Matilda

'Matilda your not fine your crying' said Belle

'Its nothing could you please you go' said Matilda once again through the tears

'Ok umh i hope you are ok' said Belle before she headed Back to the Lounge

'So?' said Luc

'No luck actually i should be getting going ill call you later' said Belle

'Ok thanks Belle' said Lucas as he opened the door

'Anytime' said Belle as they both stood at the door

'Rik whats wrong?' asked Lucas as Rik ran into the house

'Is Mattie here is Mattie here?' shouted RIk

'Shes in her room in histerics crying' said Lucas

'Oh god' said Rik as he made his way to her room

'Rik whats going on?' shouted Lucas as Rik turned around

'Umh nothing its complicated' Rik told him as he continued to reach matties Bedroom

'Mattie open the door' said Rik as he knocked on the door

'I just want to be left alone' Matilda told him

'Im not leaving' said Rik as he opened the door

Matilda was lying on her floor crying her heart out

'Mattie' said Rik as he ran to her side

'Shes Right im just a kid a stupid kid why would you look twice at me' cried Mattie

'Mattie dont say that' said Rik as he touched her face

'Rik i cant do this please just leave me' Matilda told him

'Im not leaving come on Mattie sit up' said RIk as he offered her a hand

'Oh god' said Mattie as she stood up and brushed the hair off her face

'What?' asked Rik

'I think im gonna be sick' said Mattie as she leant forward and threw up on the floor

'Its ok Mattie' said RIk as he held the hair back off her face

'I hate her i hate her' cried Mattie again

'I know its ok' said RIk as he helped her into bed and sat beside her

'I dont think this is going to work' said Mattie

'You dont think whats going to work?' asked Rik

'Us' said Mattie

'Mattie dont say that i love you' said Rik

'Oh im sorry i didnt mean that i dont know what i mean im just so messed up' said Mattie

'Just try and sleep i wont go anywhere' said Rik


Lucas had been sat in the kitchen from a while and had noticed there was no noise coming from Matties room he decided to go and see if she was ok

'Mattie?' said Lucas as he opened the door to reveal Mattie asleep and Rik sitting on the edge of her bed

'Rik what is going on?' asked Lucas as he walked up to Rik

'Oh hi Mate oh Matties just upset its Cassie shes being a total cow i dont know whats wrong with her' Rik told him

'Like what?' aksed Lucas

'Like Cassie should be with me and not Mattie and Cassies more experienced and Matties not my type shes gone mad' said Rik

'Wow thats harsh i mean thats not how you feel is it?' asked Lucas

'What are you joking i cant believe you could even contemplate asking me that how could i go back to cassie after what she did and besides i love Mattie i would never hurt her' said Rik sounding a tad annoyed

'Yes your right sorry mate maybe i should talk to her' suggested Lucas

'Could be an idea i mean she has always listened to you' said Rik

'Mattie Mattie' said Rik as he tried to wake her up

'Umh' said Matilda as she sat up

'Your Mum will be home soon so im gonna go ill call you later will you be ok?' he asked

'Yes ill be fine' smiled Mattie

'Ok so ill speak to you later' said Rik as he kissed her on the cheek

'Oh Rik' said Mattie as he reached the door

'Yes' said Rik turning around

'Tell Cassie im sorry tell her ill ring her' said Mattie

'Ok night' said Rik as he gave her a cute smile and closed her bedroom door

Rik began walking home as he reached the diner he saw sally

'Hi Sal' said RIk

'Oh hi were are you going?' asked Sally

'Home ive just been with Matilda' rik told her

'Ahh now is she ok Cassie told me what happened i spoke to her' said Sally as her and Rik began walking

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Rik and Sally arrived home

'Cassie im home' shouted Sally

'Oh great hes here' said Cassie as she stood up to see Rik

'Cassie can we talk?' asked Rik

'Ill leave you guys to it' said Sally as she picked Pippa up and went upstairs

'So?' said Cassie

'Cass please can we sit down?' asked Rik

Cassie sat down at the kitchen table

'Cass Matties really upset she dosent want you to be upset either i think you two need to sit down and talk properlly' Rik told her

'Rik please dont i dont think you know how i feel' said Cassie

'Cass i dont but i know how i feel and i love Mattie ok i understand that it may be hard for you to accept so i need you to let it go' asked Rik

