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Thurs 18 Jan 07 - " Jack’s First Time "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Jack’s First Time "

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 18 Jan 07 - Episode # 4334)

Note –Due to various circumstances, this guide is less detailed than usual.

Belle & Luke are at the diner, and belle is being rather affectionate with Luke – he comments that she is perhaps going over top the top.

Soon after, Luke bails – and drew approaches belle. He suggests that she has all over Luke because of her feelings for drew (trying to overcompensate). Belle tells him to get lost.

Later, juts as bell is looking fwd to spenomng a night watching dvds with Luke, he tells her that he’s invited drew along – and things are strained all night theen them.

When Luke confronts them, Both insist that its all in Luke’s hed – however, when drew bails, belle tells Luke that there is tension as drew wants her to kiss and make up with Amanda (like he has with peter) but belle says that its not that simple.

Later, when belle has long since gone home, Jack arrives home from his latest date with Sam. Luke tell him that he is concerned that belle is more experience than he is – and that he wants her 1str time to be perfect.

Jack then surprises Luke when he tells his younger brother of his 1st time – which took place in the family home (with Luke etc home art the time). Jack sais that he covered the sounds that he & his sex partner were making by playing some music REALLY loudly,

Meanwhile, Macca clearly isn’t impressed with Cassie;s decisions to stay bayside for the time being. He doesn’t say anything to her – but even as they are hugging you can see it on his face.

At the police station, ash tries to worm his way out of Morag busting him (with the adultery news). Morag insists that if ash doesn’t tell Martha she will.

Indeed, soon after, Morag is at the diner, and she is about to tell Martha the truth when ash arrives.

As they walk on the beach near diner, ash tells Martha that he is married with 2 kids. Martha tells him to get away form her –0 but ash insists that he is only still with his wife because of their kids (and hasn’t found the right time to break up with her).

Cassie rtens the vph, and hears someone crying. Martha explains what’s happened, and Cassie tells her that (just like with her with Macca) Martha has too follow her heart.

Martha agios to the police station and talks to ash – she says that she is willing to continue their relationship for now (and the hug).

When Martha returns to the vph, Alf & Morag BOTH can’t believe it when she says that she will continue to see Ash – and she gives them a “spray” about it for their troubles. (end of ep)


Belle has to choose tween Luke &^Drew – she speaks to Irene about it.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Belle’s yellow (white red & grey dessert-scape motif) singlet top/dark green pleated short skirt combo

SILVER – Drew’s black (with red, white & green flowers motif) t shirt

BRONZE – Jack’s green, yellow & white (with – in yellow - the number 5 on the left side of his chest) polo shirt


Alf’s white (with blue vertical stripes) button up shirt

Cassie’s hot pink hooded top/black top beneath/khaki long pants combo

Luke’s orange polo shirt

Macca’s light blue business shirt/dark long pants combo Martha’s green spaghetti strap top

Morag’s black top/black long sleeve jacket combo

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