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Tue 16 Jan 07 - "Stirring"

Guest dodge

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Tonight's very unofficial episode title... "Stirring"

For the record:

NDH = Northern Districts Hospital

YBPS = Yabbie Creek Police Station


Kim & Kit discuss the baby bombshell

The doctors explain - Sally's wound is a stab wound

Rocco denies knowing anything when quizzed by Ric & Martha

Sally's vitals drop as the surgery draws to a close.

Title screen, no credits


Rach applies the shocks to Sal as she flatlines. Eventually she is revived.

Rach comes out into the waiting area and explains to the gathered crowd that she has gotten through the operation. Alf asks "Why the long face then"... Rach basically implies that she's yet to regain consciousness, and they don't know when she will.

Kim & Rachel's pad

Kit comes by, making small talk about Sally. She spots photos on the bench of Kim & Rachel's wedding from just a week earlier, and eventually turns talk to the baby issue. Kim says he simply can't walk away...

NDH - Sal's Room

The immediate family trots into the ICU where Sal lies motionless. Amongst those are Alf, Martha, Ric, Morag... and at Alf's insistence, Brad.

Alf: "When I get my hands on the mongrel who did this..."


Peter is interviewing Johnny. He tries to get info out of him, but Johnny refuses to speak, and pushes Peter to the point where he manhandles Johnny to the floor, making threats about prison unless he speaks. Eventually an officer pulls Peter off Johnny... and as he leaves, warns the crim to watch his back

NDH - Sal's Room

Dan comes in, informing Ric that Johnny said nothing. Ric continues to stress about who did it and Johnny's involvement, and realises that Rocco must be able to get some information out of Johnny. Ric & Martha leave for Rocco's Apartment, and Brad takes some time out for some fresh air. Left with Sal, Alf laments to Morag how he's let Sally down after promising to protect her after Flynn died.

Commerical break

Rocco's pad

Ric and the girls try to extract info out of the young bloke, eventually convincing him to talk to Johnny about who might have done it.

Kim & Rachel's pad

Rachel comes in, highly emotional after performing the surgery on Sal. She laments that she may not have been able to save her friend, but Kim reminds her that any other doctor may not have even kept her alive. She then goes onto say she doesn't think she could deal with another bad thing happening.

Hunter House

In a flash we see Kim visit Kit at the Hunter residence (BTW, HOW LONG HAS THIS NIGHT BEEN GOING ON? Geez it must be hitting the 'a.m.' hours by now, surely!). Kim regrettably informs Kit he can't handle, nor can Rach, being involved with this baby. With this decision under their belt, they decide Rach never needs to know, and that Kim is happy to chip in financially.


Rocco comes in to talk to Johnny. Johnny, in a very low and whispery tone the whole time, tells Rocco he has to finish what he started. Rocco initially says a very resounding no, but as Johnny continues to guilt and manipulate the kid into it, he starts to waiver.

Outside in the waiting area, Rocco comes out and informs the gathered (Martha, Maddie and Ric) he couldn't get a peep out of him. Johnny is then led out right behind, and Ric goes

up to him, grabbing him by the scuffs and threatening him, before being pulled away by Peter.

NDH - Sal's room

Alf & Morag take their leave, allowing Brad some alone time with his newly-annointed (and newly-near-death) girlfriend. He tells her how deeply he feels for her, trying to talk her out of the coma. He tells her

Brad: "I need you Sal"

:o A NEW DAY!!!! :o

Summer Bay Beach

As we see our first glimpse of the wonderous (real life) Palm Beach for 2007, Rach is taking an early morning stroll above the beach. She looks down and notices Beth and Kit walking along. Upon closer inspection, she sees Kit's belly...

Kim & Rachel's pad

Rach comes home, telling Kim she just saw the weirdest thing... judging from his continued silence, Rach begins to break away, saying "no, oh no..."

Commercial break

Rach continues to back away, telling an extremely OTT apologetic Kim not to touch her. She says she can't deal with this right now - then scampers off to their room, while Kim makes his way to the front deck to wallow.

NDH - Sal's room

Rocco enters. Alf thanks him for talking to Johnny... and reinforces the "if we get the mongrel who did this" line.

Kim & Rachel's pad

With Kim on the front deck thinking, Rach comes out. He immediately hits the apology button again - "I am so sorry". Rach sits with him, lamenting how it's all a cruel joke - they're being pushed and pushed til they break. She says she'll deal with it, as long as they love each other it will work itself out. They reassure one another of their love, and kiss.

Hunter house

Maddie has learned that Kit's up the duff - and is trying to elicit info from her about it. As she asks Kit who the father is, Kim & Rach appear at the door, ready to nut it all out with Kit. Rach assures Kit she's ok with everything and says as long as they're all honest, there should never be a problem.

Commercial break

NDH - Sal's room

The entire ensemble in the room (Alf, Martha, Ric, Morag and Brad) are told by Morag herself that they "need sustenance and fresh air", leaving Rocco alone with his attempted murder victim.

He goes to pull her air tube out... hesitates, and then instead goes straight for the power point. Before he flicks the switch, Sal begins to take obvious breaths, and is starting to stir. Will Rocco flick the switch?

End of ep

PROMO What's your first thought when you wake up in the morning? Sally's about to wake up... to the man who tried to kill her. What will happen next? Also, will Martha finally learn the truth about her boyfriend's double life? Tomorrow... on Home & Away.

There you have it ladies and gents... Sal's alive!!!

Hope you enjoyed it :wink: .

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another cool ep guide, dodge ......

here's my usual addition .....

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Rachel’s blue & orange halter top

SILVER – Beth’s sky blue crossover top

BRONZE – Morag’s brown & gold v neck long sleeve button up shirt


Alf’s bright blue button up shirt

Johnny’s black leather jacket

Kimmy’s white (all life energy) t shirt

Kit’s violet wide collar top

Kit’s orange wide collar top

Maddie’s mustard crossover top (with dark colour top neath)

Peter’s brown button up shirt./black jacket combo

Rachel’s red (with yellow specs al over) dress

Ric’s white (with thin blu horizontal stripes) polo shirt

Rocco’s block (with gold train? Silhouette) t shirt

Rocco’s dark blue (with red Norton logo) t shirt

Amanda’s red “V spangly collared” top

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