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Mon 22 Jan 07 - "Pineapple costume optional"

Guest dodge

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Tonight's VERY unofficial eppy title - "Pineapple costume optional"

For the record -

SBSLSC = Summer Bay Surf Life Saving Club

IBH = Irene's Beach House

Recap All about Belle/Lucas/Drew

No credits, just the title screen

Outside Amanda's

Amanda's sister Kelli arrives outside. A hitman-looking oaf is with her in a car.

He asks why she wants to do "this". She tells him not to ask questions.

Inside Amanda's

Peter and Amanda kiss. "Life's too perfect" (can you spell foreshadowing?). Despite this, Amanda laments her failed relationship with her daughter Belle.

Irene's Beach House

Belle is in the kitchen, and Drew approaches the back door. She rushes to shut him out... while he tries to convince her to give up the game. She refuses, sending him on his way. Irene walks out from the hallway, wondering what Belle is thinking.


Ric, Maddy and Alf are discussing the Hawaiian party planned for that night at Noah's bar. Drew walks in, and the young tykes invite him to the party. He exclaims about his crap day, and Alf suggests maybe he shouldn't come if he's got pooey pants about life.


Irene & Belle discuss young Drew. Irene seems to think it would be in Belle's best interest to be honest and end it with Lucas ASAP.


A burglar appears to be trying to disengage a power box or alarm system outside. He makes a few bumps, noticed by Peter and Amanda. Peter investigates as the burglar hides. He finds nothing, and the pair leave for the diner.

Outside SBSLSC

Ric and Alf are setting up for the Hawaiian party. They discuss Colleen being loopy and going overboard with preparations. Belle storms past after her visit to the diner and takes perch looking out over the beach. Ric trails her and invites her to the Hawaiian bash - pineapple costume optional.


The burglar breaks in through the back door. He rummages through a few drawers before finding 'Amanda Vale, Shares Portfolio'.

"I've found it", he says.

Commercial break


Amanda & Peter are at the diner making nice. Belle walks in and tells the pair to get a room. Amanda follows her over to the counter and asks what's wrong. Belle puts her in her place... using the words "skanky ho" somewhere along the way. Peter chimes in trying to protect Amanda. Belle tells him if he can't see the trash he's partnered with, it's his funeral.

Noah's Bar @ SBSLSC

The Hawaiaan party is underway. Colleen introduces Alf to her friend Betty Allsop. She has new dentures :wub: .

Belle arrives. Not in costume. Maddy offers her mocktails, but Belle wants the real thing. Maddy and Ric remind of the last drinking crusade. Drew then arrives. Quickly enough, Alf drags the boys out to help with more setting up, leaving Belle and Maddy to girlchat.


Peter and Amanda chat about Belle's issues. Irene butts in, assuring Amanda whatever's going on isn't her fault. She clues Amanda in that Belle has a whole other world of trouble happening at the moment, but says nothing more.


Belle chats with Ric & Maddy some more, while Drew seems to be tuning a lady or two. Meanwhile, Colleen continues to chaperone for clueless Alf & woeful Betty. Alf wonders what the flamin' woman is on, and suggests perhaps the pair have OD'd on their hormone replacement pills.

Drew and Belle are left alone to take each other on about their situation until Ric & Maddy diffuse the situation.


Peter & Amanda return home. Amanda whines that Irene told her very little about what was going on and how she wishes she had Belle in her life. She trails off, then discovers the broken glass in the kitchen.


Alf, Betty & Colleen saga continues. Ric manages to create a diversion for Alf to avoid putting up with the old fogies. Elsewhere, Belle has had enough of Drew macking with the ladies... and runs out.

Outside SBSLSC

Drew chases Belle down the beach. They argue about their feelings, Drew claiming he'd not bother move on if Belle actually wanted to call Lucas, end it, and be with him. Belle doesn't cave, instead turning to walk away. A random (a guy who earlier in the surf club asked Belle why she wasn't in Hawaiian dress) asks Belle if Drew is giving her trouble and if she needs a lift. Oblivious, she accepts, and hops into his car.

On road in random guy's car

Belle and the guy chat about Drew. The guy misses both Belle's turns, and she gets worried. She asks him to let her out, but he doesn't comply. The random then locks the doors. Belle shrinks in her seat.

Commerical break


The Alf Colleen Betty story comes to a head. Colleen insists to Alf if he doesn't like her he should let her down gently. Betty is doing a ridiculous "love dance".

Ric & Maddy discuss some stuff, and Drew re-appears. They ask how Belle is. He says she appears fine, and everything's ok. He doesn't look very convincing though. The tension is broken by Betty wailing, grabbing her handbag, and leaving in tears.

Random house

The random guy drags Belle down a hallway, as she struggles to escape his clutches. Kelli and the oaf guy from before appear. They take Belle and lock her up... and dismiss the guy, also telling him not to ask any questions... his job is done. He goes.


Pete and Amanda talk to the cops. They notice no incidentals or expensive stuff gone.

Random house

Belle struggles in the lock up room, pleading with them to let her go. She sobs.


The lady of the house checks a cupboard. She sees no portfolio. She tells the police it's what's missing. The phone then rings.

Amanda answers. It's the oaf. He tells her to listen carefully. They have Belle. If Amanda complies, no harm will be done. She begs with them not to do anything to her. She turns to Peter. "They have her, they've got Belle" she cries.

Commercial break

Random house

Belle continues her struggle, once again breaking down in sobs.

In the outer room, Kelli tells the oaf this is payback - Amanda ruined her life, now she's going to ruin hers. "It's been a long time coming." She takes her leave, presumably for Amanda's place.


Amanda is frantic. During the ruckus, Kelli arrives. Amanda is surprised to see her and goes over to hug her, then she asks what she's doing in town.

End of ep


Kelli's setting up to ruin Amanda's life, and it's working like a charm. "And it's only just begun".

Stay cool peeps.

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coool review, dodge .... and here's my usual added extras ...

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Maddie’s white halter bikini top/white Hawaiian skirt combo

SILVER – Maddie’s pink singlet top/sky blue, barky grey & orange long skirt combo

BRONZE – Colleen’s dark & light blue (floral) blouse/red long pants combo


Alf’s yellow (with blue tropical huts) Hawaiian shirt

Amanda’s green & orange plunge V neck dress (with black top beneath)

Amanda’s green, yellow & brown horizontal stripes helter neck top

Belle’s white jacket/black t shirt combo

Belle’s sleeveless sheepskin jacket etc (see Fri)/red Converse shoes combo

Betty’s red (tropical themed) Hawaiian shirt

Colleen’s red (tropical themed) Hawaiian shirt

Drew’s black (unbuttoned) dress shirt/white singlet combo

Irene’s red t shirt

Kelli’s red (with gold mottled) halter neck dress

Peter’s light purple button up shirt

Ric’s royal blue (with yellow seahorse etc motif) Hawaiian shirt

Ric’s white (with black silhouettes) t shirt

Theo’s light green Hawaiian shirt

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