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Things That Just Happen

Guest Lilone

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“You were awesome out there!” Holly said as she hugged Tim.

“Thanks. I mean my third year singing for the carols; it just gets better every year.”

Tim replied as he saw Nic walking towards them.

“A duet next year aye, Nic?” Tim joked.

“Sure. My voice would make your singing sound amateur.”

Tim, Holly and Nic began to laugh at Nic’s joke but were interrupted by fans running over to them.All three of them happily started to sign their autographs. Once they had finished Tim said,

“Fancy going back to mine for a drink?”

Holly and Nic agreed as their car pulled up in front of them. Paul was walking towards them when Tim shouted,

“Coming to mine for a drink?”

Paul accepted as he jumped in the car with Nic and Holly.

“Did you see all the fans shouting at me today” Paul said while looking over at Nic.

“Aye, mate don’t you worry. I have fans out there but they just weren’t there today”

Tim and Holly entered the room with drinks for Paul and Nic who were having a joke with one another while flicking through the television channels when Paul presses play on the video remote by accident.

As the television flicked channels an episode of Home and Away began to play.

“Nic, isn’t this the one where you question Dan after Amanda being let out?” Jack mentioned.

“Yeah it seems so long ago. Since then, well I died and came back to life; had a son who wanted to get to know me; moved in with Amanda; got married to Amanda. Now, I’m in the middle of the storyline were I’m cheating on her.”

“You’re what?!” Holly said looking shocked at Nic.

Holly grabbed a cushion and threw it over a Nic laughing at him.

“Well, come on Holly, you know that if I didn’t cheat on you, you would have cheated on me.” he said throwing the cushion back.

“Yeah, your character is just great. Has the best sibling on the show.” Tim joked.

2 hours had passed and Holly said,

“I better get going. I have a scene in the morning.”

“Yeah ok, I will walk you home!” Nic said offering his services.

“Nic, I live 5 houses down. There isn’t any Zoe Macalister’s around here” she reminded him.

“Yeah, but if I walk you home then by the time I get back, my taxi should be here.”

Nic phoned for his taxi while everyone said goodbye to Paul who only lived next door to Tim. So, he jumped over Tim’s back fence.

Tim said goodbye to Nic and Holly who started to walk home,

“I can’t believe they’re splitting us up.” said Holly.

“Yeah, it’s a shame. I really liked us together.”

Nic and Holly stopped as they approached Holly’s front door.

“Well, I guess there won’t be many scenes with us both together any more.”

“I’m sure if we go and break in to the script department we could change a few things,” Nic said jokingly.

“Don’t be silly.” replied Holly tickling him.

Please, please stop. You know I’m ticklish!” Nic said giggling whilst trying to get away. As Holly pulled away from him, she stopped whilst holding his arm before slowly moving closer towards him. Nic turned as he noticed Holly had stopped; he was stunned as his eyes were drawn to Holly’s.

Before they could stop themselves, they moved further towards each other kissing each other passionately; holding each other close. As they kissed more and more, Nic suddenly pulled away as he realised what was going on. Holly just looked at Nic as she saw him race out of her front garden and back over to Tim’s house without even glancing back.

Holly stood on her front door step ridden with guilt. She was also really confused. Every scene that she shared with Nic, she knew that there was some kind of tension but she thought it was only acting. After tonight she didn’t know what to think.

Nic arrived at the seven studio where he was about to begin his first shoot of the day with Bobby.

“Nic, you ready?”

“Yeah. I’m coming Bobby.” Nic said as he entered the makeup room.

Nic was confused he had kissed Holly. He felt something in the kiss but he felt so guilty. ‘Holly has a husband and I have a girlfriend and baby girl,’ he thought to himself. Nic and Bobby had just finished their first scene and Nic was about to grab some food when he saw Holly enter the room.

Nic stood still, as he didn’t know what to do. He decided to get food later and headed to his dressing room that he shared with Tim. Nic threw his jacket on his chair as he looked at himself in the mirror opposite him looking at himself, thinking about Holly.

As his mind flashed back to last night and the passionate kiss between them, he punched the wall in anger. He couldn’t believe he had betrayed Claire like this. As Nic stared into the mirror he saw Holly enter his room,


“I’m so sorry,” she said knowing full well that all this was down to her.

