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Wed 24 Jan 07 - " To Wedding Ring, Or Not Wedding Ring – THAT Is

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" To Wedding Ring, Or Not Wedding Ring – THAT Is The Question “

(Screened in Australia on Wed 24 Jan 07 - Episode # 4338)

Author Note – on top of my comments (re ep guide posting), I must admit that my “PS – Did anyone miss me?” comment last week has (I believe) taken way out of proportion. It was just a silly (rather crass) little line.

Sally (hospital) talk to Rachel, who suggests that sally might be able to go home today. Both talk of how great brad has been with sally (being at hospital constantly).

Soon after, Nurse Julie enters sally’s room, just as Rachel bails. Julie hands sally an envelope with her valuabvels – incl her wed rings.

When alf vistas sally, he notes that she not have ring on. Sally tells him that it feels WAY right for her. Brad (just outside room) her all this, and then enters (just as alf bails), sally notes that brad is evasive with her (but he won’t say why)

Brad & Rachel talk on the beach. Brad (most to assure himself) tell Rachel that if sally is ready then he should be too (to9 remove his wed ring) which he does.

Back at the hospital, Rachel tells sally that she can indeed go home today, and she also hints at why brad was evasive.

When brad arrives soon after, Sally tells him that she didn’t make her comments (re rings) in any way that should suggest that brad should do the same. Sally thinks it’s the right time for her – but she thinks that it’s not for brad (if he truly feels it isn’t the right thing to do). Brad puts her wedding ring back on.

At the van perk house, Martha takes offence to alf & morag treating things as through there’s no tension about ash. Morag insist that ash won’t leave Rianna – but Martha not wants to here.

Jack (with walking stick now) encounters ash on the Beach. They argree to meet up later for lunch.

At Noah's, Martha tells ash how alf & Morag are being overprotective. Ash says that he can see their POV.

At the hunter house, jack is talk to Tony about finding a place form Sam when Morag arrives. She wants to talk in private to Tony (jack says that he was about to bail anyway) about ash.

At Noahs, Jack & ash are having that lunch when Tony approaches ash, and wants to talk. jack bails – and Tony REALLY quizzes ash about Riana, Martha etc. ash insists that he WILL leave Rianna – and that he way love Martha.

At the van peak house, alf can’t believe that Morag got Tony involves. The latter arrives – he tells Morag that he TRULY believes what ash is saying this time. Morag isn't convinced.

At diner, Martha sees that ash isn’t looking the best – he tells her about Tony.

Martha enters the van park house – and REALLY lets Morag “have it”, she insists that Morag is only doing this as she (Morag) is an unloved cow who does things like give up her own daughter (Bobby) without batting an eyelid.

Martha exits the room - leaving Morag all but in tears. (end of ep)


Rachel thinks things (re Kit) aren’t working

Sounds like Alf bans Ash from the van park house

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Martha’s white (with red checks) blouse/dark blue (thigh length) shorts

SILVER – Ash’s black & grey wetsuit

BRONZE – Alf’s sky blue (check) button up shirt


Brad’s light blue (“naughts & crosses” grid) long sleeve shirt

Jack’s green “Feel The Need” t shirt

Morag’s cream long jacket & matching long pants/black top combo

Nurse Julie’s white (with blue tri pattern) blouse

Rachel’s red top/dark jacket combo

Sally’s light brown (with vertical stripes) hospital|? PJs

Tony’s red (with a stylish X near left shoulder) polo shirt

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