'Your right im so sorry RIk' said Cassie

'Its ok now are you gonna ring Mattie shes dying to tell you some gossip' laughed Rik

'Yes oh and Rik thanks' said Cassie as she placed her hand on his

'Umh yes its ok' said RIk as he auckwardly looked at the two of there hands and then moved his away

'So you and Mattie is it the real deal?' asked Cassie as she walked to the fridge

'Well yeah i guess' Rik told her

'Thats good well i mean you two have always been close so it was predictable' said Cassie trying to sound ok with it

'So have you got your eye on anybody?' asked RIk changing the subject

'No not really after what Macca did i dont think i could trust anyone' said Cassie

'Oh Cassie im sorry i foregot about that' said RIk

'Its ok foreget about it i have it was the past and my mistake i admitt ishouldnt have gone back to him god knows what i was thinking' said Cassie as she made her way up the stairs

'Where are you going?' asked RIk

'Oh to bed ill call Mattie in the moring' said Cassie

'Cass i really think shed sleep better if you rung her tonight' said RIk

'Oh ok ill call her upstairs Night' said Cassie

'Thanks for understanding Cassie Night' said RIk as he walked back into the kitchen

For a split second Rik wanted to run up the stairs and pull cassie into a kiss he didnt know why he felt like this he knew it was wrong and then he remembered mattie sat in her room crying and tried to erase his thoughts of Cassie


Cassie walked into her room and Sat on her bed she smiled as she thought of Rik all she needed to do was pretend she was ok with him and Mattie then she could worm her way back in again

She picked up her phone and wrang Matilda

'Hi Mattie its Cass' said Cassie

'Hi Cass'

'Look im sorry ive been a total cow and i just want us to be friends again like we used to be the best of friends im sorry oh and about the Rik thing dont worry im totally over it' said Cassie

'Are you sure?' asked Matilda

'Positive so do you wanna hang out tomorrow?' asked Cassie

'Sure that sounds great ill ring you in the morning' said Mattie

'Ok thanks Mattie bye' said Cassie

'Oh and Cass this is great it really is' said Mattie as she put the phone down

Cassie put the phone down and thought that it was nice to have Mattie back and she wasnt going to fake that she was just going to fake how she felt about Mattie and RIk

Rik was on his way to bed

'Knock Knock' said Rik as he opened Cassies door

'Just coming in to say goodnight' said RIk

'Thankns Night' said Cassie as she looked at Rik he stood still for a moment and walked to his room Cassie knew he felt the same she just had to get him to admitt it


A brand new morning came in summerbay and the sun rose and the day was warm and sweet

'Morning' said Cassie as Rik walked down the stairs

'Hey how did you sleep?' asked Rik

'Great well a little bad dream but nothing to worry about?' said Cassie standing up

'Really do you want to talk about it, ive got time to listen?' Rik told her

'No but thanks anyway' replied Cassie as she smiled

'So what are you doing today?' asked Rik

'Im seeing Mattie were gonna hang out you could come with us?' asked Cassie

'Oh no i think ill leave it to the girls im glad you wrang her cassie' said Rik

'I am too i think we were both missing eachother should be great to talk again' said Cassie

'Yes anywayer im gonna hit the surf ill see you later' said Rik as he went out the sun blazed down on his face and all he could see was Cassies face shining back at him he wanted her but he wanted Mattie what was he going to do

'Bye' he heard Cassie call

Cassies phone wrang

'Hi Cass its Mattie i was thinking i could come round to yours and then we could hit the beach' said Mattie

'Ok yes sure see you soon' said Cassie after hearing mattie so happy she realised she didnt want to hurt her and she didnt want to be with Rik she wanted a new and fresh relationship one that had never been explored before

Cassie got changed and put the tv on she was waiting for Mattie

'Hello?' said Mattie as she walked in

'Hi' said Cassie as she stood up

'Do you want a drink?' asked Cassie

'No im fine thanks' replied Mattie

'Ok so what do you wanna do?' asked Cassie

'Umh we could watch tv' suggested Mattie

'Yes sure' replied Cassie they both sat there for 30min watching tv

'This is stupid i mean it dosent have to be auckward im sure theres loads of things you want to tell me' laughed Cassie

