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Tues 23 Jan 07 - " TOO Alike "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " TOO Alike "

(Screened in Australia on Tues 23 Jan 07 - Episode # 4337)

AUthor Note - i've seen, via Di etc, lots of talk of bttb about others not beinng able to post ep guides here.

My 2 cents worth ....... since Di either texts me either before i've domne my handwritten draft guide, or i've typed my ep guide, i personally don't have an issue with others posting them, esp. when they are similar (or sometimes more) deatailed than mine. Those are my thoughts !!!

As belle continues to try to (in vain) find a way out of the room, Kelli plays the concerned sister at the mansion.

Police & peter ask Amanda what enemies she might have – she suggests maybe project 56 investors, or maybe even belles adopted dad.

Mwnehile, drew arrives at the Beach house. He is surprised when Irene say belle not home. Irene sense something more – but drew won't say. Irene gets phone call form peter.

She &* drew race over to the mansion - where the police inform them that the car Theo used has been found (it was a stolen car).

Kelli goes ousitse – to supposedly ring her & Amanda’s mum but she ringhgs the bald hitman. She says that all is going perfectly.

Baldie then rings Amanda – but he doesn’t stay on line long.

Indeed, police can’t really get a trice – as the used like an overseas/Internet phone line or something.

Dan, Leah, Ryan & Vj arrive – just as drew launches a BIG attack on Amanda (this is all your fault).

Drew &Dan go to diner – drew is surprised that Leah hasn’t told Dan the whole belle thing. Drew then blames himself – “belle got in the other car after I played stupid game”

Amanda tells Irene that she will give the kidnappers anything to get belle back. Amanda doesn't think that belle knows that she loves her, but Irene assures Amanda that belle does.

Kelli goes outside – textyx baldie to ”get her out of there”, and baldie enters the room belle is in.

Kelli re enters mansion - wants to search for belle, but police are listen to the taped Amanda/baldie phone convo. Kelli picks up on a railway crossing sound in background.peter & police race to outskirts of town, enter a house, and find belle’s jacket. They go outside – find belle bound & gagged undersatirs

Peter & police rtn belle to the mansion - all are overjoyed. Bell tells then that she couldn’t hear a thing that was happening outsaid the room she was locked in.

At diner, drew & Dan are way worried about belle – when Dan gets phonal saying she is found & ok.

At mansion, Amanda offers for Bell to stay in her old room, but belle wants to sleep in own (beach house) bed. Amanda hugs belle – who, although clearly kinda uncomfortable, lets her.

Second afetr Irene & belle rtn to the beach house, drew arrives. He wants to talk – ir5ene not keen, but belle agrees.

Belle tells him that that they atre TOO alike to be any good for each other in the long term – and she won’t start a relationship with drew on that basis, esp. when strong, stable, dependable Luke is WAY good for her.

After drew bails, belle (although its rather late) rings Luke – just pleased to hear her voice etc.

Meanwhile, at mansion, Kelli tells Amanda that she came to the bay so they could REALLY connect again (with more than just the occasional phone call of late). Kelli insist that she wants to totally forgot the past (think car accidenT0 and concentrate on future – and the room that was Belle’s) i.e. Kelli sleep there) would be a great start.

When Kelli is gone (to check out of motel). Amanda tells peter that she is V pleased to have Kelli back in her life again, esp. given the past.

Kelli pulls up at side of road – and give the bald hitman an envelope fill of money. He wonders why she kidnapped Belle that let her go. Kelli says that it’s all part of her plan and that “Amanda ruined my life, now I’m going to ruin hers” (end of ep)


Tony & Morag way don’t belief that ash WILL break it off with Rianna. Will ash break Martha’s heart ???

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Belle’s white (with pink laces) sneakers/white jacket/black t shirt/denim jeans combo

SILVER – Kelli’s red (gold mottled) halter neck dress

BRONZE – Amanda’s green & orange plunge V neck dress (with black top beneath)


Dan’s two tone green (horizontal stripes) polo shirt

Drew’s black (unbuttoned) dress shirt/white singlet combo

Irene’s red (scoop neck) t shirt

Leah’s white (white gold speckles round the collar) low cut halter top/red (pretty shorts) shorts

Peter’s light purple button up shirt

Ryan’s orangey/red t shirt

VJ’s dark blue t shirt

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