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Come What May

Guest -ParaisGal-

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Story Title: Come What May

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Jack and Martha

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D

Summary: The lives of Jack and Martha.

-Note- I know I’ve done one similar to this, but different at the same time. I don’t know just how long this fic’ll be, it may be short it may be long. This fic is to replace Childhood, which isn't being continued.

Chapter One

“I’m coming I’m coming.” She mumbled, getting up slowly to Lillie’s call. Lillie, short for Lilliana, her two year old daughter was her world, basically. She’d discovered that her short relationship with Ash had left her pregnant, two months exact. She loathed Lillie’s father but that was no reason for her to loathe Lillie. She hurried into Lillie’s room, it was really a tiny room adjoining from her own, in a tiny flat near the city. She’d moved when she’d discovered she was pregnant. She didn’t want all the sympathy she’d get, all the pity for being pregnant with a love child. A love child who’s father didn’t know she existed, and besides he already had two children and a wife. She let her out of her crib, pulling the brown haired girl into her arms, smiling. She had her own eyes, Martha’s pretty blue eyes “Alright Lillie, let’s get you some breakfast.” She said, padding her way into the kitchen. This little room was all that she could afford, not much more. When the toaster popped up, she removed the toast from the toaster, and buttered the toast, putting vegemite on the toast “Eat quickly, remember mummy has work.” She reminded her. Lillie came into work with her every day, and everyone at work loved her. There was a small kids room, for the single parent workers at the city café.


“I’m here!” Martha called, following Lillie into the café.

“Hey Martha.” Louise, the boss, greeted her “How are you Miss Lillie?” She asked, bending down to Lillie’s level.

“Good.” She said, giving her a small, shy grin she always gave. Lillie was more reserved than Martha, she didn’t take after Ash or Martha in that way which surprised Martha. But she guessed she’d grow out of it.

“I think Chloe’s looking for you sweetie.” She told her, indicating to the older customer who loved having Lillie sit with her.

Martha watched Lillie run over to Chloe.

“She doesn’t seem anything like that guy you told us was her father, she doesn’t look the faintest like him. He has black hair, she has brown. She has your blue eyes and he has gray. She doesn’t have either of your noses, or your ears or mouth. She has a cheeky little half smile.”

“You notice a lot.” She said with a sigh, watching as Chloe gave Lillie some of her cookie “Just stop it alright? I hate this as much as the next person but I can’t do anything about it, that’s the problem.” She said with a frown “Just leave it.”



I know, extremely short. But the action isn’t in the first couple of chapters, so I’m posting the first two.

Chapter Two

“Alright Miss Lillie we’re going home.” She called to her daughter five hours later, as she sat with a different customer.

“No!” She said stubbornly, enjoying her chat with Martin, another customer who she got along really well with, and who was in the process of giving her a nice amount of lollies.

“Yes Lillie. Come on.” She said, walking over and picking her up “If Martin comes in tomorrow you’ll see him then.” She tried bargaining with her.

“Come tomorrow?” She asked him, her face lighting up, and she grinned at his nod.

“Let’s get you home.” Martha said, unable to hold back her laugh.


Jack sighed as he sat in Noah’s Bar after work that night. Martha had been missing three years and nobody had heard anything from her, and he wished someone had heard something. Not even Alf knew anything, and that was strange because he was her grandfather.

“Still missing Martha?” Tony asked, heading in. Tony knew all too well that his son had never stopped loving Martha, and still did. That was why Jack hadn’t had a girlfriend.

“Yeah.” He admitted, looking at the drink in his hand.

“Mate I don’t think she’s coming back I’m sorry.” He said, putting his arm on Jack’s shoulder.

“It’s been three years what if something happened to her?” He asked him.

“Martha knows where you live.” He reminded him.

“She probably thinks I don’t love her.” He said, holding his head in his hands.

“She’ll come round mate.” Alf said from the bar “If I knew I’d tell you mate but, I just don’t.” He said. Alf felt like Jack, helpless.



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Dedicated to Becky, for her amazing help with the videos. Much appreciated.

Chapter Three

“Alright Lillie, go hang out with Martin.” Martha relented, smiling at Martin in greeting. She smiled, it was four days after she’d seen Martin. Lillie had seen him the day after like promised but he was there again “Do you go to any other café, Martin?” She asked as she walked over to Lillie and handed her the toys she’d brought for her.

“Not really.” Said the elderly gentleman “No other café’s have the same staff, or this sweet child.” He said, indicating to Lillie in his lap.

“You’re wife loves her too.” Martha said, smiling.

“Chloe loves all children. But we don’t always come in at the same time.” He said, giving Lillie a tickle.

“Alright, well I better get to work. Be a good girl Lillie!” She said, walking back to the counter.


Morag headed into a little café, determined to see if this was where Martha worked. She’d finally managed to track her down but it had been difficult, Martha had hidden her tracks well, almost as if she’d known Morag was going to look for her. It had taken Morag three years but she was pretty sure she’d found her. Right away she knew she had. There was Martha at the counter. She looked a little different but that was about it. She definitely looked older “Hello Martha.” Morag said calmly as she approached her grand niece.

