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The Old Abattoir Re-written

Guest Lilone

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Story Title: The Old Abattoir Re-written

Type of story: One shot

Main Characters: Peter and Zoe

Genre: Drama

BTTB rating: T

Does story include spoilers: no

Is story being proof read: No

Any warnings: Violence (V/D)

Summary: My version to what happens when Peter meets Zoe at the abbitoir but will what will happen?

Peter stared at the e-mail that was on his screen right before his eyes, this time he knew he was able to meet Zoe on his own. Tracey had gone home for the night and well Jack was too hooked up in wedding plans he wouldn’t notice him popping out to see his rival who would take any chance to kill him.

Pete was about to close the e-mail when he suddenly stopped as he thought ‘This could help me out!’

He left the e-mail on his screen as he took a deep breath before reaching for his gun, he made sure that their was ammo in there just encase he needed support.

Peter drove his car towards the old abattoir; he was nervous, very nervous in fact.

He looked around as he slowly got out of the car drawing his gun for protection.

He looked over at a ‘no exit’ door; he tried to gain access through the door but no luck. He then started to head towards the back of the abattoir.

He arrived at the back no one was around. It was empty. “What the hell am I thinking, as if she would want me here with people around”

Peter walked further round the back until he saw a flat white sitting next to a duck on a window ledge, he raced over to the flat white taking a sip and a deep breath.

“Ahhhh…. Just what I needed” Pete said before dropping the cup and hitting his face, “Get into reality Peter Baker, we have to catch Zoe” he said to himself.

“Zoeeeeee” Pete shouted as he chuckled to himself walking up a set of stairs.

As he walked into a silent room he saw a shadow moving behind him, he quickly turned around still holding his gun but no one was there.

He was about to walk into a different room when he had a feeling that someone was behind him, he quickly turned and was hit round the face with a bat, Pete dropped the floor as his gun slid out of his hands.

Zoe picked up the gun and raced out of the room. Pete slowly got up holding his cheek running after Zoe who was now in control with his gun.

“Zoe come on surely you didn’t want me here just to hit me with your bat?”

He came to a stop when he noticed Zoe hiding behind door; he took a deep breath as he entered the room with no weapon. Zoe grabbed him from behind with the gun leant against his back.

“Well, well detective Baker we met again”

“Who are you?” Pete said sarcastically knowing full well who she was.

Zoe showed herself as she slowly removed her balaclava, She was still pointing the gun at Peter, “Turn around”

“I feel like a little kid again”

Zoe looked at Peter in confusion as she said “What?!”

“Well you know when your young, you play cops and robbers well with you holding my hands like that I feel like a robber” he said laughing at her.

“Shut up and get in there!” she shouted as she pushed him into another room.

He suddenly stopped and turned to face Zoe as he said “You only wanted me here so you could hold my hand”

Zoe just gave him a stern look as she said “Sit down, on your hands”

Pete quickly sat down on his hands as he watched Zoe shut them in a room.

“So what did you have for dinner last night?” Peter asked as Zoe walked back over towards him.

Zoe stood back in confusion as she asked, “I have shown myself after hiding from you for over a ear and you ask me about my meal last night?!”

“Excuse me for trying to make conversation” Peter replied giggling.

“I’m the one in control here you know” Zoe said reminding Peter.

“Yeah ok so if you’re in control you start talking”

“Your such a fool”

“Me?” Pete looked at her in shock

“No I’m talking about you girlfriend Tracey” she replied sarcastically

He started to laugh as he said “Yeah so what if she is my girlfriend I don’t see anyone that you are with around here Zoe”

“Don’t take the **** Peter I mean it”

Ok I’m so sorry I really am” he said giving Zoe a baby face look.

“Being serious now, how did you survive?” Peter asked looking deadly serious.

“You’re the detective you should know these answers already”

“I will say I’m smart but I’m no physic”

“Once you and that Perfect Fletcher got out I knew it was going to blow so I ran as fast as I could once I kicked the door open”

Peter just laughed at her saying, “Really?”

“Yes really do you want to hear my story or not?”

“No please go on I’m intrigued” Peter said sarcastically.

“Well I survived and I’m here now and I am going to finish you off!”

“Why me” Pete said acting all innocent.

“Just get up” Zoe shouted as she pulled Peter to his feet, “Well It’s been nice knowing you” Peter said.

“What the hell, I am just about to kill him…. Is he on drugs or something?” Zoe thought to herself as the weak detective sounded like he wanted to be killed.

Pete stopped in front of Zoe as she said, “Stop”

Zoe looked up at Pete who had a massive grin n his face for some unknown reason, “Your strange!” she said as she went to pull the trigger.

“Peter?” Jack yelled as he entered the room next door.

Zoe realised that this was her only chance to kill Peter so she pulled the tripper.

Pete just stood still as nothing happen. Zoe was confused. She pulled the trigger again but nothing happened.

Pete just looked at her as he grinned; he quickly grabbed her wrist as he placed “Get off me!” Zoe shouted as she tried to free herself. handcuffs on her.

Jack raced into the room as he helped Peter place the handcuff on her other wrist.

Peter threw Zoe to the floor,

“Those guns are good for something’s”

“Jack radio the station and tell backup they are no longer needed”


“Just do it”

Jack listened to his boss and radioed the station.

Peter just kept smiling at Zoe, he had caught her and he had won.

He picked her up and took her back into the room where she made him sit.

“Sit down, I would say on your hands but you can’t” he said laughing at her.

Jack looked over at Peter as he wondered what the hell he was up to, “Jack go and wait outside, keep the door open just encase I need you but I doubt it”

Jack followed his instructions once again as he made his way outside.

“Now were all alone, I wonder what we can talk about?”

Zoe just remained silent as she saw Peter look at her and laughing at her.

“I know, lets start with me being smart” he said as he sat in front of Zoe so she had to see him smiling at her.

“You know I knew this day would come but I must admit not this soon”

“This isn’t like you Zoe, being all quite I thought you might have had something to say”

“Zoe, you still there?” Pete asked sarcastically.

“Is it only me who is enjoying this conversation?”

Pete leaned further towards Zoe as he shook her handcuffs, “Well there not coming off anytime soon”

As Pete was about to give her another sarcastic remark, he felt Zoe come further towards him, as he moved his head he felt Zoë’s lips touching his.

Zoe began to kiss him passionately, he hegan to kiss her back before quickly pulling away saying, “ What the hell!”

“See I knew that would wipe that smile off your face” she said.

“Get lost,” he replied still in shock.

“Can’t you tell you haven’t kissed Tracey yet”

“So what if I haven’t” he replied not knowing what to say, he was still in shock after the kiss.

“Looks like Detective Baker isn’t what he is cut out to be after all?”

“Shut it Zoe, I won”

“Jack come and take her away I have had my say”

Jack entered the room, he headed straight over to Zoe and he stood her up taking her out of the room.

Peter stood and watched as Zoe turned around giving him a wink before leaving the room.

Peter was confused he couldn’t believe what had just happened, he shouldn’t have liked the kiss. He hated the woman but that kiss just gave him a warm feeling inside.

“No way!” Peter said as he stood up straight following Jack and Zoe to the police car.



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