'Oh i thought youd never asked' laughed Cassie

and the both girls that had been friends for so long were finally reunited

Cassie and Mattie had been watching a dvd and eating ice-cream for about an hour

'So do you wanna sleep tonight?' asked Cassie

'What like a full on Mattie and Cassie sleepover?' asked Mattie

'Umh umh ice-cream hot choclate popcorn the full hit!' said Cassie

'Oh how could i say no' laughed Mattie as she walked into the kitchen

'So what do you want to order for lunch chineese or we could head to the diner?' suggested Matilda

'That could be fun!' said Cassie

'Why what do you have in mind?' said Matilda smiling as she walked towards Cassie

'Sunbathing!' they both shouted at the same time

'Its not that exciting surely!' said Rik as he walked in

'Rik Hi' said Mattie as she ran up to him

'Hey i wont be long im just getting changed then you two can have the place to yourslef' he said as he walked across the lounge

'Oh dont worry were going to the diner and then sunbaking' said Cassie

'Great!!!' mocked Rik

'Yes it will be!' said Mattie 'so ill see you later' she added as she leant in to kiss him

'Will you?' questioned Rik

'Oh yes sorry foregot to mention Matties staying tonight' said Cassie

'She is!' said Rik sounding shocked

'Is there a problem' asked Mattie as she looked at Cassie and then Rik

Cassie shrugged

'No problem just suprised!' said Rik smiling

'Oh well ok see you later!' said Mattie following Cassie out the door


'Do you think there is something wrong with him or is it just me?' asked Mattie as her and Cassie began walking to the diner

'No its not just you we both know Rik and we know somethings wrong' said Cassie laughing

'Umh i just wonder what?' said Mattie

'No idea anyway how are things going with you two?' asked Cassie as she gave mattie a cheeky smile

'fine well great actually' said Mattie smiling

'Oh that good!' said Cassie

'Yes' said Matilda stopping and looking

'So have you slept with him yet?' asked Cassie

Matilda turned around quickly

'Sorry have a hit a touchy subject?' asked Cassie

'No i mean we are just waiting till the time is right' said Mattie in a tone at which she wanted Cassie to understand

'Well thats great it really is come on Time for Milkshakes!' said Cassie as she took Matties hand and skipped to the diner

Rik got out the shower and sat on his bed he kept replaying his thoughts in his mind he loved mattie he really did but could he foreget about mattie and abandon everything they ever hadtogehter he hit his head and began to cry what was he going to do either way he had to hurt one of them and he didnt want to!

Matilda and Cassie had finished at the diner and made there way back to see Rik

Rik was sat at the kitchen bench he had made lunch but he didnt feel like it he just sat there pushing it around his playing trying to work out how he felt

'Hey im home' laughed Mattie breaking Rik out of his daydream

'Hey have you had fun?' asked Rik as he walked up to Mattie

'Yes a great time!' scremed Mattie as she jumped into Riks arms

'Wheres Cass?' asked RIk

'Oh she saw some cute boy on the walk home so shes making a move on him well trying!' laughed Mattie again

'Rik are you ok?' asked Mattie as she took his hand and looked into his eyes

'Yes im fine!' he exclaimed 'Positive'

'Rik i can tell when something is wrong just tell me you can trust me' said Mattie as she pulled him onto the sofa and looked into his eyes

'Just tired nothing more i promise' said Rik as he leant in and gave her a kiss and that kiss was all he needed to reassure him that mattie was the one for him and that to go back to cassie would be wrong he couldnt hurt mattie

'Umh that was nice' said Mattie as she started to stroke Riks face with her soft hands

'It was it was lovely' he replied taking a strand of Matties hair and twisting it in his fingers

'Your hair looks nice today' sad Rik

'Does it thanks' said Mattie as she smiled

'Your so buetifull' said Rik as he smiled and winked at Mattie

She didnt say anything but just moved herself into his embrace and rested her head against his toned chest

'Do you fancy going out tonight on a date?' asked Rik as he took her hand

'Yes i do actually i could do with cheering up' said Mattie

'Cheering up about what whats the matter?' asked Rik as he sat up and looked at her

'Oh nothing serious just feeling down you know girls blues that time of the month all that annoying crap!' said Mattie a few tears building in her eyes

'Mattie is it that bad?' asked Rik as he looke at her eyes and wiped away a tear that fell from her eye