“It was my fault!” Nic said taking the blame whilst walking to the other side of the room. Holly shut the door as she said,

“It was a mistake. Can we just forget it ever happened?” she asked as she saw Nic looking really hurt.

“Ok.” Nic said as he forced a grin on his face.

Tim burst through the door just as Nic was about to speak,

“Sorry, was I interrupting?”

“No, I was just leaving,” said Holly as she quickly left the room.

Tim looked over at Nic as he noticed that he was anxious and all flustered.

“Is everything okay?”

“Yes, why wouldn’t it be?”

“You just seem a bit weird.”

“I’m fine!” Nic shot at Tim who stood back in shock as he saw Nic leave the room.

“Nic, Holly! Hurry up!” Daniel yelled as he waited to start their next scene.

“Nic, Pete needs to be angry towards Amanda and then somehow still have some feelings for her. So, show some affection!” he yelled.

Nic turned as he gave Daniel a stern look. Holly waited as Nic started to say his lines.

Nic began his lines:

“Look, Amanda this is just not working. I want to end this as painless as possible.”

Holly froze as she looked up at Nic. She couldn’t believe she was falling for him. She was married to Paul.

“Holly!” Daniel yelled.

“Sorry!” Holly shot back at him.


“Pete, I love you please don’t do this. We can work through this!” she said as she placed her hand on his cheek. Pete looked into Amanda’s eyes as Amanda leaned in for a kiss. Amanda kissed Pete and he started to kiss her back before pulling away saying,

“I can’t do this! It’s just not working out!”

Pete just looked over at Amanda before racing off set.

“Cut! That was excellent! Next time lets do this first time round!” Daniel shouted.

Tim watched from a distance as he noticed the tension between Holly and Nic. Filming had finished for the day but Nic was so wound up and confused he just sat in his chair pondering over the last 24 hours.

Nic felt that sitting in his office on his own, he was able to gather his thoughts about his actions and decide what he was going to do. As he was about to go home to Claire and Ava, Holly stood by the door just looking at him.

“Holly,” Nic said as he moved further towards her.

Nic suddenly leaned in and started kissing her passionately. Holly kissed him back as they moved to the sofa that was behind them. As they started to get physical on the sofa, Holly began to take Nic’s shirt off…

Nic and Holly both sat up as they looked in to each others eyes. Nic suddenly looked away and said,

“We shouldn’t have done that.”.

Nic began to put his shirt back on when Holly said,

“Nic, I can’t help the way I feel about you.” as she placed her hand on his face.

“I can’t stop thinking about you, either. Nothing can happen between us. I have Claire and you are married to Paul. Don’t forget I have a daughter.”

“Nic, I can’t go home pretending nothing happened. Last night I wanted to be in bed cuddled up with you. Not Paul.”

“I want to be with you.”

Nic smiled as he kissed Holly passionately. As they kissed, they didn’t realise that Tim had opened the door and was watching in shock.

“What the hell?!?”

Nic and Holly both jumped up, as they knew they had been busted. Tim looked at them both in disgust as he walked straight back out of the door. Nic and Holly just stood still looking at each before Nic chased after Tim.

“Tim! Please wait!” Nic shouted as he ran further towards Tim.

Tim suddenly stopped and turned to face Nic.

“How could you do this to Claire?!?”

Nic couldn’t say or do anything except to just stand there and looked at a disgusted Tim.

“I respected you, I really did Nic. You better tell Claire and Paul what is going on. If you do not I will” he said threatening Nic.

“Tim, please don’t be like this.”

“Don’t be like what? You are shacking up with Holly who is married! Oh, and you have a girlfriend and daughter waiting at home!” he shot back at Nic.

As Tim walked away, Nic grabbed his arm and he tried to stop him. But, Tim turned around and punched Nic in the face. Nic fell to the floor holding his cheek while Tim just looked at him before walking away.

Holly ran over and helped Nic up who was bleeding from the lip. She took his hand back into his room to look at his cut. Nic stayed quiet as he let Holly clean his cut up. They both didn’t know what to say until Holly started,

“Nic, I want to be with you.”

“We can’t be together. You heard Tim. He will tell Claire and Paul if we don’t tell them. Everyone will hate us.”

