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Without Words

Guest Jamey-Maria

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Type of story: One shot

Main Characters: Jack and Martha

BTTB rating: G: General audience

Does story include spoilers: No

Is story being proof read: Yes

Any warnings: No

Summary: Jack and Martha and a bundle of joy. Total sopfest

Bored Krystal = Corniest crap oneshot you've ever read :P

Sorry if this is in the wrong place. Thanks to Laura for proofing. You rock :D

Without Words

Black silence. Nothing but a subtle warmth in the air filling the room from the small opening via the window. A slight breeze every so often passed through and left as quickly as it came.

So still but so perfect. The only movement she created was the gentle rise and fall of her chest. Slight breathing sounds escaped her lips with every inhale, her new lungs taking in the crisp air.

Her every breathe monitored, watched on eagerly, to them the most fascinating thing in the world. Snuggled on the cotton pillow that lay beneath her, arms outstretched beside the tiny body, and fingers curled up, tucked into the palm; forming small ball.

An illuminating glow radiating from her skin, even visible in the lightless room.

The adult fingertips upon her cheek felt the warm, velvet texture with each caress. The feeling generated a burning spark from deep within; overpowering and all consuming.

An indescribable tingle soared through his body spreading to even the furthest end of his toes. Nothing would ever compare to this. Ever. He never thought he was capable of this kind of love.

Something so strong and unselfish. Not like any other love he had ever experienced or felt for someone before, it was different, it meant so much more.

This kind was pure, and innocent, untainted and untapped. Nothing could spoil it. The bond was automatic and he wanted nothing more than to protect her, forever and always.

He would never let anything hurt her, that was a promise he made then and there from looking at her pretty porcelain skin and the other perfect facial features she inherited from her mother.

She had his nose though. It looked a lot better on her he thought, smiling down at her. Like a button, with its spherical shape, cutely placed in the centre of her face. Her eyelids lightly closed, the silky skin shelling the beautiful sapphire eyes resting underneath.

She looked so serene lying there in her pale green jumpsuit. All three and half kilograms of her. Just like the first day they brought her home for the first time from the hospital. How could something so important be so tiny?

His whole heart wrapped up in one little bundle, tucked neatly into a baby blanket. How did she become so important? Everything was fine before she came, nothing felt like it was wrong or missing, he thought he was happy, with his wife and his job.

Life seemed great. Then the news came. Those four little words that turned his world upside down and inside out. He had just gotten home from work and he was exhausted.

Taking off his jacket to hang and beginning to unbutton his shirt, he saw her sitting at the table playing with her hands. He knew something was up, the way she was smiling nervously and biting her bottom lip.

"We're having a baby," came the eager words, slightly shaky and unsure of the response. There's no way to try and explain how many things were running through his mind or how long it took to completely process such big and amazing news.

But as cliché as a fairy tale he wrapped his arms around her waist and swag her around lighty in hug, both of them caught up in their own glee.

He didn’t actually fully come to terms with the idea of his baby until he saw her and held her angelic body in between his arms; his own flesh and blood. From then on she was the centre of his world, she didn't only have is heart, she became it.

Her and his wife were his girls. Their family was all that mattered.

Martha shifted her weight slightly as Jack stopped the baby's cheek and looked up at her. They shared a glance in between their watch over her.

No words were spoken. There was no need. Her eyes sparkled at him through the dark and her smile was

enough to melt him.

Thier daughter was going to look just like her mother, he was sure of it. And when that became the case

in years to come he was going to have to lock her up and be beating the boys off with a stick. Martha slowly brought her hand up to Jack's face from where she lay on the other side of the child lying in between them. Her thumb slowly paving a path down his cheek, while locking his eyes with hers.

The moment was magic, and their beautiful little creation sleeping peacefully in between them made it perfect.

Martha broke the gaze to look back down at her daughter. She cherished all moments with her. When she was awake and she was playing peek-a-boo with her, or tickling her belly, blowing on her stomach until she was in fits of giggles and generally anything idiotic that would make that precious little smile appear on her face.

It wasn't just any smile though, it was a Holden smile. The kind that lights up the room and captures the attention of everyone in it. It was that smile that started it all in the first place.

All she had to do was turn her head slightly or let a noise out of her mouth and she was in the spotlight. All eyes were on her, the star of the show.

She was adored by the whole town, attracting the fawning of everyone and she loved it. A true attention seeker.

Martha didn't know what she did to be so lucky to have such a beautiful baby and husband. She'd made many mistakes. Stupid ones that hurt people and herself, but somehow she was still blessed enough to have everything she ever wanted.

A support base that would always be there for her; a family of her own. When her daughter looked up at her with her big owl eyes it only reaffirmed that.

She didn't judge or pressure her, there was no expectations or standards. When she flung her arms up in the air in front of her all she wanted was to be cuddled and loved. Not to mention the food Martha smiled to herself.

She needed her mother and she was always going to have her. There was no way she would ever leave her child, come hell or high water.

He daughter was her everything. She even loved the little foam bubbles that welled up at the corner of her mouth after she'd been fed, broadening into a smile as a sign of her full belly.

She could sit for hours just counting her toes and fingers. Playing with them and grazing the fresh skin against her own.

This was only the beginning of her life. Times were not always going to be like this. If she was anything like her parents she was going to be as stubborn as all hell and infuriatingly strong willed.

But she would also have a huge heart and be incredibly loyal. The start of her journey through life started here, and Martha and Jack were going to be there every step of the way, experiencing it with her.

But for now they lay in silence, taking in the moment. Watching their little angel sleep.

Yea, yea I know biggest load of sop. I promise I'll never do anything this soppy again ^_^


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