'Yes i just feel a bit ill all the time but seeing you keeps me going' she said as she smiled 'But a date is just what i need' she added

'Ok so how about a picnic under the stars on the beach it will be romantic i promise' said Rik as he let mattie lean against him again

'It sounds perfect' she said

'Oh and Mattie next time will you come and tell me if you are feeling down thats what i am here for to listen you dont have to be alone' said Rik as he rested his hands on her shoulders

'Thanks i will' she said as she lay back and closed her eyes feeling riks strong hands brush through her hair


'So what do you fancy for the picnic?' asked Rik taking his hand away from Matties hair

'Matte?' said Rik as he looked she had fell asleep in his arms looking so innocent and pure so Rik just sat there and he could feel her soft breathing against his chest

'Hi' said Cassie as she walked in 'Oh sorry' she said as she saw Mattie asleep

'Looks like she was tired' laughed Cassie

'Yes' said Rik smiling 'So did anything happen with the cute boy?' asked Rik

'How do you oh let me guess Mattie told you' laughed Cassie as she sat down opposite Rik

'Yes so?' asked Rik

'Oh No he was a loser first sight of me being interested in him he feels my bum up' laughed Cassie

'Sounds like a total loser' said Rik 'You can do much better than that Cass'

'I know well i did do better than that' said Cassie as she looked at Rik

'Cass look we arent getting back together im with Mattie now i still love you but as a sister is that ok?' asked Rik sympathetically

'Of Course' said Cassie building tears in her eyes 'Umh i have something to do' said Cassie as she stood up

'Cassie Cass i dont want to upset you' said Rik

'Its ok you havent' said Cass as she smiled and placed a hand on Riks shoulder

'Your right its time to move on' she said just before she dissapeared upstairs

Rik threw his head back and gave a sigh he didnt want to upset Cassie but he loved Mattie and he knew that nothing could change that now

'Ahhh' said Mattie as her eyes opened

'Hello sleeping beuty' said Rik as he kissed her head

'Oh gosh i cant believe i fell asleep what time is it?' asked Mattie

'Its 4-00 pm' said Rik

'Ok so i better go get ready and doll myself up' said Mattie as she stood up taking RIks hand and he stood up with her

'Sure ill meet you here say 7-00' suggested Rik

'What you mean your gonna make me walk all the way here in the dark on my own!?' said Mattie in a babies voice

'Oh god ok so thats not i good idea ill meet you at yours at 7-00?' said Rik

'Of course ill be ready and waiting' said Mattie as she gave rik a kiss and a cheeky wave as she walked out of the door

Beth arrived home and Mattie was doing her hair in the mirror

'Oh you look nice sweets where are you going?' asked Beth

'Im going out' said Mattie

'And where Matilda?' asked Beth smiling

'On a date with Rik is that ok?' asked Matilda

'Yes its fine you look amazing' said Beth as she walked into the kitchen

'Really?' said Mattie as she looked at herself in the mirror examaning the Black strap dress she had on and a beutifull diamond knecklace in a way she felt guitly as it was a necklace Lucas had gave her a few years ago

'Yes really' replied Beth as Mattie walked into the lounge and beth walked up to her

'Oh that knecklace is gorgoues with that dress' said Beth sitting down

'Do you think i don t like it' said Mattie as she took it off

'But its lovely' relpied Beth

'I wouldnt want to loose it' said Mattie knowing that wasnt the real reason she just wouldnt feel right wearing a necklace Lucas gave her on a date with Rik

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'So where are you going?' asked Beth as Mattie was waiting for Rik

'Umh the beach i think' she told Beth

there was a knock at the door

'Oh well ill be off then' said Mattie as she opened the door

'Hi Beth' said Rik

'Hi' replied beth

'So what time will you be back?' asked Beth

'Umh well i was thinking only if its ok Mattie could stay at ours tonight i mean she will sleep in Cassies room cassie asked you see?' said Rik

'As long as its Cassies room' said Beth Looking at Mattie

'Umh umh i promise let me go and get some p.j's' said Mattie

'So Matilda tells me you are going to the beach' said Beth as they were waiting for Mattie

'Yes i thought it would be nice the whethers good so we should make the most of it' laughed Rik

