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Fri 26 Jan 07 - " As Some Things Fall Apart, Others Come Together

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" As Some Things Fall Apart, Others Come Together “

(Screened in Australia on Fri 26 Jan 07 - Episode # 4340)

Whilst Kit & Kimmy are overjoyed that kimmy was indeed at the ultrasound, Rachel talks to Leah about the whole messy situation. Leah suggests getting some real romance back in their (ravjhel/kimmy) lives. Rachel adores Leah’s suggestion that she should book them (Rachel/kimmy) to go on the honeymoon that they are yet to go on.

Meanwhile, kimmy eagerly tells kit that there’s no way in the world that he will miss next ultrasound (kit is V pleased to hear.

Rachel (Noah’s) phones a travel company and arranges for a honeymoon for a few days in the Whitsunday islands (north QLD)

Kimmy & Rachel meet for lunch at surf club, and Rachel asks kimmy all about the ultrasound. He raves about it – and then tells her that the next ultrasound is on Feb 14 (I think), which is one of the days that Rachel has booked the honeymoon for. Rachel however doesn’t say a thing.

Soon after, kimmy tis talk excitedly to Leah at the diner. She mentions that honeymoon, and he says that he talk about the ultrasound.

Kimmy ^& Rachel talk (near beach) about the situation, and then kimmy talks to kit (hunter house) about this mess.

Kimmy & kit go to the diner, where they suggest to Rachel that they want her inlvolved in EVERYTHING to do with kit’s pregnancy – ultrasound, baby showers etc. Rachel agrees to the plan – but you can see that Rachel doesn't exactly look that impressed.

Indeed, when Rachel goes to the counter of the diner, Beth speaks to her about it. Rachel insists that she must at least give this plan a try – whilst Beth (who is dealing with other issue – see bellow) insists that Rachel should at least voice her concerns.

Rachel isn’t the only one at a crossroads. When kit returned form her ultrasound, Beth looks longily at the pictures of her unborn grandchild. Kit can see that Beth appears to be looking a tad worse for wear.

Beth says that this 3rd grandchild of hers on the way makes her realise that she REALLY REALLY wants to do the thongs that she couldn’t do earlier)(because of raising the kids) like travel.

Kit suggest that Beth should REALLY talk to Tony about this – but Beth (rem when Tony got that unexpectedly larger pay out form his teaching job) insists that Tony won’t be keen on the travel idea – and that she won’t ask as she knows what his answer will be.

When kit continues t push the point, Beth gets most annoyed at her daughter.

At the remains of sally’s party, maddie tells macca (in passing) that Cassie isn’t exactly finding things easy in the city

When macca & Cassie arrive home at their new place, they have a big fight about Cassie mouthing off to maddie about what’s happening. Indeed, I got the feeling that, given how agitated macca was, that Cassie was expecting a backhander across the face at any second. (Note – I also think that it [hitting] was very in the back of macca’s mind, And he appeared to stop himself form doing so]

However, later, the two seem to resolve the problem – and WAAAAAAAAAAY hug when they do.

Sally, Alf, ric & co are still pretty much in shock about the whole Martha whole walking out thing – esp. when neither Martha or ash is answering their mobiles.

Meanwhile, Morag takes serval time-to-think walks, and when she goes to the diner, she gets a V nice (moving) little pep talk form (off course) colleen.

When Morag returns to the van park house, Alf is shocked when Morag say that she is going back to the city – to be a magistrate in a BIG case. Alf wonders why – since Morag wanted to get out of that pressure cooker [court] environment. Morag insists that she felt “at home” [purposeful] there – whereas now she’s just an old biddy messing with ppl’s [Martha’s] lives.

Sally makes a plea for Morag to stay [great work form Kate & Cornelia btw] but moarg can’t be convinced to stay. She & sally hug, as do Alf & Morag before Morag bails.

Speaking of that subject, Rocco tells ric that he TOO think that he should leave the van park house for good – but ric, and then sally insists Rocco leaving now would make things WORSE, not better.

Ric, Maddie & rooco go to the surf club, to give brad & Sally some space. Indeed, as sally & brad are snuggled together n the van park house couch – talking about THAT night, we see slightly slow mo’d images of Rocco playing pool with ric & maddie.

Sally then sits up rather rsuddenly, after having a slight flashback of THAT night. she then proceeds to have several other (not in sequence) quick flashback of being stabbed and the immediate [what we saw in season finale] aftermath. She tells brad that she has started to remember …. (end of ep)


What happens when Riana & Martha encounters each other?

Johhny insists that either Rocco finishes the job (kills sally) or Rocco himself will DIE !!!

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Cassie’s sky blue (with dark blue lining on the “collar”) spaghetti strap top, with matching darker blue short shorts

SILVER – Rachel’s red (frilly v necked) spaghetti strap top

BRONZE – Maddie’s orangey-red strapless dress


Alf’s sky blue (check) button up shirt

Beth’s orangey-brown crossover top/light pink top/dark skirt combo

Cassie’s white halter neck dress

Colleen’s red (floral pattern) dress

Kimmy’s olive (quite dressy) button up shirt

Kit’s royal blue (woven) v neck top

Leah’s silver (dark mosaic patterned) top

Macca’s light blue button up- shirt

Morag’s cream long jacket & matching long pants/black top combo

Ric’s yellow (with occasional orange & blue horizontal stripes) polo shirt

Rocco’s black & grey sleeveless top

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