“Ok, well what if I tell Daniel I want to leave?”

“You can’t do that! You love your job. If anyone is to leave, it will be me.”

“Nic, no. If you tell Claire she will hit the roof. At least if you keep working here, it will keep you busy.”

“Holly, I really, really want to be with you. But, how do we know it’s going to work?”

“Nic, I want to be with you. So, if we have each other, we can get through anything.”

“I will tell Claire tomorrow night after work. But, I don’t think we should start anything for a while.” Nic said giving her a warm smile.

Holly left the room as Nic watch her leave.

Nic arrived on set really tired after getting no sleep as he went through over and over in his head what he was going to tell Claire. Tim and Nic had a scene later on but he didn’t know how it was going to go with Tim not even speaking to him.

As Nic slowly entered his and Tim’s room he saw Tim listening to his ipod as he sang to A Moment like this. Nic smiled, as he really wanted to explain himself, “Tim have you got a minute”

Tim placed his Ipod down as he stood up waited FOR Nic to start talking


“Tim I’m so sorry you had to see that last night but me and Holly have something special”

“What lie did you tell Claire about your lip” he asked sarcastically.

“Forget about my lip I deserved it, Tim you’re my best mate and I don’t want to loose you as a friend” Nic said begging for forgiveness.

Tim walked further up to Nic as he said, “You know at this moment I could just go out there and tell the whole cast what a lying cheating man you are”

“Please Tim I am telling Claire tonight” he said hoping Nic would stay quite.

Issac ran into the room shouting, “It’s our scene Tim” before leaving the room again.

Tim hit Nic’s shoulder as he barged passed him walking out of the room.

Nic sat silent in his room as Ada walked in, “Nic you ok?”

“Yes I’m fine” he said as he took his feet off the table in front.

Ada sat on the chair next to him as she noticed Nic wasn’t his self.

“I saw Tim hit you yesterday”

“It was nothing just a misunderstanding” he said trying to not let on that it was a big argument.

“Nic come on, I know Tim and he just wouldn’t hit you for nothing”

“Ada please just leave it” Nic shot at her as he got up off his chair.

Ada followed him as she said, “has Daniel seen your lip?”

“He’s the least of my worries” Nic spat at her in anger.

“Ok but I’m here if you need me” said Ada as she left the room thinking it was best to leave Nic alone for a while.


Will Nic tell Claire about his affair with Holly?

What happens when Tim and Nic film their scene?

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Nic took a deep breath before putting his shirt on as he prepared for the next scene.

As Nic finished doing his buttons up he walked out of his room making his way to the Patterson house set.

“Nic?” Yelled Daniel as he really started to get impatient with Nic.

“I’m here” Nic shot back as he walked on set.

“What the hell” Daniel shouted as he saw Nic’s lip.

“It’s nothing”

“Nothing maybe when you’re not filming, get too make up now and get it sorted” he ordered as he started to become pissed off with Nic attitude to work recently.

Nic walked back on set with his cut covered up as he heard Daniel shout “You better buck your idea’s up, we have got other scenes you know” he shot at Nic who just gave him a stern look in return.


Pete began to walk up to the front door, knocking as he watched Leah walk towards him.

“Hey Pete, what can I do for you?”

“Is Drew in by any chance?”

“He and Dan have just gone to the dinner for some food, they should be back soon.”

“Ok, I will come back later”

“No Pete wait, would you like a drink?”

Dan and Drew entered, “Hey dad”

“Hey, I was wondering if erm…” Nic paused as he forgot his lines,

Tim looked at him as he said sarcastically “I wonder why you forgot your lines”

Bobby looked up in confusion.

“What did you say?” Nic shouted at Tim.

“It doesn’t matter” replied Tim looking over at Bobby.

“No tell me,” Nic yelled as he dropped his script and walked over to Tim.

“What did you say” Nic shouted, demanding to know.

“I said I wonder why you forgot your lines”

“What’s the matter now” Daniel shouted as he headed over to Nic and Tim who were in each other’s faces.

“I forget them because I was up with Lilly all night”

“Not for long”

“You what?!” Nic said as he pushed Tim who pushed Nic back,

“Does Holly know your lines after you slept with her in our dressing room” Tim yelled in anger at Nic

Nic was about to swing for Tim when he was dragged away by Bobby.