'Thats true and its sweet' laughed Beth

'Thanks i think?' replied Rik

'Ready! exclaimed Mattie walking out with her night bag

'Ok so ill ring you in the morning sweets' said Beth kissing her daughter goodbye

'Mum ill be fine Bye' said Matilda closing the door behind her

Rik took Matties hand

'So did Cass really ask if i could stay?' asked Mattie smiling

'You kidding i had to beg and plead her' said Rik

'But why im gonna be in here room anyway' said Mattie confused

'Well Sall is at brads tonight so it dosent matter what time we get in we can stay on the beach till the morning' said Rik laughing

'Right no i think cassies room is fine' giggled Matilda as they reached the beach

'So what about here?' asked Rik as he ran up to a spot which was sheltered by some bushes and a fence

'Its perfect' said Matilda smiling

'Oh i never thought this would happen you know' said Rik as the two of them laid back on the rug looking up to the stars

'You never thought what would happen?' asked Mattie

'Me and You together i mean at the back of my mind i had always had a bit of hope it may happen some day but i mean not like this what we have is amazing' said Rik as he turned to face Mattie

Matilda looked deep into his eyes

'I love you' said Mattie as she shuffeled towards him

'Sorry?' aksed Rik smiling

'I said i love you' replied Matilda as she getnly pulled his body to hers and started kissing him there lips intwining

Rik pulled away slightly 'I love you too' he said as he began to unzip her black dress and pull it away from her tanned smooth siloutette

Matilda started to unbutton his shirt as she kissed him harder Rik removed Matildas underwear and wrapped his arms around as if trying to protect her from the cold then he gently placed his body on top of her still kissing 'Are you sure?' he asked

'I love you' said Matilda 'Im sure' she added

After about an hour they were lying on the sand

'I think we should go' said Mattie

'Its only 11' said Rik

'I know but we should go and see Cass' said Mattie

'Mattie are you ok?' aksed Rik

'Yes im fine can we go?' said Mattie as she pulled her black dress over her head and fixed her hair which still looked messy but in a beuitfull way

'Ok lets go' said Rik as he collected together the picininc stuff

'Why dont you go and get some cake from the Diner i bet cass is hungry?' said Mattie

'Ok ill see you at home' said Rik leaning in to kiss her as she pulled away

'Whats wrong?' asked Rik

'Nothing sorry im jsut tired' said Mattie as she leaned in and hugged him

'Ill see you back at yours' said Mattie as she began to walk away and tears filled her eyes


there was a knock at the door

'Hi Mattie!' said Cassie as she opened the door

'Hey' smiled Mattie

'Wheres Rik?' asked Cassie sounding confused

'Oh uh he is getting us some cake from the diner i mean come on a sleep over wouldnt ve the same without irenes famous chocloate brownie would it?' said Mattie laughing

'Definatley not!' laughed Cassie as she took matties hand and dragged her to the sofa

'Mattie have you not learnt to dress yourself yet?' laughed Cassie jokingly

'What are you going on about?' asked Mattie looking confused

'Your Zip on your dress is not done up' laughed Cassie

'Oh Right no i mean it wasnt like that when i left the house umh i mean i must have foregot , look if you dont mind im gonna go to bed im tired' said Mattie

'I thought we were gonna have a sleepover' said Cassie in a babyish voice

'Oh look sorry Cass but im really tired i hope you dont mind?' asked Mattie as she headed for the stairs

'Mattie im only joking its fine you take my bed and ill sleep on the floor' said Cassie as she walked into the kitchen

'Thanks Cass' said Mattie as she walked up the stairs


Cassie was watching tv downstairs

'Hey' said Rik as he walked in

'Oh hi i take it its raining out there?' laughed Cassie

'Thanks for the sympathy' said Rik as he walked in with wet hair and placed the cake on the side

'Umh choclate cake youumy!' screamed Cassie

'Cass where is Mattie?' asked Rik

'Oh she went to bed she said she was tired' said Cassie taking the cake and returning to the sofa

'Really?' said Rik as he followed Cassie and sat beside her

'So how was the big date?' asked Cassie

'Fine' said Rik

'Fine?' eclaimed Cassie

'Ok i need to tell you something promise you won't say a word to Mattie?' asked Rik

