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Hi guys.

Thanks Liska, I'm really happy with my results.

I'd just like to say sorry for not updating regularly for the past few weeks. In two weeks time I will have finished my summer job and will have a lot more time.

My plan is for the wedding and then I have decided to carry this fic on instead of having a sequel. Therefore the beginning of their married life will follow once I've written the wedding.

Thanks for reading.

luv Laura


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Chapter 105

“Morning,” called Sally from the kitchen as Matilda woke up. Matilda rubbed her eyes and adjusted to the light streaming in through the window.

“Morning, how long have you been awake?”

“Not long, I’m just trying to find some aspirin,” explained Sally.

“Top shelve, cupboard next to the window,” said Matilda.

At that moment both Tasha and Martha woke and groaned.

“My head kills,” moaned Martha.

“Too much light!” moaned Tasha. “How much did I have to drink?”

“A lot!” replied Matilda who seemed to be the one coping the best, she hadn’t had as much as the others.

“Mattie do you have any sunglasses?” asked Tasha.

“Yeah, look in that draw in the cabinet,” pointed Matilda.

Half an hour later they were all awake and most were complaining of a hang over.

“At least we can have a quiet day at the spa,” said Martha.

“Am I the only one who didn’t drink too much last night?” asked Matilda and everyone else nodded before promptly stopping as it made them feel ill.

“I really don’t know what came over me, I never get drunk,” said Tasha.

Over at Jack’s house, everyone except Robbie was still asleep. Robbie was going between them all writing and drawing on their faces. Eventually Ric woke up. He stood up and saw his reflection at once in the mirror.

“Robbie!” he called out which woke the others.

“Ric can you keep it down please? My head really really hurts,” moaned Henry from his position on the floor in the corner of the room.

The others all started moaning of a hang over.

“Ric how are you not hung over?” asked Jack. “And you Rob?”

“Well I didn’t have as much as you, I didn’t want to feel crap in the morning,” explained Ric as Robbie agreed.

“I failed my job as best man!” exclaimed Jack, “it was my duty to get you well and truly smashed!”

“Seriously guys, keep it down,” whispered Henry.

“I’ll go find the aspirin,” said Ric.

“The spa said that they send a taxi to come and get us, which is good as only Mattie is in a fit state to drive and she can’t because of her leg,” said Becky. At that moment there was a knock on the door. Tasha and Martha immediately started moaning about the noise whilst Matilda answered it, limping to the door.

“Are you Matilda Hunter, soon to be Dalby?” asked the man.

“Umm yes,” replied Matilda.

“The limo to take you and you’re friends to the spa awaits,” said the man.

“Limo!” called out Becky, which got moans from Tasha.

An hour later they were walking into the spa and being greeted at reception. Tasha was still wearing the sunglasses and Martha was wobbly on her feet.

The receptionist explained all about the treatments and what was on offer. Then she directed them to the changing room and they changed into bathing suits and put on their fluffy white bath robes and slippers.

“What shall we do first?” asked Hayley.

“Okay guys, so we have a couple of hours doing what we want, then have lunch and relax in the pool and hot tub. Then finally we all go for our manicures and pedicures,” explained Matilda who was reading the itinery she had been given.

“Sounds good, who wants a go in the Chinese steam room, it’s meant to remove toxins from the body,” read Hayley.

“Sounds good,” said Tasha, and most of the group followed.

20 minutes later they came out and were all feeling a lot better.

“It’s like a miracle,” exclaimed Tasha, her headache gone.

“I fancy a massage, anyone else?” asked Matilda.

“I will,” said Sally and they set off whilst the others pondered over what to do next. The room had two beds which allowed Matilda and Sally to talk.

“So, are you nervous about tomorrow?” asked Sally.

“A little, but I think I’ve been wanting it for so long that I’m just so excited. I really can’t wait.”

“I am really happy that you two got together,” said Sally. “I look at Ric as a son and I know that I will never replace Beth but if you ever need to talk to someone ... I’m here,” offered Sally.

“Thank you. This past year you really have been like a second mum to me and I am so grateful for that.”

“That mud bath has made my skin feel lovely,” said Becky over lunch. The whole group had just had a mud bath and were pleased that they had decided to. After they had let their lunch go down they went to the pool and hot tub.

“Feeling better Tash?” asked Hayley as they sat in the hot tub.

“So much better, that steam room worked wonders!”

“Watch out!” called Martha as she ran and jumped into the swimming pool.

“Mac! You’ll get us kicked out,” laughed Tasha.

“Time for manicures and pedicures,” called Kit a while later and everyone made their way to the room. The spa had arranged it so that there was enough chairs for them all.

“This really is the high life,” said Becky as she sat back and let someone file her nails so they looked perfect.

“I could definitely get used to this.”

At the end of the day none of them wanted to go home but the limo was waiting and so they all changed back into their clothes and thanked the people in reception.

They arranged home in the evening and everyone apart from Becky was going home for the night.

“See you all tomorrow,” called Matilda. “I can’t wait!”

Matilda and Becky were sat talking for a while in the lounge.

“I can’t believe it’s finally here!” said Matilda.

“After all the things that have happened to you this year, you deserve a perfect day,” replied Becky.

“And who knows, one day maybe it’ll be your and Lucas’ turn,” smiled Matilda and watching Becky go red.

“Mattie, he’s going back to Uni in January. It was so hard last time and we weren’t even properly together then. How am I going to cope?”

“You’ll find a way. The two of you are meant to be together.”

“Like you and Ric.”

Matilda lay awake in bed that night for a while. She was so excited that she couldn’t sleep. She thought about how Ric must be feeling and hoped that he was as excited as her. Little did she know that he was, and he was in bed awake less than half a mile away. Matilda looked over to the bed side table where there was a picture of the couple. This time tomorrow she would be Mrs Matilda Dalby.

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