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Wed 18 Jan 07 - " Shouldn’t Have Turned My Back On You "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Shouldn’t Have Turned My Back On You "

(Screened in Australia on Wed 18 Jan 07 - Episode # 4333)

At the hospital, Sally continues to stir – to the Point where rocco calls for help. Dr young and more other medics enter – and removes things like that tube that’s been helping sally breath form her mouth.

All (Martha, Ric, Alf, Morag, brad) are really pleased that sally has remained consciousness – and they are curious to know who did this to her, so as sally remembers kissing brad at the school, and hearing someone behind her in the car park, we also see Rocco packing his things at the hostel.

Trying as she might though, sally can’t remember.

Meanwhile, Cassie is busy trying to sort out her & macca’s new home – as he leaves for work on 1st day of new jib. We can see that there are messages on their tucked away answering machine.

At the hostel, rocco is about to bail (bag in hand) when Ric arrives at his door. Ric says that sally REALLY wants to speak to Rocco.

When Rocco goes to the hospital, sally “suggests” to the likes of alf, brad. Colleen etc that she wants to speak to rocco alone. When they are, sally tells him that she REALLY rejects turning her back on him for the mistake he made (not tell them that he was still with johnny’s gang). Although rocco isn't sure, sally INSISTS that he move back into the van park house.

At Cassie’s nerwe place, she sees that there are messages on the ans machine – she listens to one (Ric says that sally is in the hospital).

Casssie reaces to the hospital and is so pleased to see Sally alive & well – whilst rocco enters the police sation wanting to talk to his brother.

When he bought interview that interview room, rocco tells johhny that sally (although alive) doesn’t remember a thing. Johnny STILL insists that Rocco MUST finish sally off. Rocco tells him that he has accepted sally’s offer to move back in – and that he is NO LONGER taking orders from Johnny.

Elsewhere, Macca arrives home, and doesn’t seem that keen that the place is still a disorganised mess. He sees a note on the stove form Cassie.

Macca then goes to the hospital – where he (both verbally and in terms of his body language) is NOT impressed that Cassie has rushed back to her old life like this.

As Martha waits for Colleen (to give her a life to the hospital – after hearing the good news that sally is awake), she gives Ash a ring on her mobile.

Ash goes outside his house, so Martha can’t hear his noisy kids. Ash tells Martha that he is looking for the seeing her later today.

Ash then goes back inside and has breakfast with his wife Rianna and his 2 kids (Jess & Decklan).

Soon after, he says goodbye to his family – and whine he is in his car, he removes his wedding ring.

Later, ash arrives back in the bay. We meets with Martha in the diner – and Morag is clrealy still happy to see them to9gether.

Martha & ash go outside the diner, and after Martha talks about how in love sally & brad are (and she Martha goes back inside the eatery), ash is shjhcoked to see that his wife has brought herself & the kids to the bay.

He approaches them – and suggest that it’s a bad day for the Beach today – and that they should spend another day (a bit further down the track) at the beach.

Morag, nmeabnwehile, has exited the diner and sees ash talk to the woman & children.

When ash has bailed, Morag approaches the woman – and is ether intrigued when Riana introduces herself as ash’s wife !!

Soon after, Morag goes to the police sation =-- where she confronts ash about his wife and kids. Morag insists that she wants to know EVERYTHING !!!! (end of ep)


Ash tells Martha the truth – she doen' take it well

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Jess’s white (with multi colour polka dots and wide hot pink band across the chest) v neck top/hot pink shorts combo

SILVER – Cassie’s hot pink hooded top/black top beneath/khaki long pants combo

BRONZE – Rianna’s red (slightly frilly) singlet top/faded denim jeans combo


Ash’s light blue & whiote rugby jumper

Colleen’s red (with gold sehorse motif) blouse

Decklan’s blue & white striped t shirt

Macca’s light blue business shirt/dark long pants combo

Martha’s green spaghetti strap top

Ric’s yellow (with ythin blue stripes) polo shirt

Rocco’s dark blue (with red Norton logo) t shirt

PS - DId anyone miss me ??????

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