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Mon 27 Nov 06 - " SUPER LEE Saves The Ep "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " SUPER LEE Saves The Ep "

(Screened in Australia on Mon 27 Nov 06 - Episode # 4326)

Note – this ep HAD opening credits

Outside the church, Brad tells the likes of Alf, Tony & Jack about what exactly Kimmy is doing right now (i.e. on way back from the jewellers),

Meanhwhile, Kimmy tries to get the car to start - but it won’t, he ends up hitching with a muchly tattooed bikee.

At the van park house, the girls (Beth, Sally, Leah, Irene) are enjoying the pre weeding goings on, and they are stunned (in a good way) at how beautiful Rachel looks in wed dress, and how also great that she look together with baby Joe.

Kimmy’s plans to get the church get further complicated when they bikee leaves him in the middle of nowhere (as said bikee is running late for another function.

Kimmy starts walking again – whilst Brad rings the van park house, and tells Rachel that the preist is running late.

Elsewhere, a search of the road that Kimmy would have been travelling on the get to the church revealed his dead car, whilst Kimmy is able to hitch with the bowls ladies (not incl. Colleen). Indeed, Betty suggests that she’s a far better captain of the team that their regular leader (Colleen), but surprise surprise, not only is the old guy driving the people mover driving slowly, but, of course, the vehicle gets a puncture.

After the (shirtless) Kimmy removes the flat tyre, he discovers that the spare tyre is flat too – prompting Betty o suggest that driver of the vehicle has been spending too much time with Madge Wilkins, instead of tend to his duties.

Brad decides to go over to the van park house. He secretly tells bridesmaids Leah & Sally about what’s happening. He vows to not tell Rachel unless it’s absolutely necessary. He even tells her that the priests almost didn’t make it to the church at all today. Brad (lying through his teeth) tells Rachel that all is set to go now – but he admits to Sally, Leah etc that Kimmy so isn’t there yet.

Indeed, Brad “suggest” for the limo driver to take scenic route to the wedding – but Rachel clues up when they pass same buildings 3 times.

Meanwhile, as if we the audience hadn’t been through of Kimmy having “fun” trying to make it to the church, he encounters and “borrows” a horse (owner NOT pleased).

Back at 5teh church, the limo arrives, and Rachel is REALLY worried as everyone (inc. the likes of Kylie, Martha, Ric, Dan, Tilly etc) are outside the church.

Rachel is way worried, especially when the priest insists that he has another function to attend to. Brad & the boys rather thoughtfully restrain themselves from telling Rachel that the stripper she hired stole the rings.

All appears lost, until Rachel hears, and then we see, a horsey, with Kimmy aboard. Everyone is pleased to see Kimmy.

The wedding takes place, and as the vows etc are said, there are some nice touches (i.e. when the camera focuses on the likes of Martha, Jack, Tilly, Ric etc).

The preist makes several jokes about how late Kimmy was – before the newlyweds seal the marriage with a kiss.

I must say, and this is muchly due to my IMMENSE bias against Kimmy, this wedding did NOTHING for me – and all the Kimmy getting to the church stuff was TRAGIC !!!!

When Rachel, Kimmy & baby Joe return to the (not so much now) bachelor pad, after the OFF SCREEN reception, they find that the place has been romantically decked out by Brad.

All is sooooo VERY wonderful with the world, and Rachel is basking in the insanity of marrying Kimmy when this ENTIRE ep is saved by a knock on the door.

The look on Rachel’s face is PRICELESS – as it’s LEE who is on their doorstep !!!!!!!!!!!! (end of ep)


Lee wants baby Joe back – but Rachel isn’t willing to give up without a fight

Note – there was also a plug for the show’s official site, which has lots of behind the scenes of the wedding footage

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Beth's silver V shiney intricate pattern jacket

SILVER – Sally & Leah's pink (with red loveheart motifs all over) strapless bridesmaids dresses

BRONZE – Martha's lime green spaghetti strap dress


Rachel's white, lacey, old school wedding dress (with red "bands" around the waist & towards the bottom, and red "strips" also either side of the V neck "collar")

Rics' light blue shirt/dark suit combo

Tilly's rich red spaghetti strap dress

Dan's blue (yellow tri pattern) tie

Kylie's dark tiel halter neck dress

Irene's blue plunge V neck dress

Kimmy, Brad & Jack's (ie the male half of the wed party) maroon tie/white shirt/balck suit combo

Baby Joe's way silvery outfit

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