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Tues 28 Nov 06 - "It’s A Matter Of Trust"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "It’s A Matter Of Trust"

(Screened in Australia on Tues 28 Nov 06 - Episode # 4327)

Belle is outside the surf club at night, and she sees Amanda getting friendly with an unknown guy.

Belle goes into the surf club, and she gores off (about Amanda) tolu & Drew.

When Amanda returns to the mansion, she acts all normal around Peter, before, when alone, she removes a crap of paper from her bag – she writes a guy’s name in her dairy and 11am (when she’s meeting him next.

Next day, Peter is in the diner – and after he & Leah talk about Xmas plans, Drew & Dan, Drew approaches Peter, and tells him that Belle told him that Aw was with some guy last night.

When Peter returns to the mansion, he helps young Ryan put the star atop the Xmas tree (i.e. Peter lifts Ryan up) and you get the feeling that Peter is about to confronts Amanda, when she says that she is running late for an appointment. He even questions when she says it’s at hairdressers (Amanda says that this appointment, after yesterday’s, is for her nails).

Later, Peter is playing near the surf club with Ryan (who is ride his pushbike) when he sees Amanda with another man near to surf club.

When Amanda gets home, Peter is waiting there for her, and he confronts her about the other guy. Amanda then hands him a smallish wooden box – when Peter opens the box, he finds an autographed cricket ball. Amanda kinda glumly says,”Merry Christmas”

Soon after, Peter & Aw talk about what’s happened and Peter apologises his assumptions, whilst Amanda insists that she thinks she & Peter are REALLY the real deal.

Ryan enters the room, and Amanda warns him about the tickle monster, and Peter chases, catches, and indeed tickles young Ryan.

At the bachelor pad, Lee tells Rachel & Kimmy that when she got ill, her b/f Dane dumped her at a medical centre and took off. Lee then sought help from the authorities, and is now living with a family who are let her stay there rent free until she gets back on her feet.

Rachel clutches baby Joe even tighter when Lee says that she WAY misses the bub, and wants him back. Lee tells Rachel & Kimmy that she can have him for tonight – to say goodbye – but she will be back for him in the morning.

When Lee is gone, Rachel is still muchly clutching baby Joe, and insists to Kimmy that its wrong for Lee to do this – as who knows is she will abandon baby Joe again.

Next day, Rachel calls in the big guns – Morag comes to the house, and in that they should begin the process of getting an injunction against the decision to let Lee has the baby back. Morag is pleased when Rachel says that Lees’ med files contain things like a psych assessment, and the note that Lee left at the hospital when she bailed from the hospital.

Even at this point, you can see that Kimmy is beginning to voice his concerns that all this is a bad idea, which Morag says is a bad attitude to have as they have a tough enough fight agent them (with courts usually go with the mother).

When Morag is gone, Kimmy REALLY voices his concerns about all of this, i.e. he thinks that Rachel is doing all this for herself, and that she NOT acting in baby Joes’s best inertest as she claims.

Meanwhile, lee chats with Luke & Belle at Noah's. They are pleased that she seems that be a lot better state of mind/health etc than she was before she bailed from the hospital.

Howver, the nearby Morag interrupts and tells Lee that she better get herself a good lawyer.

Lee goes to bachelor pad, and confronts Rachel, and although Rachel way wants to fight, but Kimmy seems to be more in Lee’s corner.

Rachel relents and she is heartbroken when she heads over baby Joe to Lee (note 1 – way GREAT acting from Amy Matthews the whole ep, and Chris H actually wasn’t too bad either. Note 2 - end of ep)


Rocco has done the right ting by gong to the police about his brother, but he’s hone to the WRONG (Ash) policeman !!!

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Lee's white (with red floral motifs) crossover top/pink woolly jacket combo

SILVER – Belle's dark purple spaghetti strap top

BRONZE – Amanda's brown spaghetti strap top/dark blue tube top combo


Ryan's white (with yellow sides) basketball singlet/sky blue bike helmet combo

Rachel's green & white spaghetti strap top

Belle's red singlet top

Luke's canary yellow polo shirt

Amanda's tan halter top (with accompanying necklace, eaarings)

Lee's red top/purple jacket

Drerw's choc brown (with patches) button up shirt

Rachel's white, lacey, old school wedding dress

Drew's camo pattern boardshorts

Luke's puple surfy themned t shirt

Peter's dark blue button up shirt

Kimmy's dark blue t shirt

Morag's broown & white (rather large) scarf

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