'Promise' said Cassie turning to Rik looking interested

'So tonight me and mattie sort of you know' said Rik moving his head auwckwardly

'Sort of what?' asked Cassie

'You Know' said Rik

'Oh My god! you slept with her' said Cassie quite loudly and looking shocked

'Keep your voice down!!!' eclaimed Rik

'Well yes' said Rik

'And whats the problem?' asked Cassie

'Afterwards she was acting all funny and touchy' said Rik

'Well she might be a little bit upset you know a girls first time is a big thing' said Cassie

'You think i dont know that!' exclaimed Rik

'Well you should talk to her' said Cassie

'Will it not be a little auwckward?' asked Rik

'No you love her right and your worried so go and talk to her' said Cassie

'What now?' asked Rik

'Yes now ill go out and give you two some space' said Cassie

'You dont have to!' replied Rik

'No its fine i mean i need to clear my head anyway see you later' said Cassie as she shut the door behind her


Rik walked up the stairs and knocked on the door

'Mattie can i come in?' asked Rik

'Yes of course' said Mattie as she sat up in her bed

Rik sat beside her and took her hand

'Are you ok?' asked Rik

'Umh Umh' said Mattie fighting back the tears

'Mattie talk to me' said Rik

'I just well its just' said Mattie

'What?' asked Rik as he put his arm around her

'You did no i was a virgin didn't you?' asked Mattie

'Of course i knew oh god did i hurt you did it hurt?' asked Rik

'Well a little but thats not the problem we didnt use protection' said Mattie

'Oh Mattie do you think im stpid we did' said Rik

'Ohhh' laughed Mattie

'So did it hurt you?' asked Rik as mattie leaned back onto him

'Its supposed to the first time isnt it?' said Mattie

'Well yes but i mean are you ok are you in pain now?' asked Rik

'A little but nothing major just stay with me for a while' said Mattie

'Of coruse dont worry everything will be ok' said Rik as he kissed her forehead


Cassie arrived home and it was about 10-00 she sat down on the sofa looking upset like she had just been crying

'Mattie Mattie' said Rik there was no answer Matilda had fell asleep in Riks arms he gently lifted her into bed and fixed the pillows

'Good Night Mattie' said Rik as he kissed her cheek

As Rik entered the lounge he could sense that something was wrong with Cassie he went and sat down next to her

'Hey how did it go?' asked Cassie turning to face Rik forcing out a smile

'Umh we talked and everythings fine Mattie fell asleep' said Rik

'Thats good' replied Cassie

'Theres nothing good on tv' added Cassie

'Cass whats up and dont say nothing cos i know there is' said Rik looking at her

'Oh its nothing you know that when i go for a walk to clear my head, i think about too much' laughed Cassie

'Cass im being serious we can talk i dont mind' said Rik

'Well i was just thinking about life and how perfect it used to be you know me and you sal pippa and flynn then i realise that macca came and ruined it all not that im jelous of you and mattie not at all i know you love eachother but i just want someone of my own to love, but' said Cassie crying

'But what?' asked Rik as he began moving closer

'Its always gonna come back to you every boy i meet a judge him on you because you were perfect and everybody else isnt as good as you look im sorry i shouldnt have said that' cried Cassie

'No its ok i understand what you feel' said Rik as he began stroking her arm

'You do?' said Cassie as Rik took her hand

'Its ok' said Rik as he leant in and kissed her they both felt there old feeling come back and cassie kissed him back the kiss seemed to last for ages

'Whats going on?' said Mattie as she walked into the lounge


'Mattie' said Rik as he broke away from the kiss

'I dont want to hear it' said Mattie as she headed for the door

'You cant go its dark and late' said Rik

'As if you care' screamed mattie in tears as she ran out the door

Rik got up to follow her

'Rik i think you should just leave her' said Cassie

'Oh shut up what would you know its all your fault!' shouted Rik as he walked to the kitchen

'Thats not fair you kissed me aswell' said Cassie as she walked to Rik

'Great this is just great why did she have to walk in' asked Rik

'I dont know i dont know anything anymore!' shouted Cassie

Rik walked towards the sofa and sat down

'I cant believe that just happend i love her i love her not you!' screamed Rik as he throwed a pillow

'I cant believe it' said Rik as he began to cry he was so upset

'Rik i' said Cassie

'Oh foregod sake dont say your sorry just go Cassie go!' shouted Rik as cassie began to cry and ran upstairs

