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Fri 19 Jan 07 - " The Right Thing To Do"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " The Right Thing To Do"

(Screened in Australia on Fri 19 Jan 07 - Episode # 4335)

In the diner, Sam, jack & rory are talking about spending the night watching movies. Rory hopes that there aren’t any with kissing in them.

Later. This trio is at the hospital – and Sam is taking jack through some physio exercises when nurse Julie enters the room. She tells Sam that her landlord is on the phone.

Whilst Sam is our of the room, jack & Rory talk to each other. Rory seems encouraged at how close jack is to Sam.

When Sam returns to the room, she says that her landlord is about to WAY put up the rent on their flat. Rory is NOT impressed when Sam suggests they’ll have to move AGAIN.

Jack then suggests that he can move in with Sam & Rory (to help pay rent – after all, he doesn’t exactly want to go back to the bachelor pad and cramp the newlywed’s [Rachel etc] style. Sam thinks its all too soon for that – and Rory is visibly unimpressed with his mum.

Later, Sam & Rory are at the diner – and Rory is all but pleading from Sam to let jack move in, but Sam is steadfast in her views.

Soon after, when Sam returns from the bathroom, Rory isn’t at their table. She asks the nearby Alf is he saw Rory leave the diner. Alf inisnsiust that he was not pay attn to Rory.

When jack arrives at the diner, Sam is worried that her hubby's ppl have abducted Rory – and things aren’t helped when Alf & drew say that they couldn’t find nearby.

Sam insists that jack should call the police –0 but as she does, jack gets a call on his mobile. He tells dam that Rory is at the hunter house.

Sam & jack ghoe to said house – and althoiugh pleased to see her son again, and NOT keen that jhe scared her like that. Rory IS however keen when Sam suggests that they’ll find a way to stick around the bay.

At the diner, Alf, Leah & Irene comment that Brad is not surprisingly spending every waking minute at the hospital with sally.

Leah suggests that she is going t9o clean Brad’s place (the diner flat) today. She asks bell for help – who agrees, until drew also agrees to help.

Belle charges out of the diner and onto the beach – followed by drew. He insists that he knows that she still feels something for him. Belle denies this.

Belle then goes over to the hunter house – where, just before she arrived, Luke was making sure that everything looked just right. Both are way nervous (for didffe5rent reasons) but bell is keen to get this (Luke’s 1st time) t9 happen. Indeed, they are waaaaaaaaaaaay kissing – but then belle hears drew’s words in her head. She insists t to Luke that things ARE going to fast. She then bails.

Meanwhile, drew isn’t in the best of moods either – “thworowing” chairs about the diner, but he won’t open up to Leah bailout it.

He goes into the diner flat, and sees that belle isn’t there. He looks out the door – and sees belle at the nearby boat shed. He approaches her – and insists that she doesn’t look at Luke the way that she looks at him. Drew then kisses belle – and cops a slap across the face for his troubles. She then runs away.

3soonbn after, Leah enters the diner flat – and drew tells her what’s going on, whilst Irene encounters belle on the beach near the diner. Irene notes that belle has been crying and she hugs belle.

Bell talk to Irene. She says that she is way confused about whits happened. She knows that she loves Luke – and that he is waaay dependable and sweet, but she feels things are much more intense when she is with drew.

Soon after, belle approaches Luke. She apologises for all the weirdness that’s gone on – and is looking fwd to being with him.

They both are about to bail when Luke gets a phone call. whilst he takes the call, belle approaches drew (sit outside diner) and insists that she is with Luke – it’s the right thing to do.

Like then approaches – he says that he has scored a place on a writer’s retreat (for his poetry that belle send in without his knowledge initially).

Bell looks uneasy with news – whilst drew smiles THAT cheeky smile of his !!! (end of ep)


Sounds like Sally regains her memory of what happened ???

Belle is kidnapped – looks like a woman from Amanda’s past is involved !!!

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Leah’s white (with gold specks around the collar) low cut halter top

SILVER – Belle’s sleeveless sheepskin jacket/black singlet top/black short skirt (with white, studded belt) combo

BRONZE – Luke’s black & white check pattern button up “dress” shirt


Drew’s dark green board shorts/white singlets combo

Irene’s red t shirt

Jack’s marron (jungle motif?) t shirt

Rory’s yellow (motif unknown) t shirt

Sam’s olive green polo shirt

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