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She studied the maps and photographs on her bed just as she did earlier. The only difference is that this time she had company. Not the handyman, Darren, but someone a lot closer to home.

Zoe looked up from her plans and pursed her lips and glanced through her tortoiseshell-framed glasses at Tracey who stood in the doorway, leaning against the wall with a mug of coffee in her hand.

"Having fun?" She asked as she raised an eyebrow to the disguised sociopath sitting on the bed, one leg underneath the other.

Just as she was about to reply, her concentration was distracted by voices outside. The voices sound familiar and grew closer and louder. They both looked at each other in unison before rushing towards the kitchen window and peering through the blinds.

It was Peter and Jack walking up the stairs to the block of flats, approaching the detective’s apartment whilst discussing none other than Zoe McCallister.

A fog of breath steamed up on the window as Zoe and Tracey giggled at the two imbeciles outside, completely unaware of where they are. Who they are.

They listened carefully as the plumber returned and was about to ring Apartment 7’s doorbell before he caught the sight of Peter standing next door.

"I can’t believe how stupid someone could be!" Zoe giggled mischievously, making Tracey chuckle before taking another sip from her coffee.

They both watched on in glee as their conversation ended and the doorbell rang. "You better hide in the bedroom. It’ll be Darren to fix the sink." Zoe shared.

Tracey inched past her and did as she was instructed as Zoe glided towards the front door and opened it more confidently than she did earlier. "Hi!" she exclaimed excitedly as she greeted the balding and chubby man for the second time that day.

"Good day." He replied kindly before continuing. "I can look at your set now."

Zoe smiled with glee. "Great. I wasn’t expecting you for ages, come in."

As Darren inched past her again and caught that distinctive scent of perfume, Zoe lingered in the door way momentarily, her smile slowly fading into a smirk as she glanced over at the apartment next door, knowing how close yet how far Peter was to catching her.


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