Mattie had run onto the beach she was crying her eyes out she couldnt believe this

'No no no' cried Mattie as she fell to the sand 'He cant do this to me' she cried

Sat on that beach crying mattie felt so alone she had done everything for Rik she had slept with him given herself up for him she trusted him soo much and he did this to her she could have died

'No no no he cant do this i love him he loves me!' cried Mattie

Rik sat on the sofa just crying no anger was left he was so upset with himself he just sat there crying


It was about 11-00 pm now and Rik was still on the sofa but he had cried himself to sleep

Cassie came down for a drink

'Rik Rik' she said as she gently tapped his arm

'Umh' said Rik as he sat up

'You fell asleep are you gonna go to bed?' asked Cassie

'Mattie what about Mattie?' said Rik

'Shell be ok she will have gone home go to bed' said Cassie

Mattie had cried herself to sleep on the beach

Lucas and Belle had been at the surfclub and were walking home

'Hey Is That Mattie?' asked Belle

'Yeah it is' said Luc walking towards the beach

'Umh look you go home ill see if shes ok' said Lucas heading for mattie

'Mattie' said Lucas as he approached her

'Mattie Mattie' he said shaking her to wake her up

'Rik?' said Mattie as she woke up

'No its lucas what are you doing here?' asked Luc

'Oh its a mess everythings a mess i love him this cant happen' said Mattie as she began crying and she moved over to lucas

'Hey Mattie its ok its ok' he said reassuringly pulling her close

'Why dont we go home?' suggested Lucas

'No i dont want mum to know i want to stay here' cried Mattie

'Ok so why dont you tell me what has happend?' asked Luc

'Its Rik well i walked in on him and cassie' said Mattie

'And?' asked Lucas looking confused

'They were kissing i walked in on them kissing!' cried Mattie

'Oh my god' said Lucas looking shocked

'Have you spoke to Rik i mean there could be some sort of missunderstanding' suggested Lucas

'No lucas they were both kissing eachother thats it me and him are finished!' screamed Mattie standing up

'Where are you going?' asked Lucas

'To tell him were over' said Mattie as she reahced the top of the beach

'Mattie i think you should wait till tomorrow till youve calmed down' said Lucas following her

'No i want him to see what he has done to me!!' screamed Mattie as she headed for Riks house and lucas followed behind

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'Rik Rik!' shouted Mattie as she was banging on the door

'Mattie?' said Cassie opending the door

'Oh dont give me it dont give me anything just shut up and get Rik!' demanded Mattie starting to cry again

'Hes asleep!' said Cassie

'I dont care! get him' screamed Mattie

'Its ok im here im here look Luc Cass can you give us some space?' asked Rik

'Rik im not leaving mattie here not when she is in this state' said Lucas

'Oh shut up lucas go home its got nothing to do with you!' exclaimed Mattie

'Im sorry for caring' said Lucas as he walked out and cassie went upstairs

'So what have you got to say for your self except sorry?' asked Mattie as she walked into the kitchen

'Mattie i dont think there is anything i could say' said Rik

'Oh spear me the sympathy act just tell me exactly why you did it!' demanded Mattie

'I dont know it was a spare of the minuete thing i mean it was probablly just lust or something but it wasnt love mattie i love you i will love you forever i mean i wont deny that i kissed her back i know it was wrong but how can you not trust me do you seriously think i would go back to cassie when she did that to me?' asked Rik

'Well thats what she said and she went back to macca didnt she?' said Mattie with a spitefull eye

'Mattie you are being redicoulous!' said Rik

'You know what i cant believe you just said that im not the one who just kissed my ex' shouted Mattie as she walked towards the door

'Where are you going?' asked Rik

'Home and you know what foreget it foreget us foreget everything were over i cant believe i trusted you i cant belive i loved you!' cried Mattie as she ran out the door

'Mattie!' shouted Rik as he ran after her

'Get off me' shouted Mattie as Rik took her hand

'No im not giving us up i love you too much!' Rik told her

'Im not going to foregive ever not for what you have done to me! i hate you for it!' screamed Mattie 'Im going home and dont follow me' she shouted as she ran off

'Nooooo' cried Rik as tears fell from his eyes and he walked back into the house and lay onto the sofa