Martha looked up when she heard her name called, stunned to find who it was. She almost had a slight fear in her eyes, she didn’t want to be seen here, she didn’t want to be seen by anyone at Summer Bay. She turned and hurriedly walked out the back, away from her aunty. She sighed as she leaned hard against the wall.

“Go talk to her.” Louise said calmly, making Martha jump.

“What? I don’t know what you mean.” She tried to brush it off “I’m not going out there.”

Suddenly Jenny’s voice came out “Martha! Lillie hit her head.”

Martha glared at Louise “Get her for me, please?” She begged.

“None of us will get her for you. Get her yourself, she’s your kid. Besides I’m sure you’re aunty won’t bite.” She said calmly, determined to make Martha talk to her family.

“Fine.” She snapped, heading out.

Morag seemed a bit confused as to why Martha was being called to a child but it soon became apparent when the crying child called her mummy “You have a daughter?” Morag asked confused.

“So what?” She snapped, picking Lillie up “Just go, Morag. Just go.” She said, heading back out.


“I asked to meet with you both for a reason.” Morag stated, looking at the pair.

“What’s going on?” Jack and Alf both asked, confused.

“I just saw Martha.” She said calmly.

“Where?” Jack asked, jumping up and ready to race over.

“In the city. She has a little girl too.” She said.

“A little girl? How old?” Jack asked.

“About two or three. My guess is that Martha presumed the baby was Ashton Nader’s, and left quickly when she discovered that fact.” She added.

“Really?” He asked.

“Yes. I’ll take you there now.” She said, walking out and being followed by Jack and Alf.


Martha sighed, she was about to head into work after her lunch break and run in with her aunty “Alright let’s go.” She said to Lillie, holding her hand.

Five minutes later she walked into the café and went out the back.

“Martha come here for a minute.” Louise called.

She headed out, slightly confused and then she realised what. Jack, Alf and Morag were there. She went to rush back outside but Jenny shoved her back out the front.

“Martha please.” Jack said softly.

“Mummy!” Lillie called, running to her mum grinning “Lollies!” She whispered as Martha picked her up.

“Really?” She asked, trying to act normal. She looked at Jack, who was watching her.

Alf looked at both Morag and Jack and said to Morag “Let’s leave them here.” He said quietly.

Jack looked gratefully at Morag and Alf, looking straight at Martha “Let’s sit down.” He suggested, leading her to a chair.

Martha looked straight at the ground, not wanting to talk.

“Is this your daughter?” He asked, trying to make conversation.


“That’s why you left? Because you didn’t want us to know?” He asked, not angry.

“Yep, that’s why. But it doesn’t matter that you know because that’s it. I’ve got a job and Lillie relies on the life here so I’m not leaving. Go back to Summer Bay and forget about me, like I want to be. Don’t bother trying to contact me, and don’t tell anyone about Lillie.” She warned him.

“Are you positive she’s Ash’s daughter?” He asked, unsure of the dates.

“Yep. So don’t go sticking your head in.” She said, holding tightly onto Lillie “I found out I was two months pregnant after I found out about Ash, and we’d been together for around that time I’m pretty sure.”

“So the dates could be wrong, since you aren’t positive. Is there is a chance that Lillie could be my daughter?” He asked.

That stopped Martha. She thought to everyone’s comments about Lillie, how she looked nothing like Ash “I’m nearly definitely sure she’s not.” She said firmly.

“Did you do a paternity test?” He asked, not getting upset.

“What’s the point, she’s Ash’s daughter.”

“Does he know about her?” He asked.

“Nope, and he never will.” She said firmly “You and the two others who know are not to tell him he has a daughter, understand? I don’t want him stepping in.”

“What would you do if I asked to have Lillie paternity tested?” Jack asked calmly “If she’s my daughter I’d rather like to know.” He pointed out, looking at the dark haired girl “She looks nothing like Ash.” He, like many others, let Martha know.

“You’d actually ask for her to be paternity tested?” She asked.

“If she’s my daughter than yes, I’d like to.” He said with a shrug “I’d like to know her.” He said.

“Are you sure?” She asked “What will Sam say?” She asked innocently.

“Sam and I ended after you left. We agreed that it just wasn’t working out, due to some complications.”

“Whatever.” She said with a shrug “Have it your way, if you’re desperate we can have her paternity tested.” She said, standing up and holding Lillie tight “We can do it now, if you’re okay with that. I’m finished work.” She shrugged “Well, sort of but they’ll let me go anyway.”


“Jack? Martha?” Rachel called them a week later as they entered her office, Lillie on Martha’s lap and in Martha’s secure grasp.

"Whose her dad?" Jack asked.

NEXT: Who is Lillie's dad?


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YAY Paris started a new fic!!!!.... This is great i love it :).... oooo it is sooo Jacks YAY.... Now Martha can move back to summer bay... Get back together with Jack... and they can happily skip off into the sunset... :rolleyes: but something tells me cause this is Paris fic that wont be happeing <_< lol welll great three chapters Miss Paris cant wait for an update :)


<3 Tiff

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