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Little Boy Lost

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Little Boy Lost

"Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la…" The door slammed shut in our faces, knocking the song sheet from my hands. I sighed deeply as I bent down, plunging my hand into the small torrent of water that was running down the street. I fished around and grabbed it, pulling gently at the soggy mess, as to keep it from ripping. Not that I would have cared if it had.

"This is pointless" I told them "Nobody wants to hear our useless warbling, and it's freezing out here." I rubbed my bare arms and shivered fiercely, desperately trying to prove my point.

"Well I think it's fun, and it's your own fault for not bringing a jacket. You knew how cold it was." Trust Lucas Holden to jump in, defending his dad's pathetic "bonding" plan.

"I wasn't talking to you, Golden Boy. So get back to writing to your dead mother. Or whatever it is you do" I added. All my bitterness was forced out into that sentence, and I think that everybody could sense it. My hatred towards Lucas had obviously killed the festivities, and everyone's moods took a turn for the worst. Or the better, however you want to look at it.

"Stop it, just stop it!" Mum snapped, shooting me an icy glare before running over the join the others, in their Lucas petting session. From where I was standing I could just about hear him whimpering to them about something or another, most probably me, and it brought a twisted smile to my face. They all thought he was just so perfect, such a heart of gold, butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, little angel. It was sickening really, but still bitterly funny, on some level. I looked down at the piece of paper in my hands, the words of ten utterly sadistic Christmas carols scrawled across it. I pulled a face, indicating exactly what I thought of them, especially to wind up Tony and Mum. They weren't even watching. I glanced over at them all, my so called family. Watching them together was like watching one of those happily ever after films, the ones that they always show on the TV around Christmas time. They were all huddled together, laughing and joking, hugging and kissing, as happy as you could have imagined. There was no room for me, no room for Henry Hunter. I was just the little boy who left them last year, the one who used to fit in with them, a long time ago. Of course this was a hard thing to realise, and it pretty much broke my heart, however cold and messed up people thought it to be. But they were a family now, and they always would be, so there was no point in me hanging around. I had my memories of them, some to laugh at, some to cry with, and I had myself, which was all that mattered now.

"I love you guys" I whispered softly, my heart twinging as the words escaped from my lips. Then I let the song sheet fall from my hands, watched as it was lifted high into the sky by the increasingly strong wind, and ran. Nobody called after me, nobody even noticed that I was gone. Not for a few minutes anyway.


A white light blinded me, robbed me of my vision of the world. The sound of screeching breaks in front of me filled my ears, and I could just make out the blood curling screams of my loved ones behind me. And then…nothing.


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