Mattie arrived home and lucas was sat on the sofa Beth and Tony were in Bed

'Oh so you arrived home in one piece' said Lucas angrily as Mattie sat opposite him

'Well what does it look like?' said Mattie

'It looks like youve been crying' said Lucas stubbornly

'Im sorry for shouting at you before its just its just i cant belive hes done this' said Mattie as she broke down into tears ti

'Oh mattie its ok' said Lucas as he sat beside her and she fell into his arms


Rik sat alone in the dark lounge. He sat and thought to himself about his time in summerbay. The first day he arrived and sat on the sofa, the day flynn found him on the beach, the day he found Cassie on the beach. Then he thought about how life seemed so perfect when Flynn was alive and he and Cassie were together. He had come so far and yes he did love Matidla now because he had grown and changed he thought about how much his family had changed. Cassie used to be fun and easy going now she is hurt again because of Macca. But he liked the change in Mattie she was more mature, more confident and thats why ,he was not going to give up on her.

'Rik are you still awake?' asked Cassie as she walked into the lounge only to see Rik fast asleep on the sofa

She took a blanket out of the cupboard 'Im so sorry' said Cassie as she threw the cover over him

'Good Night' she wispered


Matilda and Lucas had fallen asleep together on the sofa her head resting against his chest

'Lucas Lucas' whispered Mattie as she woke up

'Umh' said Luc as his eyes opened

'I think we should go to bed its like 2 in the morning' said Mattie as she looked at her watch

'Oh god yes come on' said Lucas as he helped her up and then being as clumsy as he was he fell back onto the sofa

'Oh nice to see your clumsines hasn't gone away then!' laughed Mattie

'I hope you are not making fun of me Matilda' said Lucas as he began to tickle her

'No no ok i surrender!' said Mattie in fits of Laugheter as she fell onto him

She looked deep into his eyes, as he looked into hers, and within seconds they were both kissing

'Wait, i dont think we should be doing this' said Mattie as she pulled away

'Why not we are both single' said Lucas

'I know but its not that simple is it?, i mean Rik and I just broke up, my heads not straight' said Mattie as she stood up

'Look Mattie it dosent have to be anything serious, nobody has to know it could be good for you' said Lucas

'I suppose one kiss wont hurt' said Mattie as she fell onto him and kissed him

She began to unbutton his shirt and tug at his pants, his hand started to travel up her back towards her bra

'Mattie i dont think this is what you want is it?' asked Lucas in shock

'Yes i do' said Mattie as she continued to kiss him

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Mattie followed Lucas to his bedroom and they both fell onto the bed

'Are you sure?' asked Lucas as they both got under the covers

'Yes' said Mattie as she continued to kiss him



It was a lovely warm summers day in the bay

and the birds were singing

'Oh god my head hurts' said Matilda as she woke up only to realise that she was in bed with Lucas and that they were both naked

'Oh my god' she said as she sat up realising what had happend the night before

'Mattie?' said Lucas as he woke up looking confused 'What are you doing here?' he added

'Umh Lucas we sort of spent the night together' said Mattie looking a little upset

'Oh right yes' said Lucas getting out of bed

'Well ill go and grab a shower' said Lucas and as he opened the door his dad was on the other side

'Oh morning luc' said Tony

'Hey' said Lucas obvioulsy not in the mood to talk

'Are you ok Mate?' asked Tony

'Yes i just need a shower' said Lucas as he moved away from the door fram to reveal mattie in his bed

'Matilda!' exclaimed Tony

'Oh my god' said Lucas as he turned around to face his dad

'What the hell is going on you two didnt?' asked Tony

'Yes we did and it actually dosent have anything to do with you' said Lucas angrily

'Umh it does' said Tony sounding annoyed

'Look i think ill go to my room' said Mattie standing up covering herself with her dressing gown

'I think that would be a good idea, Lucas we need to talk' said Tony in a stern voice as lucas followed him into the lounge


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That was really great that chapter I love how Tony is going to intervene cause what Matilda and Lucas did was wrong on so many levels, he is sort of seeing Belle and Matilda should be with Ric and Cassie well Cassie should not be alive and ruining Mattie and Ric's relationship!!!!

Will Mattie and Ric mend their broken relationship???

Please update soon!!!

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