Everyone looked at Nic in shock especially Paul who had just heard what Tim had revealed.

Holly and Kate walked on to the set as they looked around the room, “Hey!” Kate said whilst noticing the silence.

Paul gave Holly one look before racing over to Nic, punching him to the ground and kicking him, the camera crew and Daniel managed to drag Paul away.

Holly looked down a hurt Nic, she raced over to him making sure he was ok.

Nic stood up as Holly helped him.

“I could do you for assault” Nic shot at Paul.

“Well it will be murder after I have finished with you” Paul said angrily.

Tim, Kate and Ada took Paul off set as they waited for him to calm down.

“In my office now” Daniel shouted at Nic and Holly.

Nic and Holly followed Daniel as they bother entered his office.

“What in blue blazes in going on” he shouted, as he demanded answers.

“It’s not what you think”

“Holly are you two together?”

“No and yes”

“No and yes?! And if what Tim said is true, you slept with each other in your dressing room”

“That’s none of your business” Nic spat at Dan sticking up for Holly.

“As for you Nic I didn’t expect you to cheat on Claire” Daniel stated.

“What’s this got to do with you” Nic shouted.

“Everything, now your secret affair has been revealed, there will be so much tension on set it will be unbelievable, let alone all the press hassling us. I don’t think Claire or Paul will keep their mouth shut about this do you?”

“What are you saying, you want us to leave?”

“At this minute I have idea, I suggest you to go home, Nic you better tell Claire before anyone else does”

Nic and Holly left the room and walked towards Paul and Tim who were just staring at them as Pete turned the corner he was faced with Claire and Ava.

“Claire!” Nic said in shock.

Before Nic could say anything else Claire slapped Nic round his face as she shouted “It’s over, How could you, you bastard”

Nic gave Ava one last look before racing out of the studies and over to his car.

“Nic, Nic wait” Holly shouted as she raced after him.

Nic stood by his car and turned to face Holly, “I think we should end this” said Holly as she looked into Nic’s eyes.

Nic stood back in shock as he said, “You want to end this, I have lost my daughter for you”

“I thought you might have wanted to be with Claire”

“No Holly I want you, if I went back to her it just wouldn’t feel right”

Holly smiled as she leaned in kissing Pete on the cheek.

They both got in the car as Nic drove to a near by hotel, They both knew that they may could have lost their jobs but what ever was round the corner as long as there were together, they could get through it.

Nic and Holly both woke up as they smiled at one another happy to be together, they both took deep breaths before getting ready for their meeting with Daniel.

They arrived at the studios to be stared at by their cast mates; they looked down as they entered Daniel’s office.

“I have been talking with the other cast member and we think that you should both be prepared to finish your contracts as soon as possible”

Nic looked at Holly as he saw the disappointment in her eyes,

“I will finish mine tomorrow just let Holly stay on here she loves her job”


“I mean it Holly I want you to stay I have NIDA”

Daniel looked up as he said “Ok if your sure”

“100%” replied Nic as he signed the contract that Daniel handed him.

Nic and Holly both left the office.

Just as they were about to leave they heard “Stay where you are”

Tim walked towards Nic as he held a gun in his hand.

The whole room was in shock, Tim holding a gun going to kill Nic wasn’t possible, Holly thought.

“I can’t let you get away with this” Tim yelled as he waved the gun in front of Nic and Holly.

“Tim please put the gun down” Ada insisted.

“Please mate surely we can work this out” Nic pleaded.

“You do not realise how many people you have hurt”

“Tim It’s not Nic’s fault, I was the one who wanted us to be together I made the move” Holly said.

“Please Tim put the gun down” Daniel said as he tried to calm the situation down.

“I’m leaving today Tim, you will never have to see me again”

Jon and Paul started to walk behind Tim as they thought they would be able to pull the gun from him.

“Please” Nic yelled hoping Tim would put the gun down

Tim was about to put the gun down when he was jumped on by Paul, the trigger went of and shot Holly in the chest, she dropped to the floor as Nic held her in his arms.

Holly opened her eyes as she said, “I love you” before slowly closing them